Behind-The-Scenes At A Family Company!

People always ask me what’s it like behind-the-scenes at Publishers Clearing House – “that place that gives out all those Big Checks”.

My answer, in a word: AWESOME!

I mean, we give out Big Checks to winners, how could it not be?

But, what most people don’t realize is that PCH is really a family company. Whatever the project, everyone always works together as a team, supporting and encouraging one another to do the best job possible. When I have good news or just need advice, my co-workers are some of the first people I turn to! That’s why in my time here, I’ve come to view my co-workers as my “work family”. And I’ve only been here five years, which is nothing compared to a lot of PCH employees. There are veterans who have been here for 10, 20, 30, even 40 years!

Take Kathy T., for example. She started back in 1966 in what was then called the “General Correspondence” department, which means she’s being a PCHer for over 45 years! To her, PCH is family! When asked what she thought the secret ingredient to PCH’s family recipe was, she said: “People caring about people. A day doesn’t go by where someone doesn’t stop by and genuinely ask how you’re doing.”

Kathy T., a long-time PCHer!


What’s funny is that Kathy was even here when my GRANDMA worked at PCH! That’s right, before me, my grandma worked at PCH for 10 years. See, I told you PCH was a family company! Take a look at these pictures of my grandma back in the day at her desk…and me at my desk now. It even looks like we’re in the same office!

My Grandma At Her PCH Desk Years Ago!

Me At My PCH Desk Today!

There’s also “brotherly love” here at PCH between Assistant Business Development Manager Adam S. and his brother Matt who is a Customer Service Analyst. Adam started in 2007 and encouraged his brother to join in 2011 when he heard there was an opening. Matt’s even in a position that Adam held 4 years ago — talk about following in his brother’s footsteps!

But as I said before, even for those without “blood” ties, behind-the-scenes PCH is so  much more than a place that gives out Big Checks. It really is a family company! And that family includes YOU, each and every one of our PCH fans and blog readers. We’re so happy and lucky to have you as part of our PCH Family!

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Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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  1. barbarahelton says:

    o my god every sins i found the goldenticket i am shaking so much you dont no how much this would mean to be and my family i adoped two little boys i use to fostermon vages and jj are brother vages was7 month year old when igot him as a foster mon jj wasneew born i file in love with them whenthey came up a adopted them .i was very worry about me adoped them because am63 but i could not letthemgo they are two great i dont have a lot of money i am worry about thiir they are also afraia american but i lovethem as i have a older daughter who has menthal rosible so iam takeing care of her to themoney would be a blessing thank you

  2. barbarahelton says:

    iwont to fine the penny

  3. Magaly Murillo says:

    WELL YOU ARE LUCKY WOMAN YOU ENJOY YOUR NEW JOB I WISH I CAN WORK AT PCH. i been looking for a job for months and no luck so enjoy your job. good luck

  4. JOY says:


  5. Sharon Reese says:

    Wow, That PCH is a family Company. It make me smile about we all are include in the family too. Its inspiring me about this story. That was nice to sharing this story. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Natasha Davis says:

    Hi Victoria and I love the blogs that I have never seen before…that’s AWESOME =). I would definitely take care of my family. I am hoping and wishing upon a star. You have no Idea what this will mean for me . It will help dramatically . Thank you for the fun winning opportunities and hope to see you one day with the Prize Patrol. Thank you….#Family#hope#1Dream =)

  7. Clark Orange says:

    For all my life i never. have happiness because for my struggle. live that i been through and ever resolved.. my mom passed away since. I had eight. Years olds. I have. my children i ever. Bought to them. Any. as a gift. To show them how much daddy love them. I was shamed. to myself. When i lookat my kids. that. were asking me and ever have a nothing.too pleasure them. sincerly. a tears came into my. Eyes. Every. Day. So…if my dream come true. to be. the winner. On pch.. I’m be. Greatful. to share. Some of those. Things. I could ever. Made to my kids and family and friends or friends. But. I hope. so. God is gonna make it happen!

    1. i would love to win any amount of money thank you pch

  8. Tina Thomas says:

    Now you taught me some thing different Amanda it is a family business i hope to win with you and your family it would be great a win i not lying would put us back in motion again, with moving and trying to get settled again and hoping to get settled in again for the last time is to much on any one 3 times is enough getting to old to do this again,but i would love to give my Grand Daughter what she has always wanted a place to call her own no more moving for her she deserves that God Bless You Amanda and your Family .

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