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  1. your slots game does not work. I received 3 diamonds after yesterdays game, ZERO this morning. More important the 1st game does not clear to go on to the others…………….Thanks

  2. That looks so comfy that is egsactly what I would be doing on a beach someware with a beautifull girl 🙂 hope one day that will be but still I thank god because I am varry blesed for what I do have it would just be nice to get away from all non sence and drama its just goten to be to much just want to have as much fun as I can while im stuck in this place unfortunitly most anything requires money somthing i dont have a whole lot of but because of this I have seen and experianced things that alot havnt it would just be nice to not have to live that way anymore. 🙂 still I smile I would make shure my family allways has a good life then buy a boat find a beautifull girl to sail the world with me.