Is Winning a Big Check on YOUR Bucket List?

Lots of people talk about having a “bucket list” these days. You know, that list of things they’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet? Made famous by the 2007 hit movie “The Bucket List,” it usually includes personal goals and cherished dreams, often put off till “the right time” comes along. You may even have one of these lists yourself. Guess what? So do I! Here are just a few of the things on it:

  • Tour the Grand Canyon
  • Take a cruise to Hawaii
  • Go scuba diving in the Caribbean
  • Visit mysterious ruins around the world
  • View the Milky Way without light pollution
  • Take a ride into space with Virgin Galactic

Most of these things I may never get to do (I can’t even swim, let alone scuba dive, and I get vertigo on a ladder, so space and the Grand Canyon are probably unwise), but hey, you can’t stop a gal from dreaming! And you have to admit, having a “bucket list” is a great motivator for living life to the fullest.

If you have a such a list, comment below and tell me…WHAT’S ON IT? I bet I can guess one thing…

Win a BIG CHECK for a GIANT SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House!

Wouldn’t it be a dream-come-true if you could put a “big check” next to that goal? You could even check off all your goals if you win!

An impossible dream? Not so! Just ask the many folks in our Winners Circle — those who received a “Big Check” from the Prize Patrol!

You can wish, and you can hope…but, as with most things, that alone won’t make your dreams come true: You have to be motivated to make an effort!  As Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Like the many happy people in our Winners Circle, you have to take action and stick to it!

Using my own list as an example, I could tour the Grand Canyon and go scuba diving in the Caribbean… if I stick to a fitness program, learn to swim, and make a plan to achieve my goals. But as my spouse always says, “if” is the biggest word in the dictionary. My dreams could be within reach if I use the three keys to achievement —  #1: Motivation, #2: A Plan of Action, and #3: Perseverance!

So ask yourself:  ”How motivated am I to win a giant SuperPrize and meet the Prize Patrol? Have I planned how I will take advantage of all the wonderful ways to win? Do I have the will to keep at it?”

I hope someday you (and I) will put a “big check” next to most of the dreams on your “bucket list.” In the meantime…

Here’s hoping you too will receive a “Big Check” from the Prize Patrol! And remember to keep at it by entering today and every day!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

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Georgina Turner said...

Hi Joyce W
PCH Online Creative
I have made my bucket list and am very motivated the first thing on that list is to win a PCH super Prize. My plan is to enter PCH everyday and never give up. I know it’s a big dream, but someday I will win a wonderful PCH Prize. Thank you PCH for giving me a chance for a wonderful life.

Rucinada Durham said...

My list is short
1 Win big
2See all the wonders of the world.
3 finisn school
4 cruse part of the world
5 Drive the rest
6 Learn a new language
I am still adding but I am working as I add new wonders.

Stancio Butler said...

Hi PCH Staff, can we all take a airplane to both Flemington,New Jersey and Hollywood,California right now so that I’m going to Win a GIANT SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House right now?

Stancio Butler said...

Hi PCH Staff, can we all take a tour of a company that sells both classic Muscle And Fitness magazines and classic Muscle Builder magazines right now so that I’m going to Win a GIANT SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House right now?

Elizabeth Watkins said...

EW from Fort Wayne IN. LOVES IT

Kanika Loeung said...

I have never take vacation to visit somewhere even if someone asked me, do I had ever go back to my country? I said NEVER, if I have chance to win $1 Million or $5,000.00 Every Week For Life, I prefer to travel around the United States.
To travel with my family and spend money that I won, it will be having so much great delight!
I used to watch Fish aquariums, Walt Disneyland, and there are so many fascinating place. If I have luck I will to visit those place to enjoy my new life!
Also I will bring my children, nieces and nephews to go to a Water Park or Disneyland. I have three children and including nieces and nephews there are 13 people. They all also have never been on a vacation. And I’ll take my mom to a health spa massage too!
My favorite vacation destination is to view “the most beautiful garden in the world” No matter how they build by natural or by technology, something that make an interesting, I’d like to enjoy it!

allen c said...

The “Big Check”. Not the Spaceride. Start a company that anyone can earn ownership in based on their time with the company. Simple things like mowing lawns, home shopping for elderly or disabled, shoveling snow from driveways, basic counseling and mentoring. Also, buying my family legacy property back. All the other stuff sounds fun too…:) A six month break first though to clear the body, mind, and soul!

wright here wright now,but not forever... said...

my bucket list begins with my number#1 goal:finally being on my own and in my on space {not in mars]as it feels i’ll end up for trying to maintain my sanity from people trying to live my life for me and run me over for me being bucket list is almost fulfilled and another list is on the making of life for my has many goals i started and almost failed but i push harder each day to finaly pinch it to see if it still works and the entertainment of it is so unreal it seems fake but i still try to make it on time to retrieve my spot on the list of a bucket list all has been yearning to get put on for life fulfilled.i ask are some of us worthy or is our legg being pulled for more let downs?i’m used to pain right now so the difference might not be felt just be grateful it is seen some what to get away form some things that block our paths to get our bucket list started.

wright way wrong way,whoms to say.... said...

my bucket list pertains lots of fun things for others as well for myself,one is very cute and yearned for for a family memeber.i wish to finally own my own home and instead of a kiddy pool i want to build an unique doggy pool,NO HUMANS ALLOWED!i like to see him swim and pretend he is a fish.and to have the biggest coolest yard for adult and a child fun,with adult tire swings to withstand any weight and a walking court to walk on my own property and exercise in my own privacy and motivation mode to get my own goals made in my own time.and to have my own comfort room no other can go in but me with surround sound boosted amp speakers to a theatre flat screen t.v. to tune the world out if i need some me the family better pray i actually come out to at least say hello.the list is long so i’ll keep it cloeser to my heart for reality to come forth for it to sart for me to mark off more things that are the most important to me.

    Rai said...

    - The Oregon Coast is beautiful, but after linvig here for 13 years, I can honestly tell you that I have NEVER been to the coast here and had it be warm enough to play on the beach I think that is why people here always say that they are going to the Coast but never say they are going to the beach It’s fun following your trip . .sorry about the cold, windy beach! You have inspired my husband and I (we don’t have kids, but we are still a family, right?) to drive down the coast for an adventure this summer!

wright on top ... said...

the bucket list was my favorite the end when he took the ashes in the urn to the mountain for the last thing on the list was a heart jerker and the tears flowed like a river. a best friend would be nice to have if so many people were not so asorbed in hurting one another so they can feel more important than the other. i wish i had a best friend to be by myside to protect our best needs that is human.thats why many of us real people turn to mans’ bestfriend to bring comfort to life.its like a child and a friend in one some miss the value of having a friend in an animal cause they think they are gross or their ignorances make them dislike them because they do not understand them and shut out others whom care for everything and try for their best even when the worst has brung them to a level that all they have is their animals for comfort and importance in life.when all else and others have failed them and shunned their hopes to amount to nothing at all in life.the bucket list is all we can make when all seems to be too hard or not even possible to try to get too come for us.when your hands are emptonly things we can atleast try to fill them with is hope and write down what you do not want to forget to do if given chance some type of way.people can take them and run and laugh and pick but i ask this what will you do if the one you scorned for failure actually picks up their bucket list one day and fills it up and pours faith in thier life for a better?,will you hold your hand out and let hope sit in your palm?{remember the bucket list was funny to many of you and the joke was that the person was crazy} but i bet alot of you got a list made after the facts of reality.

Michael rolle said...

So true, and YES! I to some day will be one of your Winners in the future.

Melanie Antry said...

There are so much that I could probably write a book.

1. Win BIG
2. Take my family on a Disney Cruise (since I have little ones)
3. Travel back home to see my family whom I haven’t seen over 10 years now.
4. Help my family be self reliance but opening a buisness for them to run. (In hope that they could keep it running).
5. Buy my own house.
6. Continue to build our business.
7. Invest, invest, invest.

My hubby grew up with not very much sometimes nothing at all. I grew up having something because my daddy worked really hard. We both learn from our differences.

One day when I was looking at a curise magazine I told my hubby how much I miss going on a cuirse and worring about what to wear for evening wear. It would be nice to again for once not to worry about money and enjoy doing something with the boys. He would turn around and lift my spirit up by saying.. Going in the back yard and having a pinic basket, and a water gun splashing each other is also a fun thing to do without worrying about money. Of course made me smile. But sometimes I just wish that he could taset the adventure that my family gave me. And you know what… Someday he will because I have my hopes up that the Prize Patrol will be knocking at my door handing me that BIG CHECK!.

Valenda Johnson said...

Wow… Joyce… I love your sense of adventure and our (yours and mine) bucket list is pretty much the same… at least the first four items… and I have a few select others,too… but, I must say at the top of my list is the PCH-SuperPrize of $5000.00 a Week for Life (plus) now the one with the bonus of $5K for anyone that I select!!! Can’t wait to scratch that one off my list and hopefully soon…i.e.: August 31!

Michaela G. said...

Thank you Joyce W., PCH Online Creative for the inspiring letter about having a Bucket List!!!!

I love that fact that you say what is on your mind and all the things that you would like to do in your bucket list to all the PCH fans out there on the Internet. I have made my bucket list every year and the first thing that is on my list is to win the Super Mega Prize from PCH!

So I will say this…YES, YES, YES!!!! I do have a big long bucket list and right now winning a BIG MEGA SUPER PRIZE from PCH is number one and it will help me for fill the other things on my long a waited bucket list too. I am not going to die if I do not win and I know it is all about picking a number but it would sure help me for fill my bucket list or what I call all my dreams.

Here is my list…

• Winning the Super Mega Prize from PCH like the $5,000.00 every week “forever” this August 31st 2012
• Pay off all my bills including my mortgage.
• Most of all help my parents out to just make sure that they are okay. I know that it does not sound like a great thing to put on a list but it is my number one thing that I think of besides my own family.
• Technology is another thing that I think I would do for my Aunts and Uncles, provide them with a product that would help them Skype with my parents and all of us.
• Start a scholarship program for kids that go to my sons school and put a way money for my sons college.
• Going to Disney Land or Disney World with my family.
• Go cross the USA and look at all the great things about America like the Grand Canyon
• Go to Europe with my family to visit mysterious ruins.
• I would love to go to the Olympics, either summer or winter
• If I could I would like to invest in property throughout the USA so when I go traveling I will have a place to stay.
• I could go on and on but I think this enough for right now…

So, I just want to wish every one the best of luck in entering the PCH sweepstakes too, I think of the PCH Jingle “Miracles can happen, can happen for you: Publishers Clearing House, the house where dreams come true.” I know it will happen for me someday, so I just have to look for that “Silver Lining” and keep on hoping, praying and dreaming of the PCH prize patrol will be knocking at my door this summer 2012.

Thanks again for letting all of us have this chance to entering everyday for FREE at PCH and never giving up dreaming about a wonderful life!!!

Rosie Aden said...

Hello to all at PCH. I don’t have a bucket list. I do have a VISION BOARD. I have all my dreams on it and yes, I have PCH on it also. lots of people have them. Have a great day to all. Ps. Someday I will show the Prize Patrol my AWESOME VISION BOARD, That’s what I know For Sure…. xx o xx

Michelle Habrecht said...

Dear Joyce,

Yes, indeed we have a bucket list!!!

We have alway’s dreamed of taking our children to Disney Land. One of our little girl’s loves everything pink. The Princess Castle would be perfect for her. We would all run, scream, and have a blast as kids.

The second bucket list item is to treat my Blind Mother to a day of beauty. I would have her picked up by a limo and escorted for an entire day of shopping and beauty. While she was away from our home I would have her entire bedroom re-designed.

The third bucket item is to go to Michigan to visit with family. We miss all of them sooo much!!!!! The children would love the Wolf lodge and being with family they have never met.

We will never give up our dreams!!!

Jessica Jackson said...

winning a big check would be a blessing for me and my family, I am asking for the gift of faith in my life with the belief of hope, hoping that anything is possible. I believe everything said but still cant see the hand of God yet. I know there is something about having faith that i havent yet grasped, but hoping it will happen for me and my family. Faith I know works and it has worked others too, I want it to work for me again, but with all the money issues surrounding me i need some help from my father the lord above.
Please Prize Patrol PCH come to hawaii for superprize winner on august 23…I’m hoping you do.

Lois Kier said...

I hope after all these entries&game playing i can win some money! Need to help my daughter get a new car. I live on a fixed income. Thank you so much for letting me play online!!!

Lauralee Hensley said...

Just a few months ago finally was able to mark one thing off my bucket list and it was riding a train.
Last year wrote another thing off my bucket list and that was going to a circus.
I’d really like to win the $5,000 a week for life from PCH, it’s been on my list for quite a while now. Even a million cash all at once tax free would be a blessing to monumental proportions to me.

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi PCH! I’m late today, but almost all my entries are in. Yes the big win is on my bucket list. The rest will have to wait for that win. I have marked one thing off and that was all my children graduating high school. So I enter daily and yes I hope my bucket list will be completed before my time is!:)

Annette White said...

My Bucket List is absolutely HUGE, over 400 items. But, some of my favorite to dos are:

1. Go to a Hamam in Turkey
2. Milk a Cow
3. Swim whale sharks in Mexico
4. Dog Sled

DeLayne Perry said...

1. Meet Lucky Windfall up close and personal
2. Meet the Prize Patrol
3. Take a big fat check from PCH to the bank
4. ok.. Go to Italy
5. lose 70 pounds.. (hmmm before or after Italy?)
6. go to Ireland
7. go to Alaska
8. publish my poetry book
9. get a couple of inventions going
10. bless a lot of people & organizations!


james smith said...

go slow and try to do all I can the right way help others I was otherwise not able to invest and try to keep my job,some norm yet have peace of mind and yeah enjoy some things I never thought possible,and my wife have those lil things she always talks about we cant there for kids and grands in ways we now could be..then of couse maybe help or rebuild a house of GOD,wife insists being an answer to her prayers…

Joseph Ralph said...

my bucket list is to enjoying every bit by helping someone and be happy by seeing people happy with the blessing

watchit said...

I love that fact that you say what is on your mind and all the things that you would like to do in your bucket list to all the PCH fans out there on the Internet.

robin verda said...

My bucket list would go as so…First I would move out of this home and into a huge beautifully built log cabin home with a swimming pool and pay off everything I owe.Second i would help my kids secure there lifes to make it less stressful.Third i would take a trip to the ocean and climb aboard a boat to where i could see the sea life and enjoy watching dolphins and whales and sharks everything in there nature.that is a dream of mine. I would take my family to Walt Disney world and spend alot of time with my grandchildren that i love so much. I would go and visit cancer children in hospital and maybe spoil a few with a gift .i would help with the asap for abused animals which is very sad to see.i would just be a happy person just being able to help and see everyone happy. I do help people now but i would love to do more and invest in a business that will help my family grow. I just really want to win big pch.i hope and pray everyday for something good to happen in my life and when i saw pch giveaways i thought why not try. Thank you pch for this chance to change my life forever.

Cora Wakefield said...

I did not know about the bucket. But since I know now, the first thing I would do is express my appreciation for the opportunity to win a BIG checkFace book w that is so needed to have the
golden age retirement that I feel that I deserve! I believe the very first thing I would place in it would be a much needed trip to my Dentist!Also to arrange for my daughter who is in failing health to do the same.After that being taken care of, I would like to take my only great-grand daughter to Disney World,Next I would love to visit Greece, Turkey and so many of the places I enjoy reading about.

Roma Sue Noffsinger said...

This would be Awesome to Win..

Judith McClure said...

Pay off bills and fix house up and be ready for the Nursing Home my husband and I will need in the future. Him sooner than me, he has Parkinson !
And I won’t be able to take care of him! So I hope God take pity on me and allows me to win!

Glenda Perez said...

I want to win $5,000.00 a week forever on August29th,please knock my dooor as soon,I be here in California,please put my name in the list to next winner. PCH I can’t sleep because I have many bills,.My car is not more work,My family need me too much,I wish have big Vacation this is my Ilusion,drem,hope I need to trip to see as soon all my friends High School we did not see for 35 years,I believe My God,I believe My PCh,I fan #1 & Love PCH

NARCISA said...

I WILL LOVE THAT,”SOMEDAY YOU AND I”!put that big check in my bucket of dreams;))I have been soo ,motivated into winning,hoping dreaming,to succeed,Want to learn how to swim,have a 3 yr.old son Gabe,4 grandkids,single mom,and dont even know how ti swim,i’ve been scare since i was a baby at 43,i want my dream come true,take swimming classes,Buty biggest,and one day,I will make that happen ..Jump off a plane,,ofcourse with a parachutte,,Im afraid of Heights,,i want to be free,of Scareness..thankyou for ur Positive Advice…PCH!!YOU ARE MY #1 HAPPY I ENTER PCH..AND I WILL KEEP SEARCHING,TO WIN ONE DAY,,NEVER GIVE UP!!! ADIOS

Diane Martin said...

I have many items in my head for my bucket list, PCH is first on the list!

mary Sanchez said...

I am 64 and i have cancer that is spreading I’m not wanting pitty only to be able to compleit my bucket list I am retired, we are able to pay our bills God blessed us with that but the huge medical bills prevent us to do any travel or to buy my plot when i do Die, I have two daughters who live in other states would love to see my daughter new home and to visit my daughter away to collage

DAVID MAYS said...

i would love to see the things i would never be able to see and give my family the things they deserve