Got Questions About Our Online Sweepstakes? Ask Me, Jussie!

Hello, PCH Online Sweepstakes fans and blog readers alike! While I’ve interacted with many of you already, I don’t think I’ve had the opportunity to properly introduce myself. My name is Jussie Wilder, and I began working at Publishers Clearing House in the middle of March in 2012. Working as the Social Media Content Coordinator has been a real “prize,” thus far. I’ve learned loads and have met many cool people – at our beautiful brick and mortar building, and through my online presence. In fact, Victoria Zimmerman and I work together each day to answer your questions about the PCH Online Sweepstakes! Got questions? I’m here to help!

In addition to being here to answer your questions on PCH’s various Facebook and Twitter pages, I’m also responsible for posting those supremely informative and always-entertaining articles to the PCHTips website. One of the first articles I posted while working here was “What Does Eyelid Twitching Mean? Did you know that it is often caused by three things I’m sure many of you are familiar with? I won’t tell you the answers here – you’ll have to go and find them yourself in the article! When you’ve figured it out, check out the other articles like “Why You Need To Get A Handle on Stress” and “Tips for Living a Happier Life”. And of course, you know what to do if you’ve got questions. Just ask me!

Other than that, I am an immense music head – and while I love being here to answer your questions about the Online Sweepstakes, PCHSearch&Win, the Prize Patrol, scams and the Big Check, I also love chatting about music with all of you every chance I get!

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for me here at PCH, and I’m thrilled to share it with all of you! So how about it…who here has got questions for me? Comment below and let me know!

269 thoughts on “Got Questions About Our Online Sweepstakes? Ask Me, Jussie!”

  1. I’m beginning to think this is all a scam.

  2. Joan Moore says:

    I agree with a lot of the above, too many e-mails for searching and buying PLUS all the mail every day is too much and even though you say no purchase necessary, you put pressure on to sell something, by making it more complicated if you are not ordering. I realize you do this in order to sell stuff for your clients and that’s fine, but there is TOO much pressure put on the consumer. I actually like some of the things you have and I do order, but I don’t like feeling like a need to order every time even if it says I don’t. Plus I have ordered some things that I have later realized I could get from tv , walmart or catalogs like Harriett Carter cheaper than what you are selling them for. And for the person who wants to win so she can help her friend , that’s all fine and good, but we all have valid reasons to win but I thought it was a random drawing , not a contest to see who has the best sob story to tell!

    1. tammer jensen says:

      i agree with debra but heres something these games shows and surveys for get we are real blood people not robots playing these games and sometimes we get sick but pch and these survey companies seem to think we are surposed to continue to play there games no matter what I just got a complaint because I had missed playing pch games I was in the hospital my health is more important I enjoy playing these games but some times you have to stop

  3. i choose to receive $260,000.00 a year for life for PCH giveaway No. 4900 on april 30, 2015 from PCH E-mail i received.i chose yearly payments because i believe it would be easier to manage. i have been entering on time everyday since the begining of this Giveaway Super Prize from postal mail, E-mails,and on line enteries. if i won GWY. No 4900 on april 30, 2014 i would give a large part to my friend who is struggling with high medical bills due to his very young daughter’s battle with cancer. this would help give his daughter more much needed options with her treatments. i would also pay some toward my morgage, my kids school tuitions, and pay off credit dept, i would do this with the first check. i would continue to help my friend, pay tuitions, and pay off my morgage each year with the on going checks. after a couple of years i would be able to give to cancer research socity and help family members. i would invest some as i went along each year. winning would be a dream come true for my family and me for an easier stress free life of not worring about paying the bills. my friend does not know this is my plan so, it would be a dream suprise for his family as well if i were to win. i enter, pray, hope, and dream to win. thank you PCH for a chance to dream of winning.

    1. i am praying and dreaming of winning PCH GWY. No. 4900 to win for life Super Prize on april 30, 2015. i would also love to win the bonus for GWY. No. 4900 on april 30, 2015.

  4. I am a senior citizen and new to the internet. Every day I attempt to enter the sweepstakes but find it extremely complicated . I have never successfully completed an entry . when I retry I am required to fill in all information that I have already provided and still can’t complete the entry .

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