Is Winning a Big Check on YOUR Bucket List?

Lots of people talk about having a “bucket list” these days. You know, that list of things they’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet? Made famous by the 2007 hit movie “The Bucket List,” it usually includes personal goals and cherished dreams, often put off till “the right time” comes along. You may even have one of these lists yourself. Guess what? So do I! Here are just a few of the things on it:

  • Tour the Grand Canyon
  • Take a cruise to Hawaii
  • Go scuba diving in the Caribbean
  • Visit mysterious ruins around the world
  • View the Milky Way without light pollution
  • Take a ride into space with Virgin Galactic

Most of these things I may never get to do (I can’t even swim, let alone scuba dive, and I get vertigo on a ladder, so space and the Grand Canyon are probably unwise), but hey, you can’t stop a gal from dreaming! And you have to admit, having a “bucket list” is a great motivator for living life to the fullest.

If you have a such a list, comment below and tell me…WHAT’S ON IT? I bet I can guess one thing…

Win a BIG CHECK for a GIANT SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House!

Wouldn’t it be a dream-come-true if you could put a “big check” next to that goal? You could even check off all your goals if you win!

An impossible dream? Not so! Just ask the many folks in our Winners Circle — those who received a “Big Check” from the Prize Patrol!

You can wish, and you can hope…but, as with most things, that alone won’t make your dreams come true: You have to be motivated to make an effort!  As Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Like the many happy people in our Winners Circle, you have to take action and stick to it!

Using my own list as an example, I could tour the Grand Canyon and go scuba diving in the Caribbean… if I stick to a fitness program, learn to swim, and make a plan to achieve my goals. But as my spouse always says, “if” is the biggest word in the dictionary. My dreams could be within reach if I use the three keys to achievement —  #1: Motivation, #2: A Plan of Action, and #3: Perseverance!

So ask yourself:  “How motivated am I to win a giant SuperPrize and meet the Prize Patrol? Have I planned how I will take advantage of all the wonderful ways to win? Do I have the will to keep at it?”

I hope someday you (and I) will put a “big check” next to most of the dreams on your “bucket list.” In the meantime…

Here’s hoping you too will receive a “Big Check” from the Prize Patrol! And remember to keep at it by entering today and every day!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

38 thoughts on “Is Winning a Big Check on YOUR Bucket List?”

  1. Dorothy Pascua says:

    Winner a mega prize is on my bucket list…….. I imagine the great changes I could make in my families lives!!!! I have FAITH that this will come to pass for US! Plus I want to buy a big home to continue to help our troubled Youth here in Hawaii!!! FAITH and POSITIVE thinking will set this in motion……

  2. ioneellis says:

    That’s on my list to play play play until I win that big mega prize Then I could make everything okay I’m a bucket list is to make sure those starving children have Then I’ll take care of all the things that’s needed for myself and my children and others Who need some help Sure I’m going to get exercise sure I’m going to go someplace but my mind is strictly on taking care of business first See that’s what I supposed to do to use the money wisely And be responsible And I learned as a child coming up my grandmother used to tell my aunties and uncles in all of them don’t touch anything till the children eat first I’m always going to be like that I don’t think God to forgive me if I did the opposite I’ve done a lot of the things that you talk about I’m in a hurry to keep my word and that’s to life I want to open a business and give jobs I want to get me a piece of land have garden so I can share I don’t want to sell it I wanna give the vegetables I know it’s a lot of money involved with the mega prize God says never be greedy share share share with love with those who need that’s what I believe in yes indeed I never really had anything in my life when it came down to me as a single and a parent I worked until I got to the point where I was disabled now if I win I could do all the things that is needed necessities of life god bless everyone play play play to win with all your might and for the dream to come out right.

  3. DAVID MAYS says:

    i would love to see the things i would never be able to see and give my family the things they deserve

  4. mary Sanchez says:

    I am 64 and i have cancer that is spreading I’m not wanting pitty only to be able to compleit my bucket list I am retired, we are able to pay our bills God blessed us with that but the huge medical bills prevent us to do any travel or to buy my plot when i do Die, I have two daughters who live in other states would love to see my daughter new home and to visit my daughter away to collage

  5. Diane Martin says:

    I have many items in my head for my bucket list, PCH is first on the list!

  6. NARCISA says:

    I WILL LOVE THAT,”SOMEDAY YOU AND I”!put that big check in my bucket of dreams;))I have been soo ,motivated into winning,hoping dreaming,to succeed,Want to learn how to swim,have a 3 yr.old son Gabe,4 grandkids,single mom,and dont even know how ti swim,i’ve been scare since i was a baby at 43,i want my dream come true,take swimming classes,Buty biggest,and one day,I will make that happen ..Jump off a plane,,ofcourse with a parachutte,,Im afraid of Heights,,i want to be free,of Scareness..thankyou for ur Positive Advice…PCH!!YOU ARE MY #1 HAPPY I ENTER PCH..AND I WILL KEEP SEARCHING,TO WIN ONE DAY,,NEVER GIVE UP!!! ADIOS

  7. Glenda Perez says:

    I want to win $5,000.00 a week forever on August29th,please knock my dooor as soon,I be here in California,please put my name in the list to next winner. PCH I can’t sleep because I have many bills,.My car is not more work,My family need me too much,I wish have big Vacation this is my Ilusion,drem,hope I need to trip to see as soon all my friends High School we did not see for 35 years,I believe My God,I believe My PCh,I fan #1 & Love PCH

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