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  1. A.A. says:

    Wow…I like everyone else enter, buy, keep entering, buy, keep entering, & really feel that it could be me… however, I am very Happy for the winner today…. May God Bless him and his family, as the for $5,000 was given to him…CONGRATULATIONS…

  2. tera isler says:

    OOh i really wish all those times i entered i would win. But theres always next year. I hear all these stories about winners and how they get a life changing experience. But with all the people entering every time they recieve an email like do, its hard to believe in thier shoes that they won. its hard to accept that we try so hard, but im also happy for those that won! If i won id be happy! my 3 kids would have a home and i can pay for my moms cancer surgery! im not giving up! i love you guys!

  3. just confirmed thaty I won a 10000by geting acar quote thanks pch I realy needit I will help god has realy blessed me

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Frank – which website were you on when you received this confirmation?

  4. Morgan Dobson says:

    I got what someone else was talking about. I just tried to confirm my e-mail from y’all and I didn’t get it, it just went straight to the offers.

    1. Jussie At PCH Jussie At PCH says:

      Hi Morgan – you can skip through these offers as they are just suggestions!

  5. i knew it wouldn,t be [ohio] people like me enters every day which doesn,t count,the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer so true.this has to be planned all i can say people don,t get taken any more for hours on your computer for nothing.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Janet – we have awarded prizes to folks from all backgrounds and walks of life!

      1. Andrea Martin says:

        I have to say I can understand Janet’s comment. I have been entering PCH contests of all kinds since 1964 or so and never won anything. That’s a long time! Having lost my job of 30 years, all of my retirement money, savings and my home now living in a tiny 296 sq. ft. apt. for elders, hope is dying. I am still giving away everything that is left in my storage locker because not enough room here.

      2. shermise williams says:

        i can agree to what some other people say about being on line every day and still have not won any thing me iam a single parent of 6 kids barely making it but i go to school to try and further my education and i still take out time i dont have to stay enterd every day its so so hard but all we can do is pray and hope god sends a blessing

  6. steve eyre says:

    Fantastic Congradulation John W, You are one lucky man. Enjoy because its really true. Your the new winner!!

  7. frank mccaleb s r says:


  8. Lavada Bejin says:

    yeah i love this pic just wish it was the newark police.

    P.S. god bless to the winner:)

  9. thomas webster says:

    looks like a Jackson County, Oregon cop car

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