A PCH “Behind The Scenes” Look At John Prince!

Behind The Scenes with The Man, The Myth, The Legend…My Dad, John Prince!

Hey there, readers! It’s Kristin P. You may have met me on the PCHSearch&Win blog back in June when I was first beginning my summer internship at PCH. I’ve had such a good time and it’s hard to believe that I’ll be heading back to college in just a few days. Before I go, I would like to take you behind the scenes and introduce you to somebody who is VERY special to me. You may have seen his name sprawled across the bottom of letters or in your email inbox. I’m talking about John Prince, Chief Marketing Officer… but I simply call him, “Dad.”

Dad has been working at PCH since before I was born…a whole 27 years! Why so long? Says Dad, “Basically, because it’s a great place to work; I love the people I work with and I am very fortunate to be doing the kind of work I really enjoy.” After working here, I couldn’t understand more!

Dad’s been pretty busy over the past 27 years, having held various roles in the company. Currently, he oversees marketing efforts related to selling products and magazines. If you like the products PCH offers, like Orgreenic frying pan or Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, then thank Dad’s Product Mix team, as well as the Product Sourcing department who work hard to choose and offer you products you’ll like.

So what’s his favorite product PCH has ever sold? When I asked him this, he said, “My favorite products are the ones that sell the best!” I should have known he’d give a witty answer, he’s a funny guy! He did gush about his favorite food items PCH offers, however. He said, “PCH sells many different food items and I have to say it’s great that I get to sample them before we offer them to the public. I particularly enjoy chocolate covered pecans, Boardwalk Crunch, Cashew Crunch, and English toffee. There’s no question I have a major sweet tooth”— I guess I got mine from him!

As there’s been a lot of buzz about the “Forever” Prize, I asked him his thoughts on it. He told me, “Our Promotional Development team, led by Debbie Holland and Todd Sloane, is always coming up with new ideas to keep our sweepstakes promotions fresh, and the “Forever” Prize has resonated very well with our customers. And why not? $5,000 a week is a tremendous amount of money and everyone would take pride in leaving a legacy for their loved ones. We researched the “Forever” Prize extensively in advance, so it’s no surprise that it’s generating a lot of excitement!”

Working at PCH with my Dad has been a wonderful experience. I was able to be a part of a company that’s so close to my father’s heart, and now close to mine, too.

Thank you, PCH!

Kristin P.
PCH Summer Intern

P.S. Want to tell my Dad about a product you think PCH should offer? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below!


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Kanika Loeung said...

It is a nice picture! And thank you for introduction us.

Stacey Kochinski said...

i enter every single day in hopes that i will be the winner of the FOREVER prize so i can provide a better life for my family especially my 7 year old daughter. I want to be able to give her a great life. I want to put my family in a better home. Something to call our own instead of renting in the conditions that we are. I want my daughter to be able to go outside and play whenever she wants and have no worries. If you saw the place you would understand. The whole trailer is falling apart and the landlord just does not care for anything. I would love to buy our own family car seeing as we do not own a car right now. We have been borrowing my mother in laws car but having to replace so many things in the process. I want to be able to take our dogs to the vet and get all their shots and on all preventatives to keep them healthty. I want to be able to have a college fund for our daughter as well as a savings account and be able to give her an allowance. She would be the one I leave the FOREVER prize to when my time is up. I want to be able to take vacations, pay all of our bills on time, get out of debt, have money in savings, etc. I want to be able to help my inlaws get into a better enviroment as well due to them having rat issues. I want to be able to afford great health insurance, dog food, gas, and groceries whenever we need it. I want to be able to put my daughter in some sort of activity or activities like ballet, soccer, karate, any kind of dance, etc. since she is homeschooled. I just want to be able to do so many good and fun things for my family and others. I enter, hope, pray, dream, and talk about being the FOREVER winner everyday. I also have my lucky penny that i carry around with me everyday. And then I have my lucky white pet rabbit tator. He is the sweetest bunny rabbit ever. I have my family and support and I love pch and I want something to believe in.

Linda Giannone said...

Yes, I remember those letters from John . It’s. Nice to see a face related to the name. keep up the good work!

Michael Rolle said...

Hello Kristin . P PCH Intern yes, PCHrecognized my entry responses and Online Merchandise Orders and purchases Kristin I do remember your father’s name mr john prince, because I’ve gotten an inner Circle Notice Only for Customer in the President’s Club an Admission your father has Issued to me Authorized for release signed by mr. john prince chief marking Executive it gave me great deals on the products and Fabulous Merchandises PCH has to offer.

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi PCH, Kristin, and John. I remember when you said you were there for the summer, and I see your fathers name on emails… always glad to be introduced to PCH employees. My favorite item I purchased was christmas tree decorations, snowflakes and angels. I also have a house ornament. I don’t remember what year, but they hang on our tree every year. :)

Christine Y said...

Great post, Kristin! PCH has been very lucky to have you : )

Stancio Butler said...

Yes, I saw a very nice picture of your father at the PCH Blog website. keep up the good work!

Lauralee Hensley said...

I really liked the MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths and still use them nearly everyday. They sure save a bunch of money on not using paper towels as much. They are thicker MicroFiber cloths than I bought somewhere else, and they were about 3/4 inch larger all the way around too, so a better value for the money.

Eileen Kennedy said...

nice photo
i enter every day for yrs praying to the lucky stars that i will win not only to save myself but others in the family/friends that are in need as well, lost jobs, homes to be. and hopefully it will happen before the worst happens. we need to win big here aug 312012. we really do

Tonya Roman said...

Thank you for sharing your Dad with all of the PCH fans over the last 27 years! We all need a great Dad and I am so glad that you were blessed with one. Again thank you for sharing!

Patricia Smith said...

Well here is my family and I. You all asked for a picture. Here are my husband(Thaddeus Sr.), two of my sons (Javonte`-14 & Thaddeus III-7) and two of my daughters(Brianna-13 & Destiny-10). I do wish everyday was relaxing but life as we know it takes a toll on everyone. All we can do is take it day by day and hope for better ones. I’m hoping and wishing that life changes for my family because I do want to leave a legacy for our babies.

gary crosby said...

You guys delete comments?

Chris McLennan said...


I would like information on how to become a vendor at your company. My company deals in beads, bead stringing supplies, findings and finished jewelry. There are several divisions of finished jewelry that are current and beautiful. I would like to introduce some of these items to possibly become a permanent vendor for PCH. I know that my products would be a perfect fit to your target audience. I only need to know the protocol to get started.

Many thanks
Chris McLennan

Michaela G. said...

Wow, Kristin P., you are so very lucky!!! I love this photo of your father!!! And, I would agree that your Dad has one of the best jobs at PCH!!!

I have been entering a long time now and I love what PCH stands for and how they help so many people, it always makes me smile when some one wins MEGA SUPER Big!!!

It seems like you have a great father and keep him close to you, because you only have one!!! And life goes by so very fast!!!

Well, on to the next big megs super prize!!!

P.S.: I just wanted to ask if you ever thought of selling all your magazines through your emails or website but it would be an app magazine. I know I would purchase them if you would do that.

Rebecca Chartier said...

I am confused by the number of entries I am allowed. Are the entries progressive? or is each one considered an entry for the sweepstakes?? If I miss one opportunity am I not considered for the sweepstakes? I would really appreciate an explanation of how the entries are handled for each sweepstakes. Anyone have an answer??

Stephanie Carlisle said...

Nice … I kept entry everyday!!!! I hope I will win one day! :O)

Yolande Hess said...

Yes Kristin, I am glad you wrote about your Dad. You see, I have been purchasing items ever since 1973. Only a few years ago I was asked to complete a questionnaire. I did.
Shortly thereafter I was told that I no longer could receive offers for any purchases. Consequently I never again received an invitation to participate in any of PCH’s offers. Presently I am following every invite from PCH’s Search.com, Frontpage anPlay & Win. After about 3 years of this, I keep receiving their encouragement to play but
I have yet to receive a prize .
I have been building many castles in the sand, always hoping that “next month” it will be my turn to win. Please let me know whether I am or not “In the game”. Many thanks
beforehand. Y.A. Hess