Why Does The Prize Patrol Drive A Van?

They wear navy blue blazers and khaki bottoms. They carry a handful of colorful balloons. They arrive with one dozen of the most gorgeous roses you’ve ever seen — and let’s not forget the Big Check. Yes, I’m talking about the famous Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. But what I really want to talk about today is their mode of transportation: the van.

I’ve been a Publishers Clearing House employee for over five years now. I’ve also been on a few Prize Patrol trips myself. But the other day I realized: I have no idea why they always drive a van. Why not an SUV? A red hot convertible? Or even a bus? Since the early days of the Prize Patrol, it’s always been a van, and I was shocked to realize I had no idea why! Was it because of the Big Check? Or something else completely? I was on a mission and I had to find out.

I decided to ask my fellow blog writers for help. And their answers…well let’s just say, you have got to see what they say! Go on, watch the video below.

There you have it, folks! Mystery solved! A thank you to my fellow blog writers for helping me out (or at least “driving” me to laughter!) and an even bigger thank you to Danielle, Prize Patrol Elite, for giving me the real answer!

Before I go, let me know…what would YOU love to see the Prize Patrol drive up to your house in? A van or something else? Comment below!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.
PCH Creative


224 thoughts on “Why Does The Prize Patrol Drive A Van?”

  1. It’s all about winning to have your dream come true

  2. justin doty says:

    A van would be fine. Or the new car!!!

  3. sueh2013 says:

    I am waiting for the PrizePatrol van to show up at my house…….

  4. simaarts says:

    Dear PCH Prize Patrols , You will come to my house at the right time in a right place in my house. I love to see you with all my prizes, car, checks, and cash prize. I want to win $ 10,000,000.00 Plus $ 7000.00 a week for life, plus , $ 4,000,000,00 and $ 1000,000.00 in cash prize. Please do not rent a car, come with my car and yellow balloons . I will celebrate my winning with a bottle of campaign. I am ready. SW

  5. The prize patrol has a van to drive to my house to give me flowers and a big check I hope I win I am in it to win I claim #6900 and all the prizes pick me pch

  6. I would love to see them drive up in the van that way I will know for sure its Publishers because they have used a van for a long time and people will recognize them in the van I want to see that van at my house lov you guys Publisher Clearing House 😊

  7. Nancy Lytle says:

    If I win I’ll buy everything offered during this contest! Until then, I’ll stick with my purchase of the TV guide. Call me old and broke.

  8. Meemee says:

    Prize patrol PCH, forever prize pch, 3 prize patrol correspondent, ready to win PCH

  9. To pack all the stuff into the van of course my check to so they can get everything at the same place

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