Big Check Hopes He’s Sporting “Forever” Prize On 8/31!

Hi, everyone, it’s me, Lucky Windfall, aka the “Big Check!” I bet you’re surprised to see me back so soon. Truth is, with the big “Forever” Prize Event just a few weeks away, I’m so excited I could burst! It’s gotten so that I can’t help dreaming about the big day: This August 31st, me and my Prize Patrol buddies, Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam, could be walking up to somebody’s door — maybe YOURS — with a prize that could change not just one life, but TWO! It’s so moving I could cry, but it would ruin my ink.

Let me tell you, this is BIG! In all my experience, I’ve never had the pleasure of presenting someone with a prize this thrilling. And I’ve had this gig for years! The $5,000 a Week “Forever” Prize is a first for me AND for Publishers Clearing House! We’ve never done anything quite like this before.

Just in case you forgot, the “Forever” prize pays $5,000 every week for the rest of the winner’s life, PLUS after that, $5,000 every week for the life of someone they choose! Imagine never having to worry about money again…AND being able to pass down a life-long legacy to someone you love! What a godsend!

I truly hope SOMEONE wins the “Forever” Prize so those wonderful words can be emblazoned across my “Big Check” chest! As my good pal Maryann explained to you a few weeks ago, if there’s no timely returned matching winning number entry in the “Special Early Look”, we’ll go to a Second Chance drawing and award $1,000,000.00 instead! That sure is A LOT of “0’s” and not bad for a “second chance,” I’m sure you would agree. But to present the “Forever” Prize would REALLY make me proud.

What about you? Which prize do you hope to see printed across my “Big Check” chest? $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” OR $1,000,000.00? In a few weeks we’ll know for sure, but give me a hint as to what YOU would like to see in the comment space below.

And if you’d like to be the lucky winner we surprise on August 31st, enter today and every day at! Because you never know…

The smiling face above my numbers could become YOURS!

Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check

72 thoughts on “Big Check Hopes He’s Sporting “Forever” Prize On 8/31!”

  1. dustin miller says:

    i just hope

  2. suzanne says:

    I am throwing m hat into the ring and I can only hope you here me.Suzanne Fingerut Iam claiming my chance at the 5,000.00 “FOREVER” PRIZE IN AUGUST

  3. Christine Terens says:

    Hello there to the crew of pch well guessing that your all busy! with this great big one going on for February 28th 2014! Time will tell for this one ? right? it will be what it is when it does happen to that lucky person right . Still waiting over here ! In Wisconsin! Its the wait game right! Thanks Christine Terens

  4. Penny says:

    This would make all of my life’s dreams come true!!! I would give tithe first then, take care of my family ! I would give to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY to help with research on developing a cute for cancer!!

  5. john berry says:

    Oh, I would probably go in shock for awhile, to say the least.

  6. Hi my name is NancyHenderson. I pray to God that I will be name the winner of 1830 prizewinner.I need to win so I can buy my dream home for my children and Iand my grandchild.Littel Hannha.Before I die,and I need to Donate Some money to Saint.Jude Children Hospital.This has been along time coming for me.I love to help the lettle Baby of the world ,I know how it feel to have cancer.

  7. Joseph Marion says:

    If I had any luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all. If I should get hit by lightning and win, the monies would go to me, my brothers and sisters and the homeless. I’m a 78 year old Korean Vet, broke and could use financial aid ASAP. By the way, I have been with you (PCH) since 1972 (40 years) and haven’t won a darn thing.

  8. Shawn A. Johnson says:

    There are so many days that pass by not having the chance to find a win in my life that could bring fortune. But this may be a chance that I could not resist. There at least has to be something in my dreams that can make the time in my life be somewhat easier. “a little” but there’s ways. I’m always telling myself that something huge would happen to me. With all the quality and perfection that I put in my job over the years. That all the wonderful angels that watch and protect us can only see to push some luck to my name at PCH that only if my name would appear in the upcoming drawing….. If not now, then I may keep using my protector to keep all evil that stops me from being so lucky. Not that I have bad luck, I’m probably the fewest that may need to gain beliefs in how to develope all and gather so much that can bring wealth and good ideals that not only will bring good luck but I have to say I always worked for so long and so hard show so much hardship and put a the biggest effort that only the man upstairs could only imagine, not a man or a soul could put feet in my shoes. I maybe a perfectionism and professionalism might be in my favor in the most part of life, and have so many qualities that most people prays me for. But that don’t bring in big bucks. Angels of PCH maybe you can give this opportunity to someone that miss out on so much. Angels of PCH can you find any possibilities that may bring some kind of earnings or wins that can be in all our favors.

  9. W ilda Scott says:

    I would like to win the BIG CHECK for October 31. It would really come in handy. Thank you Wilda Scott

  10. G. MICHELLE PARSON says:

    When i win this Prize from PCH i will reinvest in my business that helps WOMAN AND CHILDREN In DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUALLY ABUSIVE SITUATIONS MY ORGANIZATION also HELPS MEN IN THESE SAME SITUATIONS that is what i would do if i was to win

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