Ready For A Big Celebration? Because Tomorrow Is SUPERPRIZE DAY!

That’s right! This week we celebrated Memorial Day. And now we have a whole new reason to celebrate — and A BIG ONE! Because tomorrow is SUPERPRIZE Event day – the day that one lucky person is going to WIN BIG from Publishers Clearing House!

Talk about keeping the big celebration going! What if YOU are tomorrow’s big SuperPrize winner, and The Prize Patrol shows up at your house, bearing flowers, champagne, balloons and a “Big Check” check for $5,000 A Week for the rest of your life??!  How would YOU react?

C’mon, think about it! Just imagine if Todd, Dave, and Danielle pulled up in the Prize Patrol van outside your house.

–Would you calmly sit back, maybe enjoying a tasty cool beverage while the Prize Patrol gave you the big news?

–Would you jump up and down like a lunatic? Maybe do a cartwheel or a triple-flip off the sofa or your kids’ backyard jungle gym?

–Would you treat the entire neighborhood to a big celebration at a nearby restaurant, with all everyone can eat and drink?

–Or would you just pass out on the spot?

Well, I work here, so I can’t win. But I imagine if I ever did, my reaction would probably be a combination of all of the above!

What would YOU do with a check for $5,000 A Week for the rest of your life? Buy a new car…or one for each member of your family? Take a luxurious vacation? Pay off some bills?

Whatever the case may be, the Prize Patrol is now packing and prepping to get on the road, in hot pursuit of the winner.

Someone’s definitely going to win BIG tomorrow in the $5,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize Event!  Will It Be You? And … Are you ready for the big celebration!?

Good luck!

Francine L.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. Hear it here first! Want to find out who the big winner is? Remember to check in right here at the PCHBlog, the PCH Fan Page and Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Page for hints and updates all throughout the day tomorrow!

149 thoughts on “Ready For A Big Celebration? Because Tomorrow Is SUPERPRIZE DAY!”

  1. Ira Faulkner says:

    tomarrow come and gone and im still waiting for you all to come ? but can’t wait for you to bust my pride again ; three times again [ if you had no job and you had a company telling you that you could win it all just inter to win your in the fineals passed elimation rounds and they would be coming to see me soon would it pick your sprits up ] well it did mine to but still did’t change things still no job and getting kick out of my delling no money things are strating to fall apart as you look at it filling apps is like giving them a knife and giving them a place to cut you but yet i still feel them out my body running down so for me 5,000.00 a week a lot for me i do hope to win someday but just like times before i wait you say it only takes one intree and i have many for finding an outlet to keep up with you you dont know how hard it is to show you how much i want to win when you have dead lines to follow i believe i relly do think poeple think! Im crazy { yes Im Crazy For P C H }

  2. ioneellis says:

    I keep seeing 2012 on this but I’m a go ahead and sign in I don’t I know if I supposed to do but yes I do want to win yes and I do wanna party with you so let’s go for the gusto and when

  3. Zoraida Cruz says:

    I way the big prizes, a litter time be chance my life forever

  4. deborah lewis says:

    i’ll be waiting, i’m getting old maybe , but i do believe, i’d be so full of adrinlin ,I just might it a 100 more years, with smiles all the way yea budy

  5. iT’s here where PCH will bring me this super check with a super bonus check for the rest of my life so I can bless a lot of people of the world and help them with their needs.Praise the Lord of HOST.Amen In Christ.

  6. Jennice Blankenship says:

    Oh, by the way, if you come to my house my dog Oscar asked if you could bring him some beggin strips! He is a 6 year old Pug and loves to eat, especially treats!

  7. Jennice Blankenship says:

    This is so exciting!!! I get up early every morning and first thing I do is look to see if I have won anything from the day before. Unfortunately, I have not been a winner YET. But I am never going to give up!!

  8. OLLIE MCNEIL says:

    MAY 21, 2013



  9. Hugh Frank Farris says:

    I can only pray that I win. If I win, I will consider myself the most blessed man alive and I will use a large amount to help others in my shoes who lost everything in 2008. I will first pay all my bills an then begin on a quest to help others, giving the credit to GOD first, then PCH. At 65 years of age, losing everything was the most devastating thing I could ever imagine since the treatment received as a Viet Nam veteran. I would get my home out of foreclosure and begin trying to find ways to help others because of my blessing, being careful not to leave myself destitute once again.
    I know I would fall to my knees and thank GOD for PCH an once I quit crying , I would jump for joy an hug the world , embrace GOD an PCH an begin to breathe again as the past 5 years have been the worst in my entire life.
    H. Frank Farris

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