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  1. I really need to receive the 28 April 2017 Super prize… I am a 70 year old Vietnam Veteran living on Social Security only along with my wife. Our only car has a blown engine, our house is in need of repair, and our appliances need to be replaced. Please help us, this may be our last chance to stay in our house and not end up on the street!

  2. This is out of date but maybe you will get this I’m hoping to win Publishers Clearing House just because I always played with my mom and she’s passed away and she always told me I would win and people call me crazy but I can’t in you to try and I believe that if we try hard enough I will so keep your head up and keep trying I want to win so I can pack my child support find some stability and laughs and not have to stress and worry all the time about where the next dollars coming from I just really want this opportunity and thought I would take the time to tell you I hope you get this I want to meet you and Dave and Todd I want to be the next winner thank you and God bless