Didn’t Win The PCH Sweepstakes? Try, Try, Try Again!

If you didn’t win the PCH Sweepstakes on August 31st, don’t give up: try, try, try again!

Well the big summer sporting event in London  isover, and it surely produced some memorable video clips – like Michael Phelps’ taking his 22nd medal, the American women’s gymnast team taking gold, the tears of joy not only on the faces of medalists but their proud parents, and numerous other thrilling moments.

But I remember too the many scenes of consolation: when a runner failed to clear a hurdle and his competitors came to support him off the track; when other hopefuls failed to qualify and their teammates offered them an embrace or shoulders to cry on. There always followed encouragement for the future – maybe a chance to go all the way in 2016.

If you didn’t win the PCH Sweepstakes on August 31st, let me encourage you not to give up.  I urge you to be like the many great athletes who went home without medals, but are determined to come back and try again.

There are always more Big Checks to be won in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, cash prizes worth thousands and millions of dollars.  There are always more trips to be made by our Prize Patrol to winners’ doors and the thrill of being told “You are a winner!”

So don’t despair.  Pretend you are an aspiring athlete with his or her sights on competing on the international stage. Go for it!

You can enter the PCH Sweepstakes every day at pch.com  … or surf on over to PCHSearch&Win, PCHgames or PCHlotto and try, try, try again there.  We offer lots of ways for you to play AND WIN! (Champion athletes practice every day, and we’re giving you daily opportunities to practice and win too.)

Wishing you all the best,

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

34 thoughts on “Didn’t Win The PCH Sweepstakes? Try, Try, Try Again!”

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  4. carla m antee says:

    Alright When I Do Harlem Shake it Prize Patrol

  5. Gary Lohden says:

    let’s keep it short ,, bring me the big check soon, thank you Gary Lohden

  6. Calandra kemp says:

    The sweepstakes says that the odds of win is 1 to 3,800,000,000 and out of the 3,800,000,000 this year they never find the number for the special early look so the second person can only win 1/3 of the prize at $1MILLION in 2014 I just want to win the super prize the show on tv every email I get I send it back and i never won so far I just want to see what is advertised on commercials is what that people win !!!!!! Cause I see that on the tv and I pay my cable bill and you guys are on the tv like 10 times aday like is a big win the car money every week and you guys be on you for free I don’t know if your sweepstakes is just for the fans or to have people but life inc. I get emails and I play the games and I Facebook but I know if you have so many people watching you on youtube you guys make money so I don’t know what to think anymore but if you show up I would like the money and I would like to youtube after I get the money what happens after the cameras go off and the flowers die I’m just saying you have so many people and my self that don’t believe it’s real cause the winners work with you guys how do we know you don’t have actors actors get paid to act out there roll prove me wrong please so I can watch someone win the super prize thanks you super fan

  7. michael Delao says:

    Its someone turn to win don’t give up an try agaen.PCh will let try try try again.MichaelDelao.

  8. suzanne says:

    First thing I do is get rid of that damned MASTER card then the rest of my bills, then I’d help my mom with the air conditioner and get her a NEW WALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Christy Dunlap says:

    What for why try again I’ve been trying for years I give up! I’ve already decided to give up on everything thing else nothing ever goes right so why should it start now I may as well just accept well I already have just the other night… so… so long pch..Christy Dunlap of Davie, Florida Rexmere Village

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