144 thoughts on “map”

  1. Hello Danielle, Virginia is only 4 hours away from New York so if you are in the neighborhood, just come on over and say hello and surprise me with a dream come true. There is no snow here now so just hop in the PCH Van and take a drive to my location.

  2. Hi My Name Is Joe Medrano From White Lake North Carolina. Dear Danielle Lam. You Need To Come Too North Carolina And Get Some Fresh Air And Make Me The Next Mellon Nair. PS. JHM Too PCH And Danielle Lam.

  3. carry says:

    Hopefully they come to Texas .

  4. danyella shelley says:

    My sister has 4 stage cancer and love do something nice for her come to mi

  5. Please pch, I need a miracle of you coming to my home. I truley need out of this delima. I can’t work and ssi and didability is not approved yet. Please HELP and tell me I won. Thanks.

  6. April Gatson says:

    I really need this miracle. I am a single mothee with no job winning would mean everthing tome and my family. So please come to Hoover Alabama

  7. Billie says:

    Milwaukee. Wisconsin. Pleasez

  8. sheila ward jones says:

    Pch please come to my this time ,you told me before you were coming ,and you didn’t when I live in calumet city il .please be honest with me.

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