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Just a couple weeks ago, the news media was buzzing about a record-breaking $656,000,000.00 Mega Millions jackpot. Can you imagine winning such a mind-blowing sum? Seems like everyone these days wants to hit it big — bills would be paid, college and retirement funded, new cars and homes, exotic vacations, the dreams of a lifetime made real with no care for the cost.

Sadly, though, there are those who think that to hit it big, they have to pay a “lotta” money for chances to win it.

Maybe they never heard of PCHlotto!

PCHlotto delivers the same excitement – and it’s fast, easy, and FREE to play! If you love to play lotto-style games, but hate paying for them, PCHlotto is the place for you! There are a variety of fun and colorful online games, and you get to pick your numbers! Plus, you can play anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of your home, school or office. Even on your personal media device while you’re on the go!

Simply visit PCHlotto, create your account, and pick your numbers! Forget about plunking down a pile of cash for tickets that could get lost, destroyed or stolen, because on PCHlotto, the games are always free to play, and your numbers are kept safely in your account. (Just click “Drawings” and choose your game date to see them.)

And best of all, there are INSTANT WINNERS EVERY DAY! Plus, you could win a Fast Cash windfall, a Progressive Jackpot of up to $500.00, or even a millionaire-making Jackpot! For each of these, there’s a drawing every night, but that last one is especially exciting: imagine becoming a PCH millionaire while you sleep  — “in your dreams” could literally come true!

Twice a month, there’s also a special Live Event. This month, there’s the $1,099.00 Live Cash Lotto! Play your Live Cash Lotto card every day now until April 30th for maximum chances to win cash! Then come back on drawing day — because the numbers that turn up could be your own!

And that’s not all! As always, with your 1st daily game play, you get an entry for the big SuperPrize®. That’s a FREE chance to win a life-changing $5,000.00 A Week for Life! And if you play your Pick Quick cards, you’ll unlock a free Instant-Win Scratch Card. WOW! So many ways to win!

So why pay to play the Mega Millions Jackpot when PCHlotto is free to play? Pick your numbers today, and who knows…you could hit it big by tomorrow!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

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  1. Good afternoon PCH I request it and claimed my entry to the new powerprize over 4000 the megaprize / 2.5 thousand and the life to riches prize 1000 well I came home to start the game and we have a glitch in the game I can’t refresh it I can’t reload it I refresh my phone I get to the cookies I 80 the browser and steal the game will not load it comes up and it says that just says oops we have a problem refreshing and restart it and I did that in Steel the game will not play I’m in the process of paying the powerprize jackpot I was going to finish my daytime call didn’t roll me over to the nighttime Lottery card and it won’t do a thing in your sisters will be gratefully appreciated thank you

  2. Id cry like i am now everytime i think im really gonna win !!! I have this feeling that yall are really gonna show up….id probaby start doing jumping jacks…go run and kiss wilber (the pot belly pig) who lives here in front yard) call my MAMA !!!! And the first thing i would buy myself would be a pair of new shoes…..been walkin in everybody else’s for quite a while. Honest. I want to do so many good things and share and take care of myself. And know i gonna be ok. Thanks for the chance. And i thank God for everything ! I’m available just come on and “show me tha money” !!!!”SHOW ME THA MONNNEEEEYYY” !😎sincerely, Lila