Ready To Party? Our Winning Celebration Is Weeks Away!

ARE YOU READY TO PARTY? You heard me! Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May), and I want to know if any of you blog readers have Cinco de Mayo celebrations planned. Don’t hold back! I’m sure some of you are planning on cooking up a storm for this day that celebrates Mexican heritage and pride. Or I’m sure others of you are at least planning on celebrating at your favorite Mexican restaurant. (Like me!) C’mon, share your party plans with me below!

For those of you not familiar with this holiday, you know what to do: head over to PCHSearch&Win right now! A simple search will let you in on the history of this special day, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, decorations, traditions and more!

Speaking of celebrations…who here knows what winning celebration is just weeks away? 27 days to be exact! Ding, ding, ding … that’s right – our May 31st 5,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize Event!

Prize Patrol Elite Team

Cinco de Mayo celebrations sure are fun, but just imagine what a winning celebration it would be if you won $5,000.00 Every Week For Life! If you did, I think you’d be the one screaming to all your friends and family: “ARE YOU READY TO PARTY?”

And what a party it would be! With a weekly pay check like that, your winning celebration would go on and on and on. Hey, you could even have a party every week!

So who here is ready to party? Who here is excited? I know I am! For Cinco de Mayo celebrations this weekend AND the $5,000.00 A Week For Life winning celebration that’s just weeks away! If you are too, shout it from your rooftop…or better yet, leave me a comment below!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

69 thoughts on “Ready To Party? Our Winning Celebration Is Weeks Away!”

  1. sandra page says:

    I am so ready to rock and party in 2014.with the prize patrol team.On my lucky day

  2. sandra page says:

    I really like that Ford explorer Roberts truck news work and its taking us forever to go out and buy.Now on the other hand if some body wants to give us one it a hold different. Game! ” I hope I win”

  3. Pamela Gallion says:

    Hi Amanda….
    I am so ready… I would have one big party for every one I know and then take care of family and friends that have stuck by us through thick and thin…
    Then off on an adventure…

    Hope all of you are having a fun Cinco de Mayo…

    Show me the money!!!!

  4. georgena alvarez says:

    im ready for you guys to make it over here to arizona knock knock on my door with the big gift of money

  5. linds rogers says:

    How do i get the lott games to show up on my pc everytime all i see is a blue scren no games and yes i would like to party

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi, Linds. Everything is working properly on our side. I suggest that you update your browser using the instructions laid out here: You can also try updating your version of flash player by clicking here:

  6. linds rogers says:

    I rilly need a psrty I need good thing to happen i would turly love to win anything iam unempoly right know doing side jods to stay a flot i belive in maricak luck and patrs i just hope and pary something will happen soon befor i looz what little ive got left life not fair i lost everything to a bad divorce know 9years latter iam due for a big change a good one i wish everyone good luck out there

  7. sadae binion says:

    i have been playing this sweepstakes since 2009. i haven’t won yet but im keeping faith. i just wanted to say that im very excited about the May 31st prize of $5,000 a week that i go to sleep thinking about it. i literally have been counting the days down hoping that i see Dave at my front door unfortunately, i realize there are so many of us that want this and a lot who deserve it. i understand everyone has little chances of winning, however, i do beleive dreams come true(even if it hasn’t happen to me). everyone has their reasons for processing their entrys everyday to win, i just pray that you guys award the check to someone who really deserves to have a life-changing moment and who entered everyday to get it!

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