Winning Moments – As Seen At PCH And On CBS!

If you’ve been watching any TV lately, you’ve no doubt seen some of the “winning moments” which are a staple of our Publishers Clearing House TV commercials.  While the winners’ faces may change from campaign to campaign, I don’t think that we will ever retire the “winning moments” – because viewers love to see average folks, like themselves, reacting to a surprise visit from our famous Prize Patrol.  Whether the winners cry, collapse, jump up and down, or stand dumbfounded, the shock of a giant cash windfall is plain to see. Just take a look at them on PCHTV!

When the Prize Patrol was recently featured on “The Price is Right” on CBS, the reaction of that show’s winners was also plain to see.  I mean, these people were over the moon!  I think a lot of that is due to the fact that prior to the show’s taping the whole studio audience is whipped into a frenzy of excitement and urged to scream when someone is invited to “Come on down!” or guesses the correct price of some item on display, whether it’s a can of beans or a new car.

As you’ll see at PCHTV, we don’t give PCH Sweepstakes winners any warning that the Prize Patrol is about to arrive, so a brief pause or a falling mouth is to be expected as our video camera begins to roll.  But, believe me, our “winning moments” are just as thrilling as what you see on “The Price is Right.”  And let’s face it: as nice as some of that game show’s prizes are, they can’t compare with a giant SuperPrize like $10 Million or $1 Million A Year for Life.  Here’s another bonus: to participate in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes you don’t have to go to Television City in Los Angeles; you can enter from the comfort of your own home – right in front of your computer.

So why not take advantage of where you are sitting right now?  Click here on this link to and enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Or you can watch your favorite winning moments at PCHTV and enter to win there! Either way, it costs you absolutely nothing – meaning “the price is right.”

Wishing you the best of luck…maybe one of our next winning moments will be YOURS!

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

167 thoughts on “Winning Moments – As Seen At PCH And On CBS!”

  1. sandra page says:

    I hope entering and playing will soon pay off ,and it will be a winning moment for me for sure.
    S page

  2. Worix32 says:

    make sure you get your plane ticket very soon to come to Garland Texas you going to land at DFW or Love Field if you driving the weather is nice out here 80 something degrees thanks beautiful weather sunshine come to Garland Texas make this be a good good night rest of this year as a forever Prize winner super prize winner

  3. Janice Buckley says:

    yes I will love to win

  4. I am A Power PLayer. …. For Lifetime 8-31-2016 please come to my house! *#$=€£)&😎

  5. Christy Frazier from Tennessee says:

    Dave, I AM ready to Win!!!!

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