From the outside it looked like a very quiet house; the blinds were drawn, and the air was still — making the 101 degree heat even more oppressive. But, as the saying goes, “You can’t tell a book from its cover.” Within a moment of our knocking on the door we could hear A LOT of excitement and commotion inside. You see, Nora Gentry, her daughter and a houseful of children and grandchildren had just spied the colorful balloons approaching on the porch and (OMG!) the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol van (carrying the Big Check!) parked on the street!

Nora pulled open the door and just about fainted. She had been entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at pch.com for ages, but she never expected to see the Prize Patrol in person, right on her front porch, in this little Illinois town just east of St. Louis. But there we were — with roses, champagne, balloons and a Big Check – for $10,000.00 — with HER name on it!

Nora was immediately surrounded by all the kids who had been playing in the living room and kitchen.  They didn’t care about the roses or the money: they just wanted the BALLOONS — which were grabbed immediately (but politely) and taken inside. Two balloons were quickly sucked up, popped and tangled in the ceiling fans. Another escaped outside somehow and took off into the wild blue yonder. But that didn’t dampen the excitement.

“Can you use the money?” we asked Nora. “CAN I?!?!?” she responded. “Of course I can! Oh, I can pay my bills!” she said, echoing the reaction we’ve heard countless times from PCH winners.

There was such joy on everyone’s faces we regretted that the video being captured could not have been instantly inserted into our current TV campaign. You’ve probably seen our new commercials featuring past PCH winners and many of their children, dramatizing the multi-generational benefit of our new August 31stFOREVER” prize event.

Here’s how the “FOREVER” prize works: If you win it, you would receive $5,000 a week for the rest of your life. Then – after that – someone you choose will also receive $5,000 a week for the rest of his or her life.

The PCH Prize Patrol will be ready to deliver this “FOREVER” prize to some lucky person in just weeks on August 31st. That person could be YOU! But, of course, you have to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes to have any chance of winning. Don’t miss that opportunity!

Click here on this link to pch.com to entertoday and everyday. And August 31st the “FOREVER” prize winner could be YOU!

Congratulations Nora, and the best of luck to all!

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. There are only a few days left to play Legacy Lane! Hurry — head to the PCH Fan Page now. You could win INSTANT PRIZES!

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Lisa Tunac-Chin said...

Congrats to The Gentry family & God Bless

Kanika Loeung said...

I wish on August 31st it would be my lucky day to win $1 Million! I praying everyday and entering every single day. I try to do the best I can, Hoping my dream do come true! I’d really want to meet The famous Prize Patrol in front of my door. :( :D)

Stacey Kochinski said...

Thats so funny because thats probably all my 7 year old daughter would be after is the balloon and then the flowers. She loves both. When her birthday comes around all she ever wants is to play with the balloon and when her daddy got her flowers for valentines day she sat next to them everyday admiring them and smelling them. And anytime she sees a flower somewhere she asks if one of us could pick it or if she can go pick it. SO if pch showed up at our door she would probably go after the flowers and balloons. lol. I really hope that pch is going to show up at our door with $5000 a week forever or $10 million. That would be a true miracle, an answer to all of our prayers, and a extreme dream come true. I have posted so many comments and have written in about the situation we are in and if anyone has read them you already know. SO please PCH help our dreams come true. Help me to let me be able to buy a stable house for my family to be in, to be able to buy a family car, to be able to pay my bills on time and not risk anything being turned off, to be able to have clean smelling water not smelling like sulpher, to be able to have a clean yard that our daughter can play in, to be able to help our parents out and not have to ask them for help, to be able to put my inlaws in a better house so they dont have to worry about rats or their house caving in on them, to be able to give our daughter a really good christmas in a nice house instead of the crappy trailer we are in, to be able to do nice things for her birthday, to be able to have her set for life and to be able to send her to whateer college she would like to go to, to be able to provide for our dogs the way they deserve, to be able to help frinds and other family out in the time of need, I would do so many great things if my family and I were the winners. Now all I can do is hope and pray like I do everyday that my dreams will be seen not just when Im asleep but in reality. Because NO LIE practically every night I dream about pch showing up on the door steps of my piece of crap trailer with the BIG CHECK in hand with my name on it telling me that I am a winner of either $5000 a week forever or $10 million. Those have been the only two dreams I have been having lately. So will it continue to be a dream. I guess we will see come Aug 31, 2012. Maybe my daughter will get the chance to play with the balloons and smell the flowers.

maria estrella baccay platecki said...

congrats to nora hope they coming in illinois again to the company i salute and i am very proud to all of you.remember sir dave that i told here in my blog before i am gonna rest for how many months but still here kicking and breathing i never never stop what i am started before ill try but i am very addicted here now searching everything playing lotto,games and entering my sweepsteek here i enjoy a lot here.once again thank for helping the kids they are our next generation.god bless and more blessing to come in the company even the staff,crew and high official here your the best.

Michaela G. said...

Thank you Dave Sayer, Prize Patrol Ambassador for that awesome and inspiring letter!!!!

I just wanted to congratulate Mrs. Nora Gentry for winning the $10,000.00 from PCH!!!! I love your story about how you got to there house and about the children and balloons!!!! It seems to be a lot of love in that family!!! I love how she was totally surprised, that was priceless!!!! It just makes you think that any one can win big at PCH, so thanks again for this wonderful delightful letter to all of us, on how you should just keep entering because you never know until you try to enter PCH!!!!

All I know is that this story that you have told us gives me hope so when I enter every day for me and my family, I am still crossing my fingers in hoping, praying and dreaming that one day this will happen to me, winning that Super Mega Prize ($5,000.00 a week FOREVER) and I will get to meet the Prize Patrol!!!!

P.S. I hope you all at PCH are having a fantastic week!!!!

DeLayne Perry said...

congratulations Mrs. Nora Gentry!!! Happy that you will be able to pay your bills… yippeee! :) God bless you and yours!

Deborah Weise said...

$10,000 a help indeed! Congradulations! Mrs. Nora Gentry.

Melanie Antry said...

Congrats to Nora. It always nice to see other people are winning somethings in PCH. Your company has put so many smiles and making dreams come true for those that are need. I mean common on we all know that if you are entering to receive your prizes we need something. I have not met nor seen anybody that received a big check that said.. “no don’t really need it but I do enter just because I’m bored”. The day I see that is the day I’ll roll my eyes and say yeah right.

I know if the prize patrol came knocking on my door my boys would probably do the same thing… Get so excited about the ballons and give the followers to me (since they love picking followers and giving them to me). My husband who is a very romantic man has done a great job raising our children to be gentleman like to me. But that is another story.. But please please prize control come knock on my door on August 31st. I’ve been praying and entering every single day.. Which my hubby thinks I’m so obess with it because I’m always thinking… did I enter today already or have I not entered today yet. Sometimes when I forgotten that I’ve entered already it would give me that red sign that said you have played or entered already. lol. It is my daily routine to do make sure I’ve submitted my entry. =)

Don Burton said...

let it be me ill will help all kind of people who.. need help…let it be me…i will help….who… need it….

Jeff Bollinger said...

Way to go !!

linda richardson said...

well hell pch,and the prize patrol family….iam so happy for ms.nora gentry.may she continue to be blessed….i have been a single mother for years and raising my 3 kids..and 7 grands with the help of the good lord….and i wont give nothing for doing it…. they are my world…and my dream is to win big..to be able to enjoy each one of them the way i would love too….so please pch and prize patrol family…give me that opportunity to really live life to the fullest with my kids…i know they will just flip…and i probly would be already on the floor…lol….well pch family wheather i win or loose…i will never give up….may god bless you all wonderfully…respectfully,yours…ms.linda richardson

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi PCH! Congrats Nora!

jay luciano said...

dear pch waiting for dave sayer and danielle lam with the balloohoping to win best wishes jay luciano

Jesus Perez said...

I hope & pray tjat i could win something, $7,000.00 a week for life, or a $100,000,000.00 a year for life, pr anything that god & david bring to me in the name of JESUS i pray! LORD heat our prayers! Amen! Good luck to eveybody that playd in the PCH Sweep Steacks! Luv Jesus C. Perez. Tjank u JESUS.