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  1. tammer p jensen says:

    has the prize patrol ever came to calif high desert

  2. Laura Reinick says:

    Wow! It would be BIG BIG NEWS, if the PCH traveled to Elwood Nebraska, knocking on my door with the big check with my name on it. It would be so exciting to meet the crew of PCH.

  3. Amber H says:

    so excited about tomorrow that I probably will not be sleeping tonight :) im anxious to see if its MY name on the check! God already has plans for the money that may be coming my way and he has great plans with it.. it will make MANY people very happy

  4. Good morning PHC I am trying to claim my prize $7,000 a week for life and I hope and pray and trust God that I win this package and Lord knows already needed for me and my immediate family but anyway I want to say if I win thank you very much and all those out there truly is this is a blessing for me and I will be able to do the things I would like to do with $7,000 a week for life and Juliet i’m looking for to win other prizes then $7,000 a week and I can say this is what I need and that’s what I’m looking for yours truly Pch its over now thank you very much

  5. well we’ll once again PCH I’m trying to win this game aniway I love traveling one day I hope I get to travel all the world once again most of all I would like to win 5328 also 4900 $7,000 a week for life if I win that it is a blessing in the skies from the Lord PCH I think you are and God bless and have a blessed day thank you very much give me the opportunity to try

  6. Wichita Kansas to Miami Florida

  7. Francisca Calderon says:

    Please prize patrol come to Fresno ca Oct 23, 2015

  8. PCH come to Los Angeles CA

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