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  1. Some how my tokens aren’t getting added up and sometimes the cards disapear!!!!! I cleane my broawser and catch and cookies!
    Nothiing works!!!!

  2. I have a question? two times I got bells and whistles,once while playing Aairplane that looked like a jet came on the screen 9White) and a sports car(white) on run way or air field.It said it was a $90,000 trip anywhere in the world to travel to. I never heard a thing about this ?Is that a prize only if I was picked with a winning ticket??? Another time instead of points I hit $2500 I was dozing and again bells and whistles went off??? How do you actually win these amounts instead of points??? This was in March or April of this year.Could you please answer

  3. Why do I get 9 e-mails from PCH & then you threaten me I’ll be kicked out if I don’t do all the things you are demanding, after I have spent hours & hours doing all those things ???? Also, WHY do you punish people outside the Eastern time zone ? Many people live outside that zone—-most of the country !!!!!!

  4. Has anybody ever won the grand prize with out purchasing something through PCH. We are going to have this investigated.cc. Attorney General, FTC

  5. I would like to know why I’m not getting my winnings ? 2) why all the years for births my is always missing ? 3) why on consecutive searchers it started over ? So I don’t get my 25,000 ?

    1. Hello Leo, to help answer these questions we will need a bit more information from you. At your convenience please contact customer service at 1-800-459-4724, our offices are open Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. Have a great day!

  6. i see NO replies from Justine at all? I am supposed to get 10 entries in pch search but all it says it search only for things you are interested in why doesnt it say you have received 10 entries? Your contest rules say if it says if you get this message you are disqualified from the contest prize 4900?

  7. want to know why there seems to be abt 3 different games all saying win 10k a week —search here. i sincerly hope they dont cancel each other out.
    cause i really need to win that prize for my family.. tnx wm