This Week’s Big Prize Winners Never Lost Faith!

It’s been a whirlwind of travel for the Prize Patrol this week  — with prizes delivered to three lucky westerners  — who kept entering the PCH Sweepstakes every chance they got and never lost faith.  These three prize winners all had one thing in common: the attitude that “Real people really win!”

All of them were shocked when the Prize Patrol arrived with roses, balloons, champagne and the Big Check that they started shaking.  Each of them said something like “I believed that it was real, so I kept on entering. But I never expected YOU to be standing here at my front door — just like I’ve seen on TV!”

The first stop on this three-day marathon was Denver, CO where we surprised Miran Christner with $10,000.  Miran wasn’t home, but just as we were asking neighbors for help she drove in — fresh from a workout at the gym.  “Oh no! Don’t videotape me like this!” she cried.  “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

We never tell anyone we are coming. That would ruin the surprise!

Miran, who never lost faith and entered the PCH Sweepstakes frequently, won from her entry at PCHSearch&Win — just like you can.

Next stop: Bakersfield, CA where we surprised Joe Davis.  Joe and his wife Ruth were home, so no help from neighbors was necessary.  In fact he opened the door immediately as he saw a TV news crew coming across his front lawn (and WHAT a beautiful lawn it was — greener than money!) Ruth was not the big-time PCH Sweepstakes believer that Joe was.  She’s a bigger NASCAR fan and said she wouldn’t believe Joe’s win until he had the real check in his hand.  With that, PRESTO, I handed it over — at which point Ruth said she’d have to start entering — so she could become one of our prize winners, too!

Third stop: the town that’s known for big prize money: Las Vegas, NV.  When we got to the home of Silvio, there was no sign of life when we rang the bell…and rang it again, and again … and then started knocking louder and louder and LOUDER!  Finally we gave up and went for a snack.  When we returned a bit later, there was a sign of life!   A friend at the house, Megan, told us she could get Silvio home from a local baseball game.  “But don’t tell him what’s going on,” we reminded her. Within 20 minutes our winner drove in, and we were standing by ready to knock his socks off.  And did we ever!  Silvio was absolutely thrilled with his $7,000 prize. “I work at a casino but I’ve never won anything in my life!  Wait ’til I tell the guys there!”

Once again, all three of these prize winners never lost faith and would urge YOU to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  It’s easy, and the rewards could be tremendous!   So what are you waiting for?  Click here and get on the road to winning!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Look which one of these prize winners made the news!

66 thoughts on “This Week’s Big Prize Winners Never Lost Faith!”

  1. Tabitha horne says:

    I have been filling these got since I was a kids and Noe I an adult I can do it for myself and my Grandmal and grandpal and mom they refuse but I just keep telling them they will see watch.

  2. I want to become your newest winner for November 25 2014 10,000 a week set for life pch official SP notice W4214 no.3814 gwy superprize #4900



  4. pam huckaby says:

    I have been searching for over a couple of months.yes i want to win it all.

  5. James McClatchey says:

    I am 86 years old tomorrow, and so many many people have told me I will never win and if I do it will be 5.00. One friend said he is so confident I will not win anything big, that he will match it. Don’t believe that either, although he was right, I will spend lots and lots of time, and postage trying to win as all the correspondence makes you think you will be the big winner. So yes I have lost faith, but because of my health and being in debt so much, I need to have something happen in my life, so I just spend the time and hope. Thanks for letting me comment.
    Jim in Denver

  6. I have never lost hope.
    Ernest Monrose

  7. I have never lost hope.

  8. Rick Anderson says:

    Sorry I never can pull up winning PCHlotto lotto numbers it simply goes to play lotto games after waiting n waiting time n time again. I still play without knowing outcome even knowing odds are against me. Seems like the wealthy always wins. I would really love to see someone not so well offing life come out ahead like myself. Think its to far fetched to imagine such. Just wishfully thinking. PS. Keep up the “Good Work” R.A. a humble player.

  9. for years i want to believe but keep on getting poorer my hopes are always belieaving some one wins why not me gotton letters saying we are winners even a copy of a news paper saying we won and a patrol car coming to our door but nothing ever happens so been buying shipping and handleing high every week more for you to buy only can efford so much afraid do.t buy somthing and they see it in the window envelope they throw your entry away were getting old almost as old it seems like every two weeksin this hundred year house need food and food every day wake up to too cold this year so why not hope to be a winner.

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