Didn’t Win The “Forever” Prize? Don’t Give Up!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had fun following the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol on Friday as they surprised John Wyllie of White City, Oregon as the first-ever “Forever” Prize winner! I personally had an awesome time interacting with all of you through my Natalie Bostleman page on Facebook and Twitter feed — and reading all of your fun comments here on the blog.

As with a lot of our giveaways, there’s always a big swell of energy and action leading up to the big reveal. Once that has happened, there’s a feeling of… ennui. (Don’t know what that means? Why not give PCHSearch&Win a whirl to pick up what I’m laying down).

I start seeing posts on my wall like, “See! I told you they only visit award prizes in places like so & so…!” Or…“They only give it to people who don’t really need it…” Or…“Those aren’t real winners, they’re actors!”

Hey now. I can certainly understanding feeling let-down, but you all know that is simply NOT TRUE. I’m a REAL Publishers Clearing House winner, and I can tell you first-hand: I needed the money, and I’m certainly no actor!

The other thing I want to tell you is: DON’T GIVE UP! Although the big “Forever” prize was awarded, that doesn’t mean that Publishers Clearing House is done making dreams come true. No way, no how. The Prize Patrol has LOTS more prizes to award, and big ones too! Didn’t you hear the $1,000,000.00 Plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life Mega Prize Event was back?

In my opinion, this is the time that PERSISTENCE and FAITH matters MOST. Looking back at the majority of past Publishers Clearing House winners, they all had these qualities. Upon winning they said: “I enter all the time!” In fact, more than a few had been entering for over 10 or even 20 years! I am sure that in that time period, they too had seen prizes come and go. But that didn’t stop them. They didn’t give up. And they, my friends, became WINNERS!

The same is true of me. Before my SuperPrize win in 2008, I had been entering on and off for about ten years. Sure there were times I would get let down, but with time, I actually started entering MORE. I figured that getting my name into the pot definitely couldn’t hurt. Plus, the more I did it, the more chances I had to win. Lo and behold, the Prize Patrol came a’knockin’ on my door August 2008.

Now, just a few years later, that door has been replaced with a big fancy red one. My husband and I paid off our debts, invested and built our dream home!

So you see, staying persistent and keeping the faith can definitely pay off BIG. So I ask you again: DON’T GIVE UP! Stay positive, keep on entering and maybe YOUR dreams will come true next!


Natalie Bostelman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

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Alexis Cole said...

It is very hard to stay positive when you never win anything. I have been trying to win from PCH since I was 18. I am now 21 and have yet to win. I have had a lot of faith in PCH and dreamed of being a millionaire but I am really startig to lose my faith. My family and really needs a lot of money. We have been staying in my GREAT grandparents old home and we have never owned a new vehichle. We have only enough to get by in life. I am going to continue entering in the PCH sweepstakes for now because my faith is not completely gone but I do not know how long I can last. I guess being a millionaire is not for me…

Tonya Roman said...

I am always happy for a winner- even if it was not me. I have full faith in PCH and to those who do not believe, just remember that there can only be one winner. At least a million people play, the odds are stacked against each player, but someone has to win. I am still hoping it will be me one day. In the mean time though, I am perfectly fine with feeling happy with those who won.

Kanika Loeung said...

August 31st wasn’t my lucky day but I am keeping in advance to enters PCH. I’ve had trying to play until my lucky day will come to me in some day!

Michael Rolle said...

I Am In the Runnings…In..it too Win it YES I’ve See Many Roll Over but did this STOP Me No..I Continued On.&.On I enter everything when time for Prize award day/date! Some Random Person Never or did not returned their Winning entry Numbers Issued to them On its giving Deadline dates: Question if so in the case of this Happening when you pick an Alternate winner, for Second chance Winner. do the Winner’s come from a winners Selection List of Entrants who’s Eligible to WIN in that Drawing or there Chosen by Contest Official because of both Numbers being Returned from ElIGIBLE CONTEST ENTRANTS at the Same Time From out of the Short List One is Chosen to Win am I Correct.

Joanna Mason said...

Thankyou for sharing your story, Natalie. I think you just gave alot of PCH contestants hope to not give up!! We all just need to remember that these are games and are for entertainment purposes. They are not promises, and there are no fixed winners. The people that think like this in my humble opinion need an attitude adjustment and need to remember what is truly important in life, and never forget that. Filling out all of these sweeps may take some time, but honestly I enjoy it because every time I fill one out I dream about all of the possibilities that might await my family and I someday =) Have a wonderful day all and Happy Labor Day!!

Stancio Butler said...

Since I didn’t win the “Forever” prize because Mr. John Wyllie of White City, Oregon already being the very FIRST recipient of the $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” prize last friday,can all of you give me a favor and send both a very nice friend request and a very nice private message to a retired lady named Wanda that she and the PCH prize patrol team will surprise me in person with something very special so now please all of you do that for me right away!

Mary Jenkins said...

I do not have on-line,,this is a work e=mail that cannot be used for reply e=mails first of all. I feel like I got sucked into pch, the official looking mail, my last name on the envelope,etc,etc,etc! I bought things that I really shouldn;t of been buying due to the high cost in shipping and handling.I know I was taking a risk,,but feel like I was also led to believe my chances of winning were more than good!! Was anyone else out there feeling the same?? I know I can’t be the only one,but I do know I am done. You must be so careful as if you put one of the playful stickers on then you could be buying something you don’t want!! I betcha this has happened to more then one of you?!! I forgot why I never did this in the past,,do I remember now. Well the winner got some of my money, that I really couldn’t afford to spend!! I am not upset w/the fact someone else won. I am glad to hear she could use it,,we all could. I am upset that pch reeled me in and gave me false hopes and tried to sneek me into putting a sticker where I would have been sucked into buying yet something else!!! Congrats to you winner!!! I am done,,never been into throwing my money away!!!!!

    Jussie At PCH said...

    Mary – no one is under any obligation to spend money in order to play, enter or win. With PCH, the winning is always free and purchasing something will absolutely not increase your chances of winning.

Tahisha said...

I agree with Natalie. Persistence is the key to success. Determination helps too. I don’t think anyone enter PCH as much as I do. I enter everything and I play every sweepstakes game everyday. I am never gonna give up, because I want to be just as happy in my life like all the other winners. I am praying my blessing come to me soon.

Pamela Crutcher said...

I’m holding on to my dream!!!!hahaha

Charles C. GlasgowIII said...

Really hope to win, no I pray daily I’ll win $5,000.00 a week forEVER so that I can will the weekly amount to the Red cCross .

Tonia Scott said...

so are you saying that a person has to enter for years just to win, thats seems to be what your saying…. what yall say is totally different from what yall do….. alot of people do see that.#justsayin#

a.b said...

since 2007 I stop playing other sweepstakes and commit myself only to PCH sweepstakes. And since that year I grabbed every entries opportunities I have to make me a winner. I enter online, by phone, by mail, through pch games and others. Even I don’t win a penny yet but I’m not give up my dream to have a prize patrol visit. Yes it’s hurt a lot when you know you need the money and you don’t win but that’s not gonna discourage me, because PCH is the only hope I have to get out of my apartment and live in my dream house, no offense to other sweepstakes but it is the truth.
In other way that’s doesn’t mean I’m a lazy person who waiting for a prize patrol visit to change my life, no i’m not lazy. Me and my husband we work hard for our family, but it’s big family with 5 children, so we didn’t bring enough to pay the bills and put on the side for savings. Specially this year we have a lot of evictions notice letter but thanks God we always find some help before the office management process the eviction, they already told us they not gonna renew our lease. so we still praying and hopping for a prize patrol visit. I’m a believer not a quiter.

Melanie Antry said...

The whole day I was hoping to win but something told me if I didn’t win that I was o.k. with it. I didn’t feel mad or anything negative. When I saw the winner I was actually very happy for Mr. Wyllie. The look on his face and his surrounding. I could tell he needed it the most. And you know what I even prayed and thank heavenly father for blessing him. I was saying to myself.. Oh well.. next time! I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing everyday.. entering.

maria estrella baccay platecki said...

anytime what happened still here kicking and breathing.your right natalie stays positive hopefully soon i could visit my kids you know how much i miss them.still here entering my lotto,sweepsteek,searching and playing games.i never never gave up the one i started.thank you so much

sandy b. said...

Hi Natalie! I truly believe that persistance does eventually pay. I have been entering every single day and pray that one day I will win but when I don’t, I don’t get down, I just keep on entering . I have convinced myself that one day it will be my turn. And that I too will be debt free and have my dream home. I also have faith in the lord and when my turn comes I will win. (Hopefully the next big giveaway) :)

sandy b. said...

Hey why does my comment s keep being removed from this blog every time I post one?

Mahir said...

Hi PCH i have been entering for 2 years and i have seen winners and each i felt happy for the winners, i believe in PCH and its all real i will never lose faith and i will win one day God bless you PCH for helping people in this tough time, and wish people good luck, thank you PCH.

jerah tharp said...

hey pch i want to win need it really times are very ruff and it would help out alot so pch please come to conneaut ohio again. It would be an honor to meet you guys

Jo Ann Metcalf said...

Hi this most likely is not the right place to do this but none of my e-mail links work & I keep trying but when I click on my e-mail it goes to a search page & not the right page. I have replyed to my e-mail hoping someone will read what I wrote. My e-mail links have been messed up for over a week now. How do I enter on my e-mails if they don’t work. I don’t what anyone at PCH thinking that I don’t want to win because I don’t click on the link that does not work. Please help or find someone at PCH to fix the e-mail links from PCH!!!! Thanks PCHsuperfan Jo Ann

Gina Castanza said...

playing to seek truth :)

Jor-El Pizarro said...

add your commen i like it! i like the fact that you integrated your story! but i have been entering on all the time every day for every prize i can or interest in since 07′ non stop! monday to sunday! not to diss or hate on the company but the emails of “the prize patrol will be on the road to your house should you enter and be selected the winner” or the ” your area is definitely in a prize area and someone definitely will win $1,000″ i mean i printed over 50 emails of those and even had the one that said give to Dave a copy of this and he will give you a check for $5,000 for you to start your day like a millionare… i mean emails like this swells you up in believing that you are really really in that winner’s list to be selected the winner! i mean i’m going to keep entering but even the links that you post sometimes or the actual PCH page or Danielle post don’t work and every time i click on them it says page not found or error 404… i mean that could off been the winning entry and i couldn’t get it because of this!… those are things that kinda irritates the pch follower and i think that contributes to the anger and upset of the majorities of the hating and dissing comments every time there’s a big winning moment! but again.. i’m going to keep entering because i know like i know like i know that the PCH Prize Patrol is going to come knocking on my door one day and not only will change my life forever but the lifes of those around me and the people i’m going to spread the wealth with!!! now i was wondering do you guys have hispanic or a latino winner ever in the history of awarding??? could i be the first? :D

Brad Bradley said...

I lived in that area for over 30 years and can tell you the sweeps prizes are not just awarded to people who are rich and don’t need the money, as I have read some say. White City is a very small town, and not many financially wealthy people living there. When I discovered someone in White Ccity, OR won it was big proof that anyone, anywhere could win. Never would have imagined someone from that small town, my home town area would be visited by the Prize Patrol, along with that big, beautiful check. I will continue to enter!

Georgina Turner said...

Hi Natalie Bostelman
2008 Super Prize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador
I love the words of encouragement and you can count on me to never give up. Good Luck to all.

Lolita Christian said...

I quit I can’t take the disappointment, although it would’ve been nice because both of my parents were laid off and I haven’t been able to find a job since I graduated college either I don’t have enough years of experience or my education makes me over qualified and my husband only makes 9.00 per hour. I even had to apply for foodstamps. I really needed to win, but oh well. I never win anything anyway, but congrats to the winner.

Charlotte golden said...

Hello, my name is Charlotte golden from Louisiana and i have been playing this sweepstakes for a while now. I continue to play on faith that I will one day be blessed, not just for me but for a family that’s been struggling financially to keep it together. We believe and we receive it right now

Shalila Jackson said...

I love PCH! I get so excited when the prize patrol goes out and I always follow them in hopes that one day they will knock at my door. I won’t give up the hope of one day winning something. I do believe that my dreams will come true and I pray that one day, no matter how long it takes, I will get that “knock” at my door. My family and I love ya’ll. Keep making those dreams come true! Thanks PCH!

Velyian (Vel) Woods said...

I’ll keep trying, whether I win or not because the message of PCH is positive overall, but I consider myself annoyingly positive. Now as a show says I take time to enjoy the view and part of that is enjoying the games of PCH and maybe in the process I may win. Who knows? Good Luck to all future winners.

Jeremy Maloney said...

Truth be told, I’ve always thought of PCH as somewhat of a scam, I’ve never won anything, everyone I know who’s played has never won anything, and it gets annoyingly spammy in email with messages of false hope or threats of disqualification. I’m not “convinced” PCH giveaways are even legit but you can’t win without entering right? Worse case, I wasted several months of replying to spam emails.

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Jeremy,

    PCH is not a scam. You never have to make a purchase to enter or to win any PCH Sweepstakes. Buying won’t improve your chances of winning either. PCH Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random, and each entry has the same chance of winning. You never know who will become the next BIG winner, so don’t lose hope!

    Victoria At PCH

Colleen Coats said...

My mother played and entered for years until her death in 2005, and I have played off and on over the years and have yet to win anything. I enter mainly because something was offered that interested me at the time, some time I wanted a magazine, others some trinket caught my eye, and others a deal I coud not find someplace else. Alway hope for a win but if not I still like the few thngs I have obtained, or that my mom passed on to me…

Gwendolyn Pindell said...

Hello again Mr. Dave!#PCH #Brain Teaser. Now answer to your question is PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE

Michaela G. said...

Thank you Natalie, I have been entering for years now too and I just think I am doing something wrong, so I just wanted to say I love everyone that tries there best to help and encourage me to never give up from PCH in hopes that one day my dreams will come true in winning SUPER MEGA BIG from PCH!!! I am sure a lot of people feel this way too!!! Well, I am looking forward in seeing who will win the November 26, 2013 for “$7,000.00 A Week for Life” and I am crossing my fingers that it will be me. It never hurts to enter everyday and to cross your fingers!!!

Just wanted to say “WOW” I am so very excited that it will be “$7,000.00 A Week for Life” give a way from PCH!!!

P.S.; The answer to your question is for ennui definition: a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction: Boredom

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Columbus Day and you do give us a lot of hope Natalie, thank you!!!

dennis klanchar said...

N beleive me been doing this for long time everyday the mailing was truly yours

tony Page said...

I think that you only say you are giving out money to lure people into buying things from you

Ronald McBee said...

This will be my last year to enter PCH so called giveaways! Since 1954 I have been entering these contest. I started entering hot and heavy in 2012 ! returned every mail order form, and found out it was on line last year! For the last year it took three roles of stamps toanswer all of them.Just bought another roll last week. spent thousands of hours reading and playing there games! enough is enough!

Peggy EsnRd said...

I am so done….

michael Robertson said...

I would love to win the forever prize
Lord help me now i need it more then ever
thanks PCH Amen

Barbara Brown said...

Good morning Popcaan clean house This is Barbara brown I would love to win $5,000 DallasA week for life I’m not choosy Ain’t no mountain to me Enough to get on my feet If I don’t have that home Just to pay off all my debt Will make me happy I can start a clean slate I really want to Thank you Publishers Clearing HouseFor the good things you do for people God bless all of you And good luck to all of us PS Hope to hear from you soon Barbara brown Number 3080

Sally Rawlins said...

What watts! & what a truly cool post.

Also sensible,and I needed it (I consistently need inputs of sensible! Not too heavy on sensibility, am I).

Back to Grand Winner, NB: It’s nice, to me, to read from a BIG winner…who had also …been there and done that, IE tried and lost…AND, kept on coming back!

Thank you, Natalie. &!Thank you, PCH, for keeping on keeping on putting the stuff out for the millions (?) of us who are determined also to hang around, actively, and…WIN.

YeeeeeeHa Natalie!