109 thoughts on “hellolucky”

  1. sharon white says:

    My name is on top of the comment, Please put it on the Big Check that I see.:) :)

  2. sharon white says:

    Hi Guys at PCH Prize Patrol:Seeing Neal Kroll and others winning make me want to be on the winners list,PCH were winners are made,and I know it real,I have seen it over and over.

  3. alicia says:

    I’m praying everyday for this blessings!!

  4. Dear publishing Clearing House My name is Barbara brown I would love to be one of your windows $5,000 a week for life That is wonderful too That wasn’t my dream come true too I know we have to worry have to pay anything anymore And I could get a good insurance Medical Still pay off all my debt. And get me at home That would be a great blessing It will make me so happy If I could be a winner ThankYou PCH What a wonderful thing to annoy people For so many years Making people dreams come true Given the opportunity To become a winner God bless you. Good luck thought I was waiting. PS hope to hear from you soon. Barbara brown Number3080. God bless us all


    Hi that’s a nice amount of money and forever to hard to believe it’s true. Could pay some bills, gave some thrills by taking a chill.

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