Where In The USA…Will Danielle Lam Go Next Friday?

Growing up, I used to LOVE the show “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?” Who’s with me?!? I know there must be a ton of you out there who loved it too. For those of you who never saw this show, the goal was to track down Carmen, a criminal, as she fled around the world. You’d follow a series of clues and hopefully catch her before time ran out. While some of my friends loved the show for the chase factor, MY excitement came from watching her travel to all these foreign and exciting locations I had never even heard of.

Never did I think that one day I’d be doing the same thing (minus the crime part, of course!) For the past two years that I’ve been a Prize Patrol Elite member, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to travel ALL OVER THE USA! And to places I never even knew existed – like Pocahontas, Arkansas to deliver Jason Clark a $1,000,000.00 prize, Pagosa Springs, Colorado to deliver Tari Woods a Million Dollar Check, and Moriches, NY to deliver Stanley Hartman $10,000.00! Check out the map above and just look at all the states I’ve awarded prizes in — and keep in mind, it’s been only 2 years!!

Also keep in mind that I’m only 1/3 of the Prize Patrol Elite Team! Dave and Todd, the other 2/3, have been on the Prize Patrol since its very beginning and they’ve given out prizes in ALL 50 STATES! I’m so jealous! I loved travelling all over the USA, but I REALLY can’t wait till I can say that I’ve awarded a prize in EVERY state, too!

So tell me PCH fans…where in the USA should I go next Friday? What state do YOU want me to come to award a big prize next week? Write your answers in the comments section below. I can’t wait to be on the road again in just a few days!!!

Good luck!

Danielle Lam

Danielle Lam Prize Patrol

PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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  1. Please come to Johnstown in Northern Colorado…The mountains are beautiful and I would love to meet you in person…please make my dreams come true.

  2. 764 Arnold in the Bronx I really would like to meet you face to face can you come on over here come to the ghetto with you quite sure you never been but you need to come so you can see what the fuck people like you and your crew doing the people like me the poor people but I bet your ass and coming over here and I know you ain’t coming over here on the 24th I can’t stand lying motherfuckers but it’s all good cuz I know where you live so I’ll just come see you okay boo boo

  3. Spiro,Oklahoma I pray all the time for god to bless me and my family with a win doesn’t even have to be much I have lupus and can’t work my 11 y old nephew has HLHS and my dad had a massive stroke 3 yrs go so we need this blessing so I can take care of my family and my 2 daughters!! Please come to Spiro,Oklahoma it’s mean the world to us thanks!!!

  4. Hello Danielle
    Thank you for the opportunity to retire early.
    Your email sounds great!
    I’m looking forward to seeing you in Wichita ks.