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  1. CT says:

    i have been playing for about five years now every time it gets close to an award you won’t even be able to enter your site will crash and…………pch…thank you for your false whatever

  2. I didn’t realize u were limited on searches.I have searched several times a day it never told me there was a limit.After reading this am I to understand that it means u get only the once a day entry?

  3. Emmett says:

    Why do you keep threatening me with forfeiture every day? It isn’t right to clutter my inbox with threats and emails more than once a day or better yet, every week. How many times does a person have to jump through hoops to make sure they are entered in your contest and just because they can’t pay for anything they buy you figure it is good to hound them about making a purchase. I realize you don’t give a dam about a person’s credit rating you just want them to spend money which in the case of PCH turns out to be around a $30 minimum for each item ordered. I don’t have $30 to spend and unless I find a job I won’t have $30 to spend anytime soon. SO CEASE AND DESIST OR GIVE THE WINNING CHECK TO ME. PERIOD!

  4. genni says:

    Recent questions tagged activate.. Hi Justine, I’m frustrated, i’m spending too much time on one simple question. I want to activate my entry. I’m not getting a clear answer from the answer room. Please help me?

    1. Marsha Forsberh says:

      If I don’t have a long time left in my life, and I win, can my husband get the money after I’m gone, since I’ve been playing?

  5. Carol Phelps says:

    Pch won’t let me get signed in and enter any games or searches since last week, what’s the problem?

  6. Brandon Mack says:

    Hello Justine,

    I am persistently searching each and everyday. I occasionally receive a notification when I am searching notifying maximum, searches will be revoked if not legitimate. Is that what you your supposed to do, and if so what, is the maximum amount for those notifications till grand prize?

  7. Josephine Dimiceli says:

    Why is the PCH sweepstakes so darn time consuming??? everyday it takes at least 1 hour — and then nothing…I never hear who wins — think it’s a scam

  8. Colby Underwood Moore says:

    Asked a question earlier. trying to do required search today as have to per instructions. I did a search but when submitted in blue shows “search now for your chance to enter” I searched late last night. Will this have a negative impact on me getting my required search in today?

  9. paul keefer says:

    something is wrong with slots
    I was playing but it won’t let me finish it’s not working right
    today Paul

  10. cheryl sosa says:

    I have been playing this since I was a kid . I used to do my grandmoms application forms for her. I am now 60 myself. I am beginning to wonder if this is real at all. I mean to be playing for about 40 years and never winning anything? What are the odds on that? WOW! My sons laugh at me. I used to buy magazines… I gave up after doing that for about 20 years It is getting to a place where I hope I don’t die before ever hearing from you guys!Yes, I gave up for a few years and would just throw the entry away.I started up again on computer because i was on anyway might as well. I do enjoy the games and understand you make money off the commercials, they are getting sickening…two to four for every one game. I keep seeing all of these people winning, who say stuff like “I was just doing it for the first time”…well I think it is my turn! I am sick of you are on the list! I know there is no list and how ever this happens I have never been on any list…I just want a chance!

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