Go For The PCH “Forever” Prize, The Big One!

On your mark! Get set! Enter – to win the “Forever” Prize!

If you’ve been watching anything on NBC lately, you’ve no doubt learned that that network will be carrying the latest news from London starting with the opening ceremony today, July 27th. NBC’s announcers are so breathlessly anxious for all of us to tune-in you’d think each one of us was assured of a first place finish.

Well, unless you are Michael Phelps or one of the other well-trained athletes who are actually going to London to compete on the world stage for the big one, that’s not likely to happen.

Better you should stay home and go for the big win at Publishers Clearing House — I mean our history-making “Forever” Prize. That’s right: On August 31st YOU could win $5,000 a week for the rest of your life, then – after that – someone you choose gets $5,000 a week for their life!

You don’t have to train or be in top-notch physical condition to win this prize. You don’t have to be a champion gymnast or swimmer or weight-lifter. To compete in our Big August 31st Prize Event, all you have to do is ENTER the PCH Sweepstakes! And that’s easy: a simple click here on this link to pch.com will get you started.

Also hitting the airwaves lately has been our new PCH TV campaign, reminding you to go to pch.com and enter the PCH Sweepstakes. Each commercial is full of PCH Sweepstakes winners who may not look like world-class athletes (how many of us do?); but our winners are often just as thrilled and teary as those who make it to the final winner’s podium.

If you win, you could wind up on TV — with the Prize Patrol in a Publishers Clearing House TV commercial and at pchtv.com.

So don’t delay. Enter today – and every day, and August 31st the winner of our first-ever “Forever” Prize could be YOU!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador


126 thoughts on “Go For The PCH “Forever” Prize, The Big One!”

  1. jp says:

    Hello to all, hope your Thanksgiving was great, ours was nice. I see that the Pch didn’t leave any flowers or balloons on the 25th of Nov. at our place, not sure if anyone won it. Well, I will be around on the 16th of Dec. have to work, after work, I am ready once again to get those balloons and flowers. Good Luck to me and everyone else that play’s. JP

  2. jp says:

    Well, will be up at mother’s next week, for her B.D. the 25th and for Thanksgiving, sure wish I had won the last PCH, how I would of loved to hand my mother a check or cash, in what I owe her. Next time, and I am a winner on the 25th, please leave the balloons and the flowers at the double doors, canves cover, have given PCH the directions in how to get to the little place where we live at. Each time I send a payment or send back my winning numbers, I write them out. Thank you, and a Happy Thanksgiving to all the PCH, and the people that enter. JP

  3. I’m hoping I win the Forever PCH prize $10.000.00 a week for life and the Ford Explorer XLT, an extended paid Luxury vacation I’ve never had one I would be so excited, I couldn’t imagine. Thank you and God Bless. Best of Luck to All.

  4. jp says:

    Thank pch for the ten bucks, got in the other day, not sure how I won that, but it sure helps. Now, talking about the big one coming up, Nov. 25th, and that is my mother’s B.D. how great it would be to pay her back what I owe her and them some, then how I was able to pay her back would be great, to tell her I had won the big one from PCH, she doesn’t really believe in you, she’s a lotto person who has won. I do believe in the pch, and the Lord too, that he does answer prayers. I do want to wish everyone else that enters, them too, need it as much as I. Blessings to you all, jp

  5. jp says:

    Not getting anywhere, each time I try to enter I get a update browser, and not able to get that going either, so HELP PCH, still want to enter sweepstakes, and win, thanks, jp

  6. Dante Wright says:


  7. PCHSearch&WIN! PCH SuperPrize/SweepStakes Entries! PCH WIN $5,000.00 Forever Prize! Plus A Brand New Ford Explorer XLT! Worth Over $32,000.00! PCH GWYS#4900 #3726! D.M. Counting Down @ Days To Go To See If Get That Life Changing Experences That I Have So Been Looking Forward To In The Highest Regards Of Positive Thinking. Thank You Prize Patrol..

  8. Wanda Conway says:

    Look forward my birthday winning today hope to come true.

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