Do You Want YOUR NAME on Lucky The Big Check This Friday?

Lights, camera, action! That’s right, folks, it’s almost show time! This Friday, August 31st, I (Lucky Windfall – the Big Check) will be presented to our newest SuperPrize winner. The cameras will be rolling, lights will be flashing, and no one will be able to take their eyes off of…ME!

What…did you think I was going to say THE PRIZE PATROL? No way! Everyone knows I’m the REAL star here. When I come out of the envelope, all eyes go on me! And I can’t blame anyone for that. Especially now. I mean I’ve always looked like a Million Bucks, but now I look like MORE than a Million Bucks. It hasn’t been easy. While Todd, Dave and Danielle have been sitting on the beach all summer, I’ve been on the treadmill sweating my ink off for what feels like FOREVER! Crunches, curls, bends and presses — I’ve been doing EVERYTHING to get my Big Check chest broader than ever and my Big Check belly flat as can be for the “Forever” Prize Event!

And every second of it has been worth it. I mean this isn’t any ‘ol delivery we’re talking about. On Friday I could be representing one of the LARGEST PCH PRIZE AMOUNTS EVER  — $5000 A Week “Forever”!!! That’s a lot of weight to carry! Not to worry — this handsome rectangular wonder has the broad shoulders to do the job!

You see, “Forever” means a lot more than “for life,” which is what has been printed across my chest in the past. Win “Forever” and that’s $5000 a week for your life, PLUS after that, the $5,000 a week payments continue on for the life of someone you choose. WOWIE! Now you can see why I’ve been working my cardboard off.

Now I’m just hoping and wishing that $5000 A Week “Forever” DOES get printed on me for Friday’s delivery. I’ve been trying to sneak a peek at my pal Michael’s computer screen (you guys remember Michael, right…he’s the Big Check guy who helps me get ready for prize deliveries!) But he must think he’s the U.S. Mint Police guarding Fort Knox. I’ve also been flirting with Maryann Carter, Manager of the PCH Contest Department, hoping she’d spill the beans, but she’s not falling for it! Can you can believe it? Lucky hasn’t had any luck at seeing the prize amount yet! Guess I’ll just have to wait till Friday like the rest of you.

Tell me fans…are you hoping and wishing as much as I am that I’ll be sporting the “Forever” prize on Friday? And are you hoping and wishing YOUR NAME is written in ink across my broader-than-ever chest?

Comment below and tell me…what name and what prize amount do YOU want to see on ME, the Big Check, this Friday?

Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check

294 thoughts on “Do You Want YOUR NAME on Lucky The Big Check This Friday?”

  1. ronetta walker says:

    Please knock on my door it would be the biggest thing like jesus returning it would be life changing for me a rags to riches I never won anything in my life so being set for life is a dream come true a real life story that finally finally I won I’m set for life dreams do come true hey pch let me tell you how much I want to be set for life I had a dream that todd and Danielle knock on my door with a big check in their hands the TV news people are there to I open the door todd said are you ronetta walker

  2. Yes, PLEASE CALL MY NAME ! My name is Jana Phillippe.

  3. crystal says:

    I haven’t been able to stop daydreaming or trying since I woke up feeling super lucky one say!

  4. Pch I would love to win a big check from set for life gwy 6900

  5. Richard. We says:

    Yes I have been hoping and wishing as much or more than
    you it ,it would be a blessing to see my name in ink on you know,so love to put my name for 5,000.00 a week forever and all so hoo I choose Thank you pch

  6. Kim Weeks says:

    Kimberly Weeks is the first place 1Million A Year For Life, 75K and 10K A Week Forever to be AR-2015,

  7. Kim Weeks says:

    14WSuper MA and 5K

  8. Brenda D FRENZEL says:

    I do want #MYNAME ON #LUCKY the #BIGCHECK ,you know what it is and thanks for asking!

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