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  1. Working blog. I just got a notice about me completing the FINAL STEP! When question is how many FINAL STEPS! Does anyone know the meaning of FINAL??? IT MEANS: LAST! LAST MEANS ZIPPO, MADA, ZERO, ZILCH! Instead we keep getting final notices everyday and we look like gophers! Yeah we do want to win and we do what is required for the contest or sweepstake but please tear us like intelligent people and not retards. Give us YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT RESPECT AT LEAST! If you want to number the FINAL STEPS then say I/10, next notice 2/10, etc… This way it looks like you are playing with us like a dog on a leash. So again I am re-answering to the FAMOUS FINAL STEP! Because sincerely it makes us look like morons or you looking like the right hand doesn’t know what the left one is doing and just throwing out generated notices for nothing. Even wondering if you are really keeping track of all of this or simply just making sure that the number with the name was entered on time and the rest is propaganda by whoever handles the marketing in which case not only I think this way. Just friendly advise. That’s why lots of people get upset and don’t take you seriously. Thanks for the notice and have a great night.

  2. Prize Patrol, i wanna be the next Winner of $5,000.00 A Week “Forever”, oh yes i doooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!