Publishers Clearing House Makes The Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll!

Earlier this month, The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) released its Fourth Annual Online Trust Honor Roll recognizing website adoption of key technologies to help protect consumer privacy and security. We are so proud to announce that Publishers Clearing House made this Honor Roll, and was recognized as one of a handful of “leaders” in supporting privacy and security best practices.

“Being a member of the 2012 OTA Online Trust Honor Roll means Publishers Clearing House has demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment towards online safety, to enhancing the vitality of the internet, and, most importantly, to consumer trust,” said Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and President, Online Trust Alliance.

PCH Is Working On Trust: Our Relationship To Fans Like You!

Why are we so pleased to be named to the OTA Honor Roll? Because PCH is committed, 365 days a year, to internet safety and making sure your information is secure. Our fans are so important to us, and we follow all cyber security rules and regulations so that you can trust interacting with us. Every experience with Publishers Clearing House and should be fun, safe and rewarding.

Sal Tripi, Assistant Vice President Digital Operations and Compliance, said, “Earning entry into the Honor Roll reinforces that we respect the trust our fans have given to us.”

Very simply, the harder we work to earn your trust, the more you will enjoy every game you play, every entry you submit and every prize you might win.

Why Taking A Leadership Position Matters To You!

Publishers Clearing House wants to take a leadership role to help improve the internet safety and privacy best practices for the entire industry, so you can feel more confident every time you surf the web. Is it working? Are more companies following the example of leaders like Publishers Clearing House? It seems so! According to a recent OTA study, recipients of the Online Trust Honor Roll, which previously was named the Online Safety Honor Roll and Scorecard Honor Roll, have risen from 8% of sites in 2010 to nearly 30% in 2012.

We’re “ON A ROLL” To Earn Your Trust!

Yes, we’ve just been recognized by the OTA as leader in supporting privacy and security best practices. But we’re just getting started. We feel it’s our responsibility to continue to develop new and better ways to keep our fans safe and to protect their privacy. Comment below to let us know if there’s anything more we can do to earn your trust and loyalty.


Elliott M.

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  1. I just want to say I am honored to accept the PCH badge of honor and just would like to say to Mrs. Danielle Lam that its a shock from me that when u got marry and the day you got marry to Mr. Dave lam was on my birthday September 19 2010 so it really would be a honored to meet you 1 day by the PCH if I every win the PCH love your number 1 fan ted.

  2. I am so honored to accept the Badge Of Honor given to me by PCH. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    God Bless you all.
    Sharon Grayson

  3. Hiii my friends. I accept Badge of honor. I want to win. June 30 6900. So Come On Down Prize Patrol South Philadephia. Faith