facebook.com 2012-4-20 16-32-54

facebook.com 2012-4-20 16-32-54

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  1. This is nonsense, everyday I go to my inbox, and I struggle with how to play this game, in order to win. Every email is the same, hurry and play if you want to win, so I do. I finally have avoid question, and it’s lady talking about how amazing her job is, and then adds insult to injury, because she needs the people desperate to win, well I love music, and like to walk my dogs in Manhattan, where I was born, want to go back to. So she’s already living the life that all of us can only dream of. 15 emails a day, no real way to redeem tokens, I’m exhausted, and wish any bit of this made sence.
    Sincerely Insulted,
    Catherine Brown

  2. brend scott says:

    Do someone by the name of Todd Sloan work with pch

  3. brend scott says:

    If I win pch will someone let me know on Facebook Todd said that I was a winner on Facebook is that tire

  4. Susie Blake says:

    Can entering just online and not by mail hinder your chances? I pay for postage by mail and it’s faster and costs less per entry on line.. It can get costly entering by mail when your on a very small pension.

  5. Ericka says:

    I get my email saying to search for my entry but I’ll have to search multiple times for it to say entry accepted. Why??

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