Pay PCH Online — It’s Easy, Safe and FREE!

This is what the My Account page looks like!

Hey, PCH friends! Did you know that whenever you make a purchase through Publishers Clearing House, you can manage your account and Pay PCH Online. That’s right! is the one and only place online where you can pay us directly for the magazine subscriptions and merchandise you order from us…and it’s fast, easy and FREE! No middleman to charge you.

When you pay Publishers Clearing House online, you never have to worry that your snail-mail check will be received past its due date, or that it never gets to us at all because of loss or theft. Why risk it? And why pay an online bill-pay service when you can pay PCH online for FREE?

Simply go to and sign into your account. All you need is your customer ID or Account Number and your ZIP code. But the ability to make a payment quickly and for free is not the only advantage. allows you to manage your entire account in one convenient place:

  • View a history of all your orders
  • View your order status
  • Check your account balance
  • Pay for a single order or all of them at once
  • Make a payment by check, debit or credit card
  • Get your questions answered through our detailed FAQs list
  • And more!

Paying for your order online is such an easy way to go. Take it from me. I used to be one of those people who would never, ever pay my bills online. But I’ve since changed my tune. A few months ago, when I went to pay my electric bill, I discovered that my check was actually due that day! I would have paid by credit card…if my electric company accepted credit card payments. And even if they authorized a bill-paying company to accept payments on their behalf, those businesses charge you for processing your payment!

I would be paying for the privilege of paying. No way!

Luckily, I discovered to my relief that I could pay my bill directly. I opened an online account, my bill was paid on time — and it didn’t cost me a red cent! Saved by the bill!

It’s like that with When you pay PCH online, you receive immediate verification that the payment was processed. It’s fast, easy, safe and secure! So never pay for the privilege of paying — log on to and enjoy the benefits of managing your account online today!

Enjoy your order!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative


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