Got Questions About Our Online Sweepstakes? Ask Me, Jussie!

Hello, PCH Online Sweepstakes fans and blog readers alike! While I’ve interacted with many of you already, I don’t think I’ve had the opportunity to properly introduce myself. My name is Jussie Wilder, and I began working at Publishers Clearing House in the middle of March in 2012. Working as the Social Media Content Coordinator has been a real “prize,” thus far. I’ve learned loads and have met many cool people – at our beautiful brick and mortar building, and through my online presence. In fact, Victoria Zimmerman and I work together each day to answer your questions about the PCH Online Sweepstakes! Got questions? I’m here to help!

In addition to being here to answer your questions on PCH’s various Facebook and Twitter pages, I’m also responsible for posting those supremely informative and always-entertaining articles to the PCHTips website. One of the first articles I posted while working here was “What Does Eyelid Twitching Mean? Did you know that it is often caused by three things I’m sure many of you are familiar with? I won’t tell you the answers here – you’ll have to go and find them yourself in the article! When you’ve figured it out, check out the other articles like “Why You Need To Get A Handle on Stress” and “Tips for Living a Happier Life”. And of course, you know what to do if you’ve got questions. Just ask me!

Other than that, if you are familiar with the Jussie Wilder At PCH Fan Page on Facebook, you probably already know that I am an immense music head – and while I love being here to answer your questions about the Online Sweepstakes, PCHSearch&Win, the Prize Patrol, scams and the Big Check, I also love chatting about music with all of you every chance I get!

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for me here at PCH, and I’m thrilled to share it with all of you! So how about it…who here has got questions for me? Comment below and let me know!

235 thoughts on “Got Questions About Our Online Sweepstakes? Ask Me, Jussie!”

  1. I am constantly playing and searching for everything! I get confused easily especially with technology no surprise there lol anyway I always have to close out one app to get to the many different types of games, I just wanted to know why such a huge corporation doesn’t have a widget to put all the PCH games and stuff? I do think it would make it easier for many people and possibly for you too. Ty All

  2. ,
    Jussie I keep getting E-Mails telling me to enter your game’s and sweepstake’s to
    win or I will forfeit everything. I play every day, even if everything freezes and stop’s
    working. I still keep playing. am in it to win it. I pray that I will be blessed. Would
    you please tell me why and what’s going on. I hope that my question’s will get a
    Reply. Thank You. god bless.

  3. Everyday, I sign in and I play PCH Games, until they say come back, for the
    Twilight. so , I go back, come on this happens all the time, how can anyone win
    like this PCH Game’s matter of fact, everything stops, it freezes, along with
    the sponsors window, the games skip to other game’s and I haven’t even
    finish the one that I’m on. I want to be blessed to win something, but how can you be
    blessed to win If nothing is working. there are a lot of Homeless people, all over
    Mich I want to win so I can help them along with paying my church titles, that’s
    why I keep on ,staying on my computer everyday with PCH So I can try and win
    some thing Seeing a Elderly woman , searching for can’s out of the trash can just
    so she can get her Diabetic medicine . This is one of the reason’s why I won’t
    stop entering and stop playing. PCH, most of the people enter all the time, and play
    they want answer’s just like I do . If they didn’t want to win they wouldn’t of

    1. Maureen Layton says:

      I also go online every day to play the PCH games. I get 3 or 4 e-mails every day that say I must respond or loose a chance to win. I also have experienced freezes and skipped games. I think this is a scam. It is set up to make you buy products (although they say you don’t have to) I truly think this should be reported to the agency that investigates frauds. I currently have 586,400 tokens. When I try to cash them in, I have to put in my e-mail and a password. I have ALWAYS been told that I have the wrong e-mail or password, even though I have changed my password several times. You are not supposed to win, even though every day, I get e-mails that say I am one of the few, with documents that makes me so close to winning.
      I wonder what they would do, if everyone placed orders for their most expensive items, then didn’t pay for them. Do you think this might get their attention????
      Do you think that they would stop blocking our honest attempts to win?????
      Let’s try it.

  4. Steven bouchard says:

    Why do I get several emails every day? I have entered many times searched and searched still get nothing to say I am qualified for any thing?

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