Lucky The Big Check Getting In Shape For “Forever” Prize Event

Hey, it’s me, Lucky Windfall, the famous Big Check from Publishers Clearing House. I know — it’s been a while since I came out of my envelope to write a blog. You have to remember I don’t sit around catching dust —I’m always on the move! Staffers don’t even wait for my ink to dry before they ask me, “Where are you going next, Lucky?” I tell ‘em, “I don’t really know.” What I DO know is that in just 66 days I’m on the road again. And this time I could be awarding the big “Forever” Prize! That would be my most exciting day ever!

But, if I’m being totally honest here, I’m kinda nervous about the big event. I know, I know, I’ve done this a thousands times already, but between all my travels lately, I haven’t had much time to hit the gym. I mean I still look good, of course, but I’m just not feeling like a million bucks. And people are relying on me. The Prize Patrol always thinks it’s them the winners want to see. But I’ve got news for Danielle, Todd, and Dave: It’s ME that people want to see! ME that winners scream and faint over! ME they want to hug and never let go! Winners tell me, “Oh Lucky, I’ve been waiting so long for you! Where have you been all my life?”

And I just can’t let them down! I’ve got to start getting in shape…and FAST!

I mean I could be the bearer of a whole lot of MONEY on August 31st! I, Lucky Windfall (and the Prize Patrol, of course), could surprise an unsuspecting winner with a “Forever” Prize — $5,000.00 a week for life, PLUS after that, $5,000.00 for the life of someone they choose! Geesh, that much money is HEAVY! No more slacking…it’s time for me to start getting in shape now!

It’s time to get my Big Check chest broad again (and my Big Check belly flat!) so my pal, Michael Carrozzo, can print those big numbers on me.

But I need your help blog readers! I need some words of encouragement. Tell me I can do it! What do YOU think I should do to start getting in shape? Crunches? Curls? Bends and presses? OK OK, take it easy, go slow on me. I’ve gotta work up to this!

Well I better “check” out now and head to the gym. Next time you see me, I promise I’ll be in top shape. And who knows, maybe next time you see me it’ll be IN PERSON, as you’re announced as the “Forever” Prize winner! If you’d like that, enter today at!

Then you could give me the big hug I’ve been waiting for. I’d surely love that :)

Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check

P.S. Remember, today’s the last day you can score 10x tokens on Card Sharks! No heavy lifting there, just fun. Don’t miss out — play now!

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Georgina Turner said...

Hi you famous Big “PCH Check” from Publishers Clearing House! I know of a way you can get into shape real fast, you can talk Michael Carrozzo into putting my name on yourself and we can both shop tell we drop, we could get in to shape together. “PCH Check” Please! You need to give Danielle, Todd and Dave more credit because without them you “PCH CHECK” would not exist. “PCH CHEAK” You and the PCH team will always look like a million buck to me your PCH Super Fan.

DeLayne Perry said...

Dear Lucky Windfall:
At last I feel a little closer to you, since I now know your last name. Calling you Lucky all the time was very nice and casual. I wonder now if I should refer to you by your last name “Windfall” .. WOW! That name is certainly your ‘birthright.’ Everyone that meets you gets a little breeze as you shake hands and deliver a generous out pour. You certainly are The PCH Big Check! I’s say YOU are the boss!
Now if you feel a little overweight~ as if you must suck in that belly and broaden that chest to get in shape for your big delivery, I want you to know that “I BELIEVE” in YOU! I know you can do it! You have come so far for so many years of your life. You’ve done it one step at a time. What’s a big leap? Go for it! Try some running, jump rope, yoga..? Maybe even do some ‘rock climbing.’ I plan to do all those things myself since I am now getting younger and all I need to do is meet and hug YOU first! So let Michael Carrozzo know you are ready for ME!! :)


sounds good to me you get in shape and I hope I’ll see you Aug 31st

Kanika Loeung said...

No matter how a big check it is, as long as it does stay healthy, I means a “big and lightly” I’d love it! I’d really love your big check above. I’ve had trying to enter every single day to catch the “Forever” Prize winner! Hopefully, I’d have luck then I could give you the big hug and have fun together!!!

gail block said...

sure over 20 years and mostly all the winners r down south or out west.

Tammy Thompson said...

Hi!! Big check I hope to see you one day soon!!!!:)

michael rolle said...

Hey big check, I know you ate alot of entrie the pass few weeks and month but put it this way your still gonna win the hearts of some lucky family person and yes your big check Celebrity and when you come knockin there be lights camera, Action the balloons and flowers may look a little bit lighter weight, on TV but you still look lighter as Paper but with a heavy muscular Number to Show-off now thats Lucky forever!

Wilensky Saintil said...


When life seems unfair and uncertain, somehow you have the ability to ease the sadness and
make me feel as if everything is going to be okay.

You already have an amazing amount of strength that carries me through the rough times and a wonderful sense of humor that can turn the tears into smiles.

Knowing that you could possibly by my side, knowing that I could actually have the opportunity to lean on you, knowing that you will always be there, gives me comfort.

Come to think of it, we can workout together and do all of the exercises and fitness routines in the world.

If it’s muscle mass you want, then its time to pack your bags an come to pay me a visit because I’ve got some exciting ideas waiting for you…. But first, Lets see if we can get MR. Michael Carrozzo to inscribe my name on you and the we should be good to go!

Don’t worry! After I’m done with you, You’ll be in the BEST shape of your LUCKY career!


Hope you enjoy my thank-you CARDS. I didn’t forget you LUCKY

Rosie Aden said...

Hey Lucky Windfall check, I want to see how LUCKY Rosie can be. Fly over to my house in Clinton, Iowa and see your FAMOUS Picture on my VISION BOARD along with The PCH STAFF!
I promise you we will workout on the Ocean Beaches of the WORLD once you get here. That’s what I know For Sure….
Rosie Aden, xx o xx

Peg Livingston said...

I have no clue where to go to give you much needed information – so – here goes:
For the past 2 WEEKS, any time I get an email which is SUPPOSED to be a way to enter a sweepstakes – it DOESN’T WORK. I get past the first screen and it just says “Loading” – FOREVER – and NEVER goes to the next screen – which is usually the place where you can choose to buy something. So I’m forced to delete the email without ever having had the chance to ENTER !!!!!!!

robert e. rogers said...

big pch check it’s ok with me if you don’t lose any weight. really that way when i cash you in it will fill up my empty billfold.

Leonard Kaner said...

Will arrange for wife and I to enjoy a life of health and financial security.Also provide for our children and grandchildren with future college educations and beyond.A win would also provide support to many needy organizations.I guess with the odds insurmountable as they are you just have to be lucky .Now is a great time to do it.

Melanie Antry said...

I know this really nice getting into shape routine. Eat a lot in a day but small amount.. So you don’t have change what you eat…just don’t eat to much.. more like nibble here and there. And swim 30 min. a day and the more you do this.. an hour a day.. And I promise you, you will lose the weight you want and feel good. Plus you are not strainning your bones and muscle. Your just floating on water..heheh.. oh and yeah.. I’ll see you are my door right? =)

Lynn Brown said...

Its true theres a lot of winners I hope to be next.

Lauralee Hensley said...

A poem by me to Lucky Windfall.
Pop out your hidden hands Lucky Windfall,
then gradually increase the weight of your weight balls.
Lift them up high and side to side,
then maybe the waist line won’t be as wide.
Sit ups well start out at doing three,
then increase them daily until you can do them with some ease.
Jumping Jacks or Jumping Rope would be hard for you since you have no feet,
unless you have them also hidden under your printed check sheet.
If you have them hidden then pop them out,
give out a motivating shout,
and get ready for a boxing bout.
Move like a butterfly and sting like a bee,
and you’ll see the pounds drop, one million punch, two million punch, three million punch, maybe to Lucky Windfall punchy me,
hopefully. LOL……….

Joseph Ralph said...

hi PCH big check, can’t wait to see u face to check when i will be the next superprize winner :-) see u soon

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi PCH and Lucky! If you don’t “get in shape” before you come to visit me, we will do it together. Shoot, we can join a gym if we want! But to tell you the truth, you look very good to me as you are! My name isn’t that long so your chest will be just fine! Need to finish my entries so I can see you soon!:)

Saundra Burkhart said...

I would just like to win for my family. Thank you PCH

watchit said...

You are so lucky .
sounds good to me you get in shape

watchit said...

You are so lucky .
Thanks for sharing your lucky to us.

Michaela G. said...

Thank you Lucky Windfall, The PCH Big Check for that inspiring letter of encouragement!!!!!!

I think in 66 days you could start walking with Michael Carrozzo for about 30 minutes a day and then just do some crunches, curls, bends and presses but do it slowly and then add on every other day. You have to work slowly and not make such a big deal out of your work out, plus make sure you drink a lot of water and eat a balance diet. I know you can do this if you have a great workout buddy like Michael!!!! Then in 66 days you can surprise every one at PCH with your great new look. Lucky Windfall the PCH Big Check, I know you will get in shape and you will have a flat belly and strong arms to hold all that money for the person that will be giving you a BIG HUG!!!!

I know you can do this just a little be at a time, and now you gotten me to think about my self and how I look so I think I will try it too.

It cost no money to do 30 minutes of walking crunches, curls, bends and presses just like it cost no money to enter at PCH!!!! I love PCH!!!!

So, I just want to wish every one the best of luck in entering the PCH sweepstakes too, I think of the PCH Jingle “Miracles can happen, can happen for you: Publishers Clearing House, the house where dreams come true.” I know it will happen for me someday, so I just have to look for that “Silver Lining” and keep on hoping, praying and dreaming of the PCH prize patrol will be knocking at my door this summer 2012 with the Lucky Windfall, The PCH Big Check “5,000.00 a week forever,” so that way I can see you in person and I can see how you did in your work out!!!! I just really want to wish you the best of luck on getting in shape for your big moment!!!!

Patricia Oran said...

Hi Lucky,
You look like your in great shape. So, keep up the good work!!
Wish you were here cause if I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.
Throw some of that luck this way, please!!
Thank you!!

Patricia Oran said...

Hi Lucky,
You look like your in great shape to me. So, Keep up the good work.
Could you send some of your luck my way? Because if I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all!!
Thank You for being You!!

Patricia Oran said...

Hi Lucky,
You look like you’re in great shape to me. So, keep up the good work!!
Could you send some of your luck my way? If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all!!
Thank You for being You!!

Marrina Keil said...

Please please LUCKY… Please choose my humble self…. I pray you arrive safely in anchorage Alaska. Please…

Roma Sue Noffsinger said...

It would be Awesome to get That Big Check from Publisher Clearing House..

Marey Ann Garrabrant said...

Wouldn’t it be nice to pay off all the debts of my children and grandchilkdren. Give to the poor animals, the poor children in Africa. Some just break your heart. No money to give them. Not for myself. Myt life is almost over.

Sandra Lynne Nolden said...

“Come with me if you want to live, Lucky Windfall!” Remember what I told you before, it’s the front seat for you. No more riding with the airheads in the back! Oh! I also quit smoking for the both of us! So you can shop with me for a new car to travel in smoke free! What do you think? Cadillac, ferrari, 300ZX Nissan, or shall we rent a limo for our first ride? Shall we dine at Texas Cattle Co. best steak house in Florida? Come on down! Let me love you like no other can! I can sing to you too, “Publishers Clearing House, the house where dreams come true!”

Miriam Van Duzen said...

This is Miriam Van Duzen here all i want to say is for all the years of partnership with you guys i feel im so deserving of some kind of windfall. No offense to anyone, we all want to be winners. Good luck to all.

Paul Woner said...

A win woud be welcome

kathy smith said...

I Hope to see the patrol in July 2012!

kathy Smith said...

Hope to meet the patrol July 2012!

john petary said...

i think just be your self and i say if you want you can make the check fatter if it will make you feel better.

georgena alvarez said...

hey lucky windfall check you can go ahead and put my name on that check georgena alvarez in avondale az i must reply so hope to get that knock knock on my door need that mulla

Randy Butler said...

Pch prize patrol ….please come make me a millionaire …. struggling an in need. “Decatur,IL”

linda leamy said...

pch #3080 did I win 5/k a wk for life aug 29th linda120lee please!! I need to win im in it to win it

joyce strome said...

You all are dead wrong I want a big hug from all of you I know money is in it also but if it was not for you all we could not look for nothing not that I find anything but it is fun and I like P C H ..J-S ..

Kathleen L. Jeff said...

Hello again I would love to win the big bucks and have a new home ride in a new car with my family have high hopes and live a wonderful life with my family so we all can have a better life

Christine Terens said...

Hello There To this Great big lucky winfall Game we have going on here now at this big place with PCH ! Wow I am Still waiting to see what going to take place with this one! Here February 28th, 2014 . Wow !!! It is what it is !!!! Christine Terens .

jimyLe meadows said...

Lucky big bucks to you or me there so much blessed

valorie parker said...

Hi PCH team I like to win the big check pay bill/ help family The lord is my shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT I am still in it to win it