Who Won The $5,000 A Week For Life SuperPrize Event?

Danielle Lam at the airport with the May 31st Big Check!

SuperPrize Event Day is finally here! Who won the $5,000 A Week For Life SuperPrize Event? The Prize Patrol is on the road NOW, and we’ll find out and get the winner announcement to you in just hours!

Can’t wait to find out? As promised, for the first time ever, we’ll be giving you clues all throughout the day right here on the blog so keep checking back. And by the end of the day, we’ll post the exciting Prize Patrol SuperPrize winner announcement!


Thanks for following our clues all day! We’re so happy to announce that TARI WOODS from PAGOSA SPRINGS, COLORADO was the winner of the $1,000,000.00 Big Check from the PCH Sweepstakes! Congratulations TARI WOODS!

***3:30 PM UPDATE – NEW CLUE***

The winner’s town is home to one of the largest and hottest natural springs in the world.

***2:00 PM UPDATE – NEW CLUE***

The winner’s state is one of the four states that make up the “four corners.”

***12:30 PM UPDATE – NEW CLUE***

The Prize Patrol cannot get a direct flight from NY to the winner’s area.

***10:00 AM UPDATE – NEW CLUE***

The winner’s town population is LESS THAN 5,000 people.


If the Prize Patrol was going to drive the van from NY to the winner’s town, it would take more than 24 hours.

Have you figured it out yet? Write your guesses in the comment space below! Stumped? Don’t worry. More clues are on the way — and remember, for more updates on the $5,000 A Week For Life SuperPrize Event, you can go to the PCH Fan Page, Danielle Lam’s Prize Patrol Fan Page and Todd Sloane’s Prize Patrol Fan Page!

Will it be YOUR name in the winner announcement for the $5,000 A Week For Life SuperPrize Event? FINGERS CROSSED!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

1,593 thoughts on “Who Won The $5,000 A Week For Life SuperPrize Event?”

  1. LOUIS NINAN says:

    Good Evening !,
    You gave me every hope to win this time , as I am a permanent customer of P.C.H, and visit the web site every day. And I would like to win the Awesome Prize $5,000.00/week on 31st August, 2015 on P.C.H Gway No.4900.

    I am waiting for the P.C.H Prize Patrol team to pay a visit to my rented apartment, and issue the incredible Prize $5,000.00/week for a happy, beautiful ,future life.

    As I win , I have to buy my own house, a car, and have to pay off all my debts, and finally like to help a lot of suffering people, and like to give a helping hand to Charity.

    Bless be P.C.H for this grant victory!
    Once again thanking to P.C.H, and expecting the P.C.H Prize Patrol team, let me stop.



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