Prize Patrol’ers Danielle, Todd and I are delighted to introduce to you our newest Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner:  Tari Woods of Colorado!

Although we’ve made million dollar dreams come true and awarded big cash prizes to many Coloradans over the years, the Prize Patrol had not been to Tari’s part of the state – east of Durango, with gorgeous views of the San Juan Mountains, a range in the mighty Rockies.  Hot springs and a perfect climate (warm days, cool nights) further explain why Tari and many of her close friends have chosen this place to settle down – forever!

When we arrived at Tari’s address on May 31, she was not home.  But a friend drove up and told us that she could probably locate our SuperPrize winner with a cell-phone call.  Sure enough: Tari was nearby in a supermarket check-out line.  With that knowledge we parked out-of-sight around the corner so Tari wouldn’t see the Prize Patrol van full of balloons, roses and video-camera when she returned home.  We didn’t have to wait more than five minutes.  As soon as Tari got her groceries inside, we drove up, jumped out and knocked – with the Big Check in hand.

You can see the “winning moment” at and Facebook. You can also read the local newspaper’s coverage at

Tari may not have been the most excited winner I’ve seen in my Prize Patrol history – mainly because she was stunned and speechless (uncharacteristically she said). But she and friend Tim were thrilled beyond words.  Neighbors quickly gathered, and phone calls were made to Tari’s sons who didn’t believe her at first.  But, realizing that the million dollar news was “for real,” they called back with advice for mom.

Tari hardly needs advice. She is a talented, savvy woman with a medical business background.  Retired from that, she now runs a catering business, providing residents with mouth-watering “cowboy” food and helping local causes raise money.  On the side, she is an animal lover who takes in pets needing “baby sitting” into her “pooch hooch”.

On a coffee table in Tari’s living room rests a plaque that read “Dreams do come true.”  It reminded us of our musical ad theme, “Publishers Clearing House, the house where dreams come true.”   They surely do!   Congratulations to our SuperPrize winner Tari!  We wish you all the best!

Now, how about YOU!   How would YOU like your million dollar dreams to come true?  They can!  Go to – today and every day — to ENTER the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!


Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador




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Kanika Loeung said...

I wish my dream do come true the same as Mrs Tari Woods too! I have some relatives who didn’t believe PCH. I try to enter to play seven day a week, its pretty easy simple but its difficult to catch SuperPrizewinner if I skip entering one day. But I do hope still and try to do the best I can! Hopefully, the next Million Dollar dream Come True I wish would be me!!!

    millie said...

    This is bogus. we will see how “Legitimate” you are. I am doing some research. I think it is funny how people with jobs and houses always win. Why don’t people like me win. I have been playing for 30 yrs. I have no house, no job no food.

      PCH Staff said...

      Hi Millie. Real people win every contest, and the winners are varied in age and ethnicity, and they come from all walks of life. You can always look at our “Winners Circle” found at the bottom of to see the names of recent winners!

pam said...

I sure would like my million-dollar dreams to come true!

Rose M. said...

So she won a milli, what happened to the $5,000.00 a week for life? Did she win that as well, or is that a once a year thing? I didn’t see a check for $5,000.00 a week.

terry brown said...

I just love pch and if im lucky maybe todd will knock on my door !!!!

S. Lemon said...

If you are the winner do you have to wait to receive your check or do you get it with the big check

Lauralee Hensley said...

Tari, your neck of the woods per say, looks beautiful. Congratulations and enjoy.

Georgina Turner said...

Hi Dave, another great PCH winning story! I want to say congratulations to Tari Woods on a great PCH win. I would to see a million dollar dream come true. your PCH fan and good luck to all.:)

ana delgado said...

AT LEAST YOU AGREE WITH EVERYBODY THE WINNER WASN’T EXCITED AT ALL, BUT YOU DON’T TELL WHY. THE REASON IS SHE GOT MONEY. SHE’S NOT LIVING IN POVERTY. ARE YOU AWARE OF THE BACKGROUND YOU GIVE HER: “She is a talented, savvy woman with a medical business background. Retired from that, she now runs a catering business, providing residents with mouth-watering “cowboy” food “. SHE’S NOT UNEMPLOYED OR SOMEONE WHO STRUGGLE TO MAKE A DAILY LIVING. SHE’S NOT LIVING IN A RENTAL APPARTMENT. ATKE A LOOK ON HOW YOU DESCRIBE HER PLACE” east of Durango, with gorgeous views of the San Juan Mountains, a range in the mighty Rockies. Hot springs and a perfect climate (warm days, cool nights) further explain why Tari and many of her close friends have chosen this place to settle down – forever!” SHE ALREADY SEATTLE DOWN FOREVER WHY DOES SHE NEEDS THE PRIZE PATROL FOR ? WE NEED TO SEE SOME REAL PEOPLE, SOME PEOPLE WHO REALLY IN NEED WIN THIS THING. WE NEED TO SEE SOMEONE WHO CAN BARELY PAID A RENTAL APPARTMENT AND HAVE A LOT OF DEBTS, SOMEONE WITH LOTS OF CHILDREN IN HIS HOUSE AND STRUGGLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM WIN THIS THING.

    Mrs. A.T. said...

    Hi PCH! I’m replying to ana delgado, Read what Dave said..not the “most” excited..she was stunned and speechless..Don’t judge before you know. She is retired, do you know what that means? She worked all her life and she is still working! I’m sure her house wasn’t free, usually 30 year mortgage comes with it! P.S. Repairs to a house are not free either, you get to pay for them all! Everyone has a chance to win and in my opinion should not be belittled when they do.

    H. Thao said...

    I totally agree with you. There are a lot people out there in needs. Or have sad story in backgrounds. The people that lived in a healthy home had made it through to lived in a healthy life is because they were raise in healthy life style or head strong enough to make a life better and the differences. And my guess, low class had a rough time…. But again, congrats to Tari Wood!! Lucky you!! Stay healthy and wish you the best of everything…. Wish I was in Tari Wood shoe so I can make a big difference in my life. It seem to make a perfect life is to have income to make it happen.

Muliyani Made said...

Thank you. I am (Made Muliyani with initial MM Giveaway 1830) tried to apply on this occasion. I realize with all the limitations, but as a consumer who has become one of the search since the end of 2011 seemed to know I really hope to be a winner after Ms. Tari, especially the personal issues which will determine my confidence in my life that is a problem with a close friend who is opposite. In addition to the status of humanity is a very squeezing my heart that I want him to get out of trouble all day as it comes from far away (home of the UK and working in Malaysia). I rarely dare to chat because he often lamented and always asking for money, although I also sent in a mediocre state. I understand because no one asked. This is what really prompted me to fight for the search, in addition to saving his own difficulties as well. Yeahhhhh … when told it was not enough time. So may be a consideration in addition to other things in my life.

Maureen Sousa said...

Glad to see that others thought the same as me!!! I always LOVE watching the winners of PCH even if it is not me, but this one , just did not sit right… & I think you should get your stories straight about what she does for a living…. she is not a cowboy caterer (per se)… she is PART of Elk Trace Bed & Breakfast… a family run business.. she is the are on the website for the B&B etc.

So lets be HONEST PCH !! WITH ALL OF US!!!! I still wish her well,& I am NOT jealous of her winnings but as others have seen & voiced this is to ME the maybe 3rd or 4th video of your winners that REALLY ACTUALLY LOOKED FAKE>>& I have watched them ALL>>>
Don’t ask me why, but it did.. I am looking forward to the next winner as being a TRUE HONEST RECIPIENT of a million dollar prize.& showing the right reaction & appreciation for such. Maybe send them a script or something, as you do in your e-mails..
No offense Tari, but the whole thing did NOT look REAL…

Just my honest opinion.

    PCH Staff said...

    Hi Maureen. Tari’s winning moment was not fake at all :) She is a legitimate winner. In fact, real people win every contest, and the winners are varied in age and ethnicity, and they come from all walks of life. You can always look at our “Winners Circle” found at the bottom of to see the names of recent winners!

      Maureen Sousa said...

      I am not saying that she is not a REAL person…. I am saying that your whole video as so many of my frinds here in Ma,. are now saying is that the whole winning thing is a fake…

      IN other words ther is MORE to it than MEETS the EYE>>>

      Your vidoes are not TOTALLY AT THE MOMENT… I see more excitement on The Price is Right when someone just out of the ordinary audience wins a car or a set of appliances rather than this reaction to SUDDENLY UNEXPECTEDLY win “” ONE MILLION DOLLARS”

      THINK ABOUT IT!!!?? REALLY think about it!!??

      How NIEVE do you think the public audience is!!?? Or do you think we are all so obsessed at winning a bunch of money that we do not notice??

      You just talked in the previous post about what it is to win.. so ALL of us that are out here perservereing etc. playing untilk we drop… & this vidoe comes on that shows someone who looked TRULY NOT IN THE COMEPETITION by both her words & her mannerisms…

      Then YOIU tell me what we are supposed to think about this whole game< competition>

      Again no offence to Tari, I still congrate every winner, but I will not leave my position as this one did not seem TRUE>

Ashley B. said...

All I can say is congrads to Tari for winning and to the people who struggle and really NEED to win, I think its just all about positive thinking and believing that you can and will win, no need to get upset when some who is already fortunate has won, there has been plenty of people who needed to win that have won. So, what it all comes down is taking every opportunity to enter to win. Good Luck

Michaela said...

Thanks Dave Sayer, Prize Patrol Ambassador for that inspiring letter, and YES, YES, Yes! I am still hanging in there with a smile on my face!!! I would love to meet you and the PCH Prize Patrol!!!! I thank you for this opportunity to enter every day, so my dreams might one day come true!!!! I know I hope, pray and dream about you all coming to my door one day with the BIG MEGA prize of $5,000.00 a week for forever” would make me feel more secure in my life. Just a dream so far, we will have to see who’s dream will come true next!!!!

I do have a lot of dreams and one of my many dreams is to go to the summer Olympics in England with my family this summer and if it is not this summer Olympics then maybe it would be another one in two to four years. I would also love to travel as much as I could and then invest the rest for the future.

This is another dream I have…Family is every thing, I am sure you would agree. I think that is what PCH is all about, to help our families and our communities; my dream is to help my parents out as much as I can and to help my son’s school as well. I do have more dreams then this; I just wanted to share these with you right now.

I love watching on TV or the Internet who has one the big jackpot from PCH! I am so very happy for these people that win like Tari that just won the one million dollar and I do hope and pray that one day my dreams might come true and it might be me! That is all I can do, besides entering every day at PCH!!! I just want to wish every one that enters PCH, GOOD LUCK!!!! Because I know it is the winning number that is picked and that is how you get to be a winner!!!!

Ginger Veik said...

I am persistent, 30 plus years and counting :) I am NOT giving up!! I like Tari have a little something special at my house:) On my front door is a little plaque with 3 wooden angels and a saying that “Angels gather here” on the back of the plaque is a picture of the PCH prize patrol, Dave, Danielle and Todd:) When I win (notice I didn’t say if, LOL) Dave, Danielle and Todd will see that I have been expecting them for an important visit :) !!!!! Wooohooo! I keep hoping…

Tammy Thompson said...

Do Pch ever come to South Carolina?

Lori Simmons said...

I have kept good hopes and just knew I would win if I tried. I have always known I was not a nauturally lucky person but I continue to try to change that. After 7 years of continued tragic events and a string of getting hopes up to be let down I have got to resign to the fact that my life will not change no matter how hard I try. I know PCH can not stay in business giving away money. I can not find a good paying job in my area especially after all the downfalls I’ve tried to overcome. So I am asking you if you have a place in your company to hire me. A job that pays enough that I am not losing money trying to earn a living. Please let me know if you could at least give me an interview in your company. I have had many years of accounting experience with a strong sales background. I have many other skills as well. I just need to make enough money to have a life. Where I can afford gas to go on a picnic or whatever after paying the bills or at least some of them. I do not have an extravagant life style my bills are only ones required to live on. I can not afford to keep up with those let alone have enough left to drvie to the park, buy tires, or even keep my car. So I am asking for my luck to change and win just for a chance to work for your company. I will send you my resume upon your request. I need a change but can not afford to make one.

Jimmie League said...

i am hoping that i win . i am at a age to retired and can’t afford to. I am hoping i will win so that i can pay my home off. i am having a hard time now trying to made it from one week to the other. i am still hoping that i will get lucky and win. i am hoping to answer my door one day and it will be publishing clearing house with a big check with my name on it maybe the million dollar check oh what a day it would be

Smiles R Contagious said...

I don’t know if these winners are real or not. I hope they are real i really hope that people get their dreams come true once in a while. Most people are struggling right now. I know it’s hard and i know how it feels when it seems like there’s no hope left.  It sucks it really does. 
But we need to keep our faith, and never put our heads down. Every day is a beautiful miracle full of new opportunities and posibilities.   

It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you’ve got to have is faith and discipline when you’re not yet a winner.   

please contact me at email provided said...

I recently recieved official Mail delivery naming me as superprize winner! Is this for real? Nobody else but pch has my private info unless its sold to The public by pch. What email does pch staff have where i can verify these documents.
Its asking me to choose 30 year option or lump sum . I can provide ID winning number and photos of these documents.please reply with directions asap! Thanks!

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi there,
    Our mailings are opportunities for a chance to win and clearly state that the recipient has not yet won a prize, must enter by deadline in order to be considered. Entries are selected at random. PCH Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random, and each entry has the same chance of winning. You never know who will become the next BIG winner, so don’t lose hope!

    Victoria At PCH

kathy Smith said...

I could not believe I recieved mail!!!Took a second look!~..;)….