New Ways To Play And Win – And Maybe Instant Win – At PCH!

What play and win opportunities are the PCH creative folks dreaming up for fans like you? What contests are they developing? How are they making your online experience more fun, exciting and rewarding?

These questions and more were answered a few weeks ago, during an Interactive Development and Online Creative “Lunch & Learn” here at Publishers Clearing House Headquarters. We hold these “Lunch & Learns” so that employees can “learn” about departments across the company. About 80 employees attended the presentation by writers and designers to learn how we’re engaging fans like you through games, mobile apps, social media devices and so much more.

And we really wanted to share the highlights with you, our blog readers! Here are just a few:

  • PCHers are working hard to bring folks like you more INSTANT WIN GAMES on Facebook
  • PCHSearch&Win’s mobile site is easier and faster to use than ever
  • PCH is committed to making the mobile experience as enjoyable as possible with more content, faster mobile page loads and better navigation
  •’s “House” program, which offers exciting sweepstakes opportunities along with money-saving merchandise and magazine deals, is becoming ever more popular and is providing fans with more opportunities to win
  • PCHgames has more ways to play & win with email entry opportunities, cash tournaments, the instant-win wheel, and token events

PCH Employees Even Got A Chance To Win!

How do you add excitement to a Creative Lunch & Learn? Add games and prizes, of course! Since Publishers Clearing House employees are not allowed to enter to win PCH’s sweepstakes and contests, giving them the chance to play and win at the L&L was a welcomed opportunity.

Pete N., a Head Designer for, won $50.00 cash at the Cash Blast Instant-Win Spin game and loved being on the “other side” of the winning.

“Winning was an exciting surprise,” Pete said. “I can only imagine how thrilling it must be when the Prize Patrol shows up with a life-changing prize,” he added.

Nicole creates a lot of the instant win games for, so she was thrilled to get to play and win herself. “I really wanted to be a winner,” Nicole said, and was excited to win a grab bag filled with delicious treats.

With so many PCH employees excited about what’s in store for fans like you, you can bet being a fan of, PCHSearch&Win, PCHLotto, PCHgames and the PCH Fan Page on Facebook will be more rewarding than ever!

What is YOUR favorite PCH site? What else would you like to see? We promise to listen and do our best to give you all the fun, excitement and “winning” opportunities you desire!


Elliott M.

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Stancio Butler said...

Hi Victoria At PCH, My three favorite PCH sites are, PCHgames and finally the PCH Fan Page on Facebook just because I’m not on Facebook anymore at all just because of me posting rude comments and prank questions on Facebook which was both last year and the year before because posting rude comments and prank questions on Facebook is just a scam unless you might wanna contact John M. Lester a.k.a. Gamester81 in Chandler,Arizona on Facebook right now so that he and the Prize Patrol deputies will surprise me with all of my PCH prizes at my house in fairfax,virginia right away just because I only enter the PCH sweepstakes by phone all the time.

Is there going to be a 4th of July holiday Giveaway for $10,000.00 tomorrow?

Kanika Loeung said...

My favorite PCH site is PCH Fan on Facebook!
I would like to entering just a few click submit and done!
Sometime I’d love to see some products that might interesting to order but not too many Official Online Entry Form.

Juanita Luna said...

I am very exited for the new games for mobile users that will be able to play and win there is one thing I would like for pch to do is to add the Mexican lottery card game on pch play card games

Mrs. A.T. said...

PCH Hi! I can’t really choose a favorite! You have so many and so many chances to win, and I do believe I do them all! All I ask is that you keep them at a level where I can do them! I don’t want to start choosing because of time. They all keep me entertained! And I love the fact you have these events that PCH employees can win! I think they deserve it! A little raise would be nice for them also!

Michaela G. said...

Thank you Elliott M., at PCH, for that inspiring letter on New ways to play and win – and maybe instant win – at PCH!!!

I never new how the play and win opportunities at PCH came about!!! It all looks like you had a fun time at your “Lunch & Learns,” that seemed like a good morale booster and it all seemed like you had fun playing and winning at PCH!!!!! Also, I just want to thank you for this look into PCH headquarters on how you get everyone together so they can see what is happening in other parts of PCH!!!!

I love all your new games that I see at play and win, but my favorite is Solitaire it is my downfall of games. But you ask this question: What is YOUR favorite PCH site? All of it, I go to all that I know of and that is SuperPrize, Free Lotto, Play and Win, Instant Prizes, PCH blog and FB, I also enter via email, everyday. I just love it all, at PCH!!!! But just to let everyone out there know, I have not won anything big or for a long time now, and that is sad but I still play and enter everyday, in hopes that one day, it will be my turn but until then I always wish everyone the BEST of LUCK or GOOD LUCK, you never know who is going to win next.

So, all I can suggest is to have more people win in the states that do not have gambling and lotteries, what do you think about that?

Just wanted to say “Way to go PCH”!!!! And, I think you all are doing a wonderful job!!!!!

richard dishman said...

i do hope to win this all i got is the pch if it win this that if a big if do i can help some 1 on my yahoo messenger i don’t know as well as i like to this just how im 1 by 1 day get to see me it is my new girl friend . but if i don’t win any thing i will keep try to not give up on my hope but it get to me so mush to where i do get to mush at any thing at all im just at home and try to email my friend’s well try make friend’s a lot some time i over do it on Facebook a lot of time i end up get a block to where i add lot of people that i don’t know but i would help any 1 out i don’t care if i get use or not it will 1 day may me that need the help from them but if 1 was to win i would not be happy by me say this it the 1 face book i get 1 on there so yes i do get just to face book i try to get the girl that im try to help out by me just be handicap i was hoping to win 1 day to be with my new girl friend but the bad thing about i got to by a home to get be for i can see this girl she is 1 i wish so mush to get to see and show my friend’s on face book the you can win thing out life if you just try and keep go and don’t give up on your hope like some of the adds say it may 1 day be me that win i think you all that work at pch so mush you are my friend’s and you are so mush you are like family your friend Richard Dishman

Joseph Ralph said...

appreciate always PCH for the heads up and i love the article about more chances to win to us PCH fans and EVEN more exciting that the PCH employees also in the fun. thanks always PCH…you rock :-)

William Lewis said...

I have been entering PCH contest for good many yeas and I beleive that consistence is the trick to winning.With that being said i beive that one day I will strike it rich with a Bang.

DeLayne Perry said...

Hi PCH blog writers!
It is really nice that PCH employees are given a chance to win something! While all the workers are busy creating, updating and working out new ways for us fans to win: I think it is a nice treat for workers to play games which enable them to win a little bonus here and there… “PCH~the Family Business that plays together stays together!”

Tyrone Fitzpatrick said...

I have been entering since 2004,each and everyday,still have not won big,or anything else.I have payed my do’s.I wonder everyday when my turn is comin.

Georgina Turner said...

Elliott M. I love all the PCH sites because I know there is a winning opportunities with each PCH site best of luck to all.

Brenda martinez said...

I wanna win to support my family I need the Help I ben waiting for Long

joannie gilvin said...

would love to win and get me a home and a car that would make my dreams come true

wanda kimbrell said...

i love the chances to win along with the entertainment, its simply a win win situation, thank you publishers.

brandi smith said...

im ready to claim my pch forever super prize april 30,thanku pch staff and pch elite prize patrol and pch customer service please bless my household god bless initials b.s.

jean lafountain said...

i could get my car back on the road that would be wood be super

jean lafountain said...

it would be great i could get my car back on the road . money would be nice

Laurie Heeter said...

I think it would be fantastic to work for PCHCom I think it would be a fun job. To make peoples dreams come true. Thank you for the fun.