NEW PCH.Com — “One-Stop Shop” for Prize-Winning Fun!

Just when you thought couldn’t get any better — SURPRISE! — we’ve gone and done it. Now, more than ever, the NEW is your “one-stop shop” for prize-winning, play & win fun!

You asked for it, you got it. Incorporating ideas from PCH fans, we’ve made it even easier for you to enter our sweepstakes and WIN! We think you’ll find the whole experience more convenient, and overall, much more fun!

So, what can you expect from our new and improved website?

• MORE WINNING OPPORTUNITIES THAN EVER BEFORE! There are giveaways galore at the new! Every day, you’ll encounter sixteen — count ‘em — 16 sweepstakes entry opportunities, and at least 9 (soon to be 12!) INSTANT WIN GAMES! That’s a veritable “fairway” of exciting arcade games with chances to win up to $1,000.00 INSTANTLY! These opportunities are so compelling, I strongly suggest that you make the new your home page so you can enter and play first thing each day! (Remember: To win it, you have to get in it — as often as you can!)

But there’s more…

• SINGLE SIGN ON — Log in ONCE to access, PCHlotto and PCHslots! It couldn’t be easier!

• TODAY’S CHECKLIST — A quick and easy way to enter and keep track of your daily sweepstakes opportunities. Complete them all to unlock a BONUS — a exclusive INSTANT CASH GAME with a daily chance to win up to $10,000.00!

• TOKENS — Now you can score tokens when you enter sweeps and play instant win games. What are tokens? Tokens are like virtual currency — rewards you give yourself! You get tokens when you create an account, claim prize entries, play instant cash games, watch winner videos, and download the Save&Win coupon printer. The more active you are at, the more chances you’ll have to bank tokens! What can they get you? Tokens can be redeemed for EXTRA chances to win any prize of your choice at our redemption center!

Bright, colorful, and more fun than ever, the new is truly your “one-stop shop” for the prizes you want and the games you love to play & win. Instant win and sweeps opportunities abound, so check it out now, and let us know what you think. WE think you’ll LOVE it!

Have fun and good luck!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Danielle Lam, Prize Patrol Elite, is on the road this week delivering 2 major cash prizes! Stay tuned to the PCHBlog for the winning moment stories!

27 thoughts on “NEW PCH.Com — “One-Stop Shop” for Prize-Winning Fun!”

  1. MisbahMalik says:

    You r right I still have to ask them how to get the Mount of token. You will be shocked to hear when I started at530in the morning the top one were at 122,77 and his tokens were the same at 11pm. Great how it’s possible he made this amount in 5 hrs P,ease explain I smell it fishy !

    1. MisbahMalik says:

      Sorry for typing errors

    2. MisbahMalik says:

      Pch ur new games disappeared I played them for two days Now cannot find it .please keep everything under one roof will be easy for everyone otherwise it’s disappointing

  2. Larry Ridenour says:

    Can someone please explain to me how it’s possible to get 3 to 4 times more Tokens per day than the highest daily amount I have ever gotten? I average around 50 to 60 thousand Token every day. But people at the top of the Token Leaderboard get 120 to 150 thousand Token consistently every day. And I think I’m playing every possible game at on both my PC and my smart phone. The games at don’t count. No matter what I do I can only reach a maximum of around 70 thousand Token on any 1 day which is a rare occorance. Now on the new Leaderboard the last people on page 55 (273 people on the list) has 74 thousand or more. How can this be??? I must be missing a major amount of games or opportunities somewhere. So would someone, anyone please tell me what I’m missing! I would like to compete and maybe someday see my name on the board. But there is no way possible to even have a chance at the totals I get compared to what looks like everyone else! A little help PLEASE!

    1. karen says:

      hi, larry, actually, I have that same question about the tokens, are we missing some major play some where?

      1. Larry says:

        No, I found the total tokens won each day for me varies greatly. Days I have hit the board up high and others I couldn’t come close to last one on the board at 3 times my token total for the day. Just be sure to play everything across the board on the “Home” screen from HOME across through to SUPER FAN. Also do it on your phone too for more tokens! ;-)

  3. Judy JacquezRansom says:

    I stop shop entry’s ,oh so needed!

  4. nancy roark says:

    like play the games , ready to win, i need a house…

  5. scottwajerski says:

    when are the coming out with the new token leaderboard

  6. naheed khan says:

    i awaiting for the good time ,when my name will be announce as a winner of mega event and prize,of gwy,no ,1830 ,so that time was amazing for me and my family and friend too,

  7. naheed khan says:

    can i see this a winner so many hope and wishes for this .pch prize winning game ,

  8. kenneth lucas says:

    I want to win pch mega superprize 1830
    Good luck to eveybody

  9. Roma Sue Noffsinger says:

    Is it Real or a Fantasy..I Won Publisher Clearing House..Or is it a Dream..

  10. Roma Sue Noffsinger says:

    I’m Wishes,Hoping,Dreaming and Praying..I Win Publisher Clearing House..I would Love to see that Big and Small Check in my Hands..Plus I get to finally Meet the Prize Patrol Team,that would be Fantatic,Wonderful,Extaordinary,and a Outrage Dream come True for me..Thank you For Lessoning to me..Have a Nice Day..

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