A Lot to “Like” About Our Instant Win Fan-Only Opportunities

Whether it’s an instant win game, a big money sweeps, or polls, contests, and conversation, there’s always a lot to “Like” on our PCH and PCHSearch&Win Fan Pages on Facebook. That’s because we’re always looking for new ways for you to have fun and win!

This month is ripe with special winning opportunities, one of which centers upon a rarely noticed piece of the PCH Fan Page: our number of “likes.” As of this writing, over 478,000 fans have given us the thumbs up, which is simply fantastic. But you know what would be more fantastic? When that number hits 500,000, one lucky fan will win a Grand Prize of $5,000.00!

And the winning doesn’t end there. Ten more fans will receive $500.00! That’s 11 cash prizes — a total payout of $10,000.00! And we need only 22,000 more “likes” to make that happen.

Here’s how it works: All entries for our exclusive monthly sweeps that are received between April 1, 2012 and the day we register our 500,000th fan will be eligible for both the $5,000.00 Grand Prize and $500.00! Wouldn’t you “like” to get a payout like that? These fan-only prizes could go to you if you click that unassuming “like” button on the PCH Fan Page and come back every day to claim another entry!

Want more fan-only Sweepstakes opportunities? How about this? We’ll be giving away $1,000.00 to one fan on June 14th. A PCH Superfan* could double that amount to $2,000.00! For the maximum chances to win this fan-only sweeps, submit one entry every day until the deadline — 11:59PM, ET, June 14, 2012. Great thing is, the pot replenishes monthly, so another $1,000.00 (or two) will be given away in July!

But wait, there’s more to “Like” on our sister Fan Page! The folks at PCHSearch&Win have hatched a new instant win game. Featuring Edwin, our irresistible search owl mascot, “Edwin’s Hatch&Win Game” will have instant cash and prizes up to $100.00 — winners are guaranteed DAILY! So come one, come all, and take your crack at a fun instant win!

Games! Sweeps! Fun! See? PCH Fan Pages have a lot to “Like!” So tell your friends — I’m sure they’ll find a lot to “Like”, too! After all, someone has to win the Grand Prize — why not you or someone you “like”?

Thank you for “sharing!”

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

*P.S. Are you ready to become a PCHsuperfan? Visit the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, and click “DOUBLE PRIZE” to reveal the registry form. You only have to fill it out once for twice the payout…because if you win any $10,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 PCH prize, we’ll double it on the spot!


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Kanika Loeung said...

I used to introduce my relative to play PCH, Hopefully, they’re became PCH fans and earn more “like”!

I try to do everyday, and hoping I’d get luck in some day!!!

pam said...

Double payout would be great!

Stancio Butler said...

Hi Victoria At PCH, Did Wilbert Wallace,Jr. of Orange,Texas already won TWO BIG CHECKS for $10,000.00 back in March of 2012 ever since he already registered as a PCH Superfan on the PCH Facebook Fan page?

Muliyani Made said...

Thank you for this moment, now I am Muliyani Made with initial MM Giveaway 1830 to claim Winner selection round.

eileentherkennedy said...

Hi, hoping to win some big prize,
we- i work hard and we – i need to win now not in another twenty yrs. , we make min wage and even then we dont get forty hours a week. my peers and i need a raise like 10 per hour would be nice. please help us here and by helping me i can help them ,

Michaela said...

Thank you Joyce W., PCH Online Creative for sharing this great information with all of us!!!!

It is good to know what is on your website and how it all works, thank you! I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck in entering PCH!!!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day at PCH!!!

Joseph Ralph said...

great payout and appreciate PCH for this opportunity always..good luck to everybody entering as well :-)

Rosanne Emly said...

Most of the time the games work except the last one. It won’t load
up or reload. I still enjoy them, I
just won’t get in on the bigger winnings.

Melanie Antry said...

Great I will be lucked out for this since not everybody has face book. I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t have face book. Don’t have time for face book is my only reason.

Georgina Turner said...

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative
Nice blog! Thank you for all the sweepstakes opportunities, I am a PCH Super Fan and would love to win any one of the PCH Prizes.

Gail Ellis-Duncan said...

Just attempted to open a third important PCH headquarters email with strict date that has ERROR ON PAGE. This means, this is the third time I am unable to make the deadling and about the 10th time I have written concerning this issue to be coreected with no response what so ever thus far. Why? It is no fault on my end/computer.

Gail Ellis-Duncan

gail block said...

please only in the south out west wins the big prizes and the search giveaways too 24 years and nothing

ruby said...

I was given 10 extra entries, when I tried to get in on my pch, it went in circles, telling me create a password it would say put spaces then it would say no spaces, etc, you also have all sorts of “free” things, nothing on your site is free, in fact if you spend the $1 in 2 weeks or so, you get into a contract that is a lot more money. i have gotten nothing free from your site, and the last tango with the 10 free entries, the lack of spins to go to me, that I had won. I am ashamed of so many things in my life now, my country is allowing travesties and false advertisement on the web Ruby owings

    PCH Staff said...

    If you ever notice that your tokens are not being added to your account properly, please send us a message on our Ask Us page (http://pch.custhelp.com/app/ask) with the following information:
    - The name of the game you played
    - The date and time you played
    - The score/number of tokens you should have received. We’ll be happy to add any missing tokens to your account once we receive your message.

Carol Jones said...

I am new at this. Had trouble getting this far. Hoping to make it work, and learn more. Nothing like PCH.

kathy smith said...

Hello friends at PCH!..I want to let yall know if you don’t recieve all my entries for the day…I follow through the best way I can….I a;lways call if I have a problem…Thanks for all the support…From a alltime FAN!!!