Fairy Tales Can Come True!

For centuries, people who were not “well off” have fantasized about turning insignificant things into objects of wealth.   In their fairy tale “Rumpelstiltskin,” the Brothers Grimm wrote about a miller’s daughter spinning straw into gold.  Jack (of “Beanstalk” fame) stole a hen that laid eggs that turned out to be gold.  Folklore is full of such imaginings.

Folks today are not too different.  We all fantasize about finding “a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”  No wonder lottery ticket sellers and gaming casinos are such popular destinations.

But why leave home?  Fairy tales can come true and you can go for that “pot of gold” from the place where you are sitting right now. Your computer offers you the online opportunity to enter the fabulous Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes “day in and day out” without even getting up from your chair.

I know that all of you would like that PCH “pot of gold.”  How do I know?  I read your comments right here on the PCH Blog — and not only those: I’ve read hundreds of comments on the new “Dave Sayer – PCH Prize Patrol” page on Facebook.  I see what you “like,” and I can tell that you’d LOVE a surprise visit from the Prize Patrol – with roses, balloons and a Big Check with YOUR NAME on it.  Well, I’m not one of the Brothers Grimm; but I can assure you – like that old song “Young At Heart” says, “Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to YOU!”

If you haven’t yet visited the new “Dave Sayer – PCH Prize Patrol” page on Facebook, just click here – and you can follow my postings and read what the Prize Patrol is up to.  It’s fun, exciting, and – who knows? – it could lead to a life-changing “PCH winning moment.”

Wishing you the best of luck. And remember, fairy tales can come true!

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Stay tuned to the PCHBlog! We’ll be announcing another new PCH Prize Patrol page from one of your favorite Prize Patrol members very soon!

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Maria Celia Hernandez said...

Mr.Ambasador .
Dave Sayer , It is magical when one hears about these stories .I love to see old movies specially those that make you dream and feel what is happening in the movie. It would be magic for me if I win. I am waiting for an Angel to visit me and tell me, I will meet the Prize Patrol. That would be real magic. Thank you for letting me pass by memmory lane.It felt good. Thank you and good night . MCH

Virginia Bartell said...

My name is Repunzel; I am being kept high in a tower, on top of a volcano.I am trained for Good work, and need equipment to make good my flight. Hark! Who is ringing my bell?! It is Prince Prize Patrol! ” Repunzel, Repunzel! Let down your golden hair, and I will climb up and deliever you from this tower of despair!” And the Prince leads Repunzel to His kingdom, where she works and lives, happily ever after! Toodle-loo! My Fairy Tale can come true too! Aloha!

Leslie D. said...

Welcome to facebook Dave! I was one of your first 50 friends there but I use my professional name with initials that begin with “LM” for my FB profile! During my SuperPrize Winning Moment~ I would love for you to play on our piano “Miracles Can Happen!” Dreams can come true if you take action upon your dreams! Here’s some positive thinking~ I have this strange feeling that I can’t shake that I will Win (2) SuperPrizes! And, when I Win my first SuperPrize I will tell the whole world how… PCH Saved My LIFE! Literally…For real! Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the Prize Patrol soon! Appreciate all the opportunites to Win that Big SuperPrize Check! I am ready to WIN and I Enter Daily! Best of wishes and safe travels to you with blessings! Rock & Roll, Leslie D.

Kanika Loeung said...

A long time ago since I bought my house, is has one female bird kept her egg on the wall and on top of my window (under the roof). I’ve had a lot of trees around my house but the bird choose my house!
I wish would have one egg as like the picture above in my trees!

I never have to go to Casino, its waste my time and my money. I’d like to play at home and without spending money instead!
PCH is does the one that I’d like to enjoy with!

Mr Dave, I’d like to enjoy reading comments and writing conversations! Because I am a super fans of PCH! :)

DeLayne Perry said...

Hi Dave!
What a fun and uplifting write up … :) I love the golden egg.. (gonna use it) ~ just go to my timeline and you will see it there!!! uh…I think it was a ‘goose’ that laid the egg.. :)

Either way, I have planted yellow beans in my back yard and I will have to get a tall trellis for them to grow on. They are only 4″ tall right now but by the time I win PCH they will probably reach to the sky and I will be too old to climb it, so my grand kids will have to collect the egg!

3am here… guess it’s time to me to hit the sack and DREAM about “The Fairy Tale That can Come True.” Hey, sounds like a good title. I should write a book. (or a poem ~ at least) LOL!

{Fairy tales can come true. It can happen to you: if you’re young at heart} Think I heard that on Lawrence Welk… hahahaha!

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi Dave, My life has been a fairy tale in alot of ways, the only thing it’s missing is the financial security for the future. I’m just hoping that my story ends with..and they lived happily ever after! P.S. I visit your facebook page..look who was your first friends.

wright on your side said...

hi, dave.cute puppy i know you love the floppy ears especially when you call his name and they plop his face when he hears your voice…..well about the fairy tales,yeah alot of us are tired of the one in our heads and ready for reality to come through for us.but at times this is all we have to go by to motivate ourselves to keep walking straight in life and realize that it is only a dream i read alot of things lately about some issues but i will not let my faith fail if it does not happen to be real.i learned to smile and look at others in a different light even if you are rich or poor you should never hold it against any or believe you are better or less than the other person just be yourself ,but on the other hand if you are fake find someone positive to mimic and practice it daily to get it right.keep it real!!!!!!

pam said...

I enjoyed those tales as a child: rags to riches, good over evil. That little bit of naivete is still with me. Or, just call it irrepressible hope and faith; but, I believe in miracles. I believe that if God is willing, he will allow such miracles…maybe to happen for me someday.

Maurice Smith said...

I was sitting at my computer when God spoke to me from the TV..At this time I was doing my Pch entries…when i heard ANDRE IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU…what this was those TWO movies that was playing at the movie threater…Andre the move about a SEAL and It can happen to you was a movie about a lotto ticket..both of these was playing at the same time.Every since then I been trusting in God that this shall come to pass..AT GOD TIME NOT MINE

Valenda Johnson said...

It would be so exciting to see all of you at my door on May 31st… And, I know that the event would change my whole LIFE! Thanks…Dave for such a wonderful message today! Have a great day!

Andre Smith said...

I have one more I have to share with you..I had gotten an GOLD TICKET from PCH… I was watching WILLY WONKA the GOLD TICKET that he put in his candy bars.. on that GOLDEN TICKET the date was set on FEB 1…which is my BRITHDAY once again ..TRUSTING IN GOD THAT THIS SHALL COME TO PASS…GOD TIME not mine…Keeping faith Hoping I will see you guys soon

Georgina Turner said...

Dave Sayer,
Prize Patrol Ambassador;
I’m among the “Young At Heart” I love fairy tales that come true! I’m hoping that the PCH Prize Patrol brings me a golden egg or even the fabulous PCH Prize Patrol check on May 31st and make my PCH fairy tales dreams come true. I need to have a life –changing “PCH winning moment.” PCH Thank you for making dreams come true.

Michaela said...

Hello Dave, I do hope your day is going well for you!!!!

YES, YES, YES!!! I believe we all have these fairy tale thoughts that one day rags to riches and good over evil, will happen to all of us, I know I do think this way and I think this is way PCH is so very popular!!!!

That is so very funny, that you are talking about dreams and fairy tales!!! Last night I just dreamed that I had won the PCH BIG MEGA CHECK of the 10 million dollars prize!!!! It seemed so very real. Anyway, not that it will or will not come true, I just wanted to share that with you. I guest that PCH has the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And, YES, YES, YES, I do hope my fairy tales dreams come true for me one day soon!!!! All I can do is to try to enter every day!!!! Thanks PCH!!!!!

Also, I just wanted to wish every one the best of luck in entering PCH!!!!

Joseph Ralph said...

i truly believe in fairy tales and definitely know dreams will come true for me and everyone who entering daily..good luck to everyone

Lily Skinner said...

Hello Dave!

I think that it is Great and Awesome with the things that YOU Do!!! Yes, I DO BELIEVE!!! :))
Many Thanks to You and the Crew, for the Love and Compassion that you give in your everyday lives for Us out here!!!
May God continue to Keep you Safe in your travels!

Lauralee Hensley said...

Young At Heart.

Dana S said...

Dave, You and your Prize Patrol crew are welcome at my house any time!! We keep the dream alive here and always talk of the day you will come and surprise us and change our lives forever! I look forward to that day!! Take care and Thanks for all you do!

allen choy said...

Could use a few dozen of those eggs…

Eileen Kennedy said...

MY account was hacked in so here i am again hoping and praying to win this month big time checks so computer please let me win. i am having nothing but bad luck, every where, please.help me be the winner
Hey new one i would even bring the roses to the office.

clarissa pike said...

just a few words..fairy tales are for kids…and if i would win…first,most of the winnings will be for childrens hospital and childrens charity…i will keep 1 million out of 10 million…this will be a true story and not a fairy tale…

Muliyani Made said...

Talk about a fairy tale come true is not a fantasy anymore these days. For example in the case of the virtual world (internet). Before I knew computers (self taught) and the internet I really admire both of these things. How can so I can use the computer and finally get online. Luckily I used to use the manual type, having seen how the friends who could use a computer, I am inspired by filing continuously keyboard that looks similar to a typewriter keys. Once the computer knows to use my head crammed full automatic virtual battlefield computer while I had a phone monoponik. Money there is always a bottleneck, eventually also the opportunity to buy HP Nokia N70. Wow … my mind and hands to move on. Sometime in admonished by a friend (who notebene Computer assemblers and Web network). So I buy a Lenovo. In 2010 I started learning online, and now we know the answer, I did not tebayang to join PCH.Com. Because from the beginning I always receive emails online from About.com, MWWord of The Day, Digg, New York Time, Green Card, etc. Due to fear and can not access one lotrey for example, and I always delete all the emails received. Finally I got a phishing network as a man of Bergime accessed with a username http://ww.facebook.com/jone_jones change my name at this address from muliyanimade. So forth, after the poor across surfing the internet to refresh the soul, in order to offset the burden of the circumstances, there is finally giving the address of The Dayly7 and eventually connects to the USA email me. Thus at a glance illustration of a fairy tale come true that could happen to me. Thank you I am Muliyani Made with initial MM 1830 Giveaway try comment may be taken into consideration in this victory even though I was not immune from the deficiencies that today can only be in contact with the father of Director Executif The Prize Patrol.

thelma francis said...

dave i’am still waiting did you make the wroung turn dave, i’am still waiting dane.

mary phillips said...


steve chick said...

Yes my name is steve chick howw are all? Piease enter me in pch gwy no. 4141 . Thank you I want to win

June nelson said...

Fairy Tales Can Come True It Could Happen To Me! Have Faith In Yourself And Follow Your Dream!