Video Blog: What Do You Want To See At The PCHblog?

Hi blog readers! Did you know that there is an Editorial Planning Group here at PCH? Did you know that we meet every week to plan out ideas for our blogs that we think you readers will LOVE? Well it’s true! Watch the video below to go behind-the-scenes and meet the members of the group!

Then, please share your comments with us! We really want to know blog readers: what do YOU want to see at the PCHblog? Thanks!


29 thoughts on “Video Blog: What Do You Want To See At The PCHblog?”

  1. Khaleel Rasheed says:

    hello everyone at pch just wanted to come thru and read a few blogs and to enter sweepstakes real quick

  2. suzan simmons says:

    I would enjoy hearing more about all of you guys at PCH, what made you want to work there, how long, favorite things in life, just to name a few, thanks

  3. Clarone Cardinal says:

    I like the vidio, and think it’s a pritty good deal. I just wish I knew more about how to use a computer.I’m still tring to learn it and how to use pch search.I have been having trouble getting into some pages and thay won’t let me through all of them,But I willkeep tring anyway.Thank you for the time. till next take care and have a great day

  4. Angel Pugh says:


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