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  1. vivian says:

    Hola danielle soy vivian mora necesito saber si tu te comunicastes conmigo hoy por favor para decirme que fui ganadora pidiendome dinero edtoy bien mal por favor contestame ok gracias vivian mora hialeah 33018 fl

  2. Lisa says:

    Paula ca. To knock at my door Lisa Gutierrez

  3. i will love too win the super prize from pch.

  4. Lisa Taylor says:

    Pennsylvania please, Erie no ever comes here

  5. George Spruell /la says:

    Hey pch you’ve visited all the rest now it’s time for you to deliver to the best your VIP in west Monroe la.Stay blessed

  6. Jeannie Jex says:

    Been a long, long, time since anyone from UTAH won. I’m here and patiently waiting. My City was just voted the best in Utah to live in. Small town feel and friendly … But has everything you need.

  7. lisa henderson says:

    you have been all over the eastern states but not the southwest like az why is that?

    1. Please come to my home! I pray every time I send off mail to you guys so we can stay in are home! I cry as I write this! Lost Job and desperately praying. Good luck to everybody who really needs help

  8. deirdre carter says:

    Come to bardstown kentucky!!

  9. deirdre carter says:

    add your comment here

  10. dear danielle i hope and pray o meet you on june 30th with a big check,hope to see you soon ,thank you,mrs knapp

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