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Just a couple weeks ago, the news media was buzzing about a record-breaking $656,000,000.00 Mega Millions jackpot. Can you imagine winning such a mind-blowing sum? Seems like everyone these days wants to hit it big — bills would be paid, college and retirement funded, new cars and homes, exotic vacations, the dreams of a lifetime made real with no care for the cost.

Sadly, though, there are those who think that to hit it big, they have to pay a “lotta” money for chances to win it.

Maybe they never heard of PCHlotto!

PCHlotto delivers the same excitement – and it’s fast, easy, and FREE to play! If you love to play lotto-style games, but hate paying for them, PCHlotto is the place for you! There are a variety of fun and colorful online games, and you get to pick your numbers! Plus, you can play anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of your home, school or office. Even on your personal media device while you’re on the go!

Simply visit PCHlotto, create your account, and pick your numbers! Forget about plunking down a pile of cash for tickets that could get lost, destroyed or stolen, because on PCHlotto, the games are always free to play, and your numbers are kept safely in your account. (Just click “Drawings” and choose your game date to see them.)

And best of all, there are INSTANT WINNERS EVERY DAY! Plus, you could win a Fast Cash windfall, a Progressive Jackpot of up to $500.00, or even a millionaire-making Jackpot! For each of these, there’s a drawing every night, but that last one is especially exciting: imagine becoming a PCH millionaire while you sleep  — “in your dreams” could literally come true!

Twice a month, there’s also a special Live Event. This month, there’s the $1,099.00 Live Cash Lotto! Play your Live Cash Lotto card every day now until April 30th for maximum chances to win cash! Then come back on drawing day — because the numbers that turn up could be your own!

And that’s not all! As always, with your 1st daily game play, you get an entry for the big SuperPrize®. That’s a FREE chance to win a life-changing $5,000.00 A Week for Life! And if you play your Pick Quick cards, you’ll unlock a free Instant-Win Scratch Card. WOW! So many ways to win!

So why pay to play the Mega Millions Jackpot when PCHlotto is free to play? Pick your numbers today, and who knows…you could hit it big by tomorrow!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

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93 thoughts on “Hit It Big At PCHlotto – Pick Your Numbers & Play For Free!”

  1. brenda lee says:

    I do not have commet

  2. It want let me play it….it pops up, and just sits there, it needs to be replaced..please.

  3. It won’t let me play keeps popping up search url orur

  4. Loufran Gardner says:

    HI MY NAME IS LOUFRAN GARDNER MY EMAIL IS GARDNERLOUFRAN@GMail.com.I do well,i wonder is i ever goin to win.I hope so.

  5. Angelia Baker says:

    Dear pch.com,
    your site is not working. I have tried numerous times today Jan 2, 2016 to go to your site to play lotto, sweepstakes, instant win, all of them and it will get so far and stop working. You need to fix thid. Here it is almost 11:59 and I still can’t get in to do any of this. This is not right. It seems like you are always having problems.

  6. Brenda Nelson says:


  7. I’m claiming instance cash prize

    1. PCH I’m claiming instance prize $5,000,00 a week for life gwy4900 December 30th

  8. Does anybody ever win these games??. One more ting?? It tells u to search and win, what r the exact words I need to use to enter., 5,000, 25000, 500000, etc, what’s the deal??

    1. Niger Nurah says:

      Brian McCormick – The SEARCH deal is that they just want you to use THEIR search engine… to search ANYTHING you want. The fine print says that if you don’t use it to make serious searches, they’ll know and the search won’t count. It’s all about leading you to different spaces on the net where your attention can be grabbed so that you’ll possibly BUY SOMETHING. Their name – PUBLISHERS, you’d think that means they publish writing material – They’re publishing the names and merchandise of different companies. CLEARING HOUSE – not enough space here to define – Google that term, Brian. IF they actually do complete their side of the deal by having sweepstakes WINNERS, that money being won is gathered from these sponsors or companies that do business with them to Publish their wares.
      The PCH search engine is surrounded with other “stuff” to divert your attention. The search even takes you to places like “ASK.COM”, “WIKIPEDIA”, “go daddy”, and other companies.

    2. Niger Nurah says:

      …not a bad idea at all ! I just wonder if the videos of the winners are real. I must admit, they seem genuine, but in this day and age, you just never know. The fact that they’ve been around a zillion yeas also lends credence to them…

  9. pch game pick winning nusome times it kets me in buy today i have to play around and find how to let me in. ineed to get yor tecks to find why i am having a proble.mbers is no worging correct?

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