Fall TV Is Back! What Are YOU Watching?

Kids are back to school… sweaters are coming out of their drawers…summer, I’m afraid, is over. This Saturday is the first day of fall, and while a lot of you out there might be a little down in the dumps about this, I, for one, am excited! Fall is, hands down, my FAVORITE season. Blame it on the apples. Blame it on the dark nail polish. Blame it on the tall boots I just love to love. But I am a sucker for fall.

Probably one of the biggest reasons I have “fallen” for fall is because it means the return of Fall TV. I know, I know, call me a couch potato, but I’ll be the first one to admit I’m obsessed with the big black box. And while there are certainly some awesome shows to watch over the summer, it’s not nearly as impressive as the TV lineup in fall.

Do you agree? What are YOU watching this fall? Here’s my weeknight schedule…

Monday: 90210, Gossip Girl, Smash AND Dancing With The Stars (BUSY night!)

Tuesday: The Voice

Wednesday: The X Factor

Thursday: Glee

Friday: NOTHING! (Hey, a girl’s got to go out sometime!)

I mean if that doesn’t make a girl want to start popping some popcorn and get comfy on the sofa, I don’t know what does!

But did you guys notice something about my list? All of my favorite shows (and when you think about it, most shows on TV) are either about:

1)     The lives of the fabulously rich…


2)     People making their dreams come true.

Interesting, right? Well my thing is…why watch it when you can live it? In other words…why watch shows about people who are rich and making their dreams come true, when you could actually make it happen for yourself?

As an employee of Publishers Clearing House, I have every reason to be a couch potato — I can’t win! But YOU CAN!! So turn off that tube and get entering now at pch.com! Then who knows…maybe one day you can watch your winning moment on the best “TV” there is — PCHTV!

Amanda C.

Amanda C., PCH Creative

PCH Creative

P.S. I’m so curious to know if we watch any of the same shows! Comment below and let me know: what are you watching on TV this fall?

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Kanika Loeung said...

I am not watching TV at all because I taking the time to entry PCH games I like it is fun. I wish to watch my winning moment on the best TV in someday!

sandy b. said...

Hi, I love to watch fall Tv too but I would love to win lots and lots of dough from pch instead. ( :

Debra Shellabarger said...

I will be watching Dancing With The Stars(mondays),The Voice(tuesdays),Surviver(wednesdays),would love to be on Survivor, Vampire Diaries(thursdays,mother/daughter thing), and not sure about Fridays, I take care of 3 of my grandbabys a lot so it depends. I will though, above all else continue to religiously, relentlessly enter every PCH sweepstake that I can and keep Dreaming Big! I do have to get internet for my computer though so I can do pchlotto and games SOON !

Michelle said...

Yes, same T.V. shows. Except Sponge Bob is added to the list with an array of Football games.
Friday night is spent with three kids, four dogs, and Pizza with kids/rental movies. There are times I dwell on being that single girl/fun in the City. But, I would not give up this life for anything. Not a dull moment here!!!
Have a great week!!!

Stancio Butler said...

Hi, way back in the fall of 1990,I used to watch a video game reviewing television show in syndication called Saban’s Video Power and I used to watch a television cartoon show on ABC called New Kids On The Block based on a real life pop/soul music band of both the late 80′s and the early 90′s. Did anyone remember back then in 2006 when you already notify me as a winner by mail and I already mail back to you right away when the Prize Patrol didn’t surprise me with my real check for the very first time ever so now what happen, do anyone still have my real check from back then at PCH Headquarters even today, how much was it back then in december of 2006,and when are the Prize Patrol going to catch up surprising me with my real check from back then?
Have a great week!!!

Michaela G. said...

Thank you Amanda C., PCH Creative for that insightful letter!

Just to let you know I do not watch any of your tv shows because, I have a child and we do not watch to much tv. But before I had my child I could see me doing what you do. I think there should be a reality TV for PCH winners before and after winning, this is just and idea. I think you would make a lot of money and more people would enter PCH. I would love to know what you think about this idea.

Happy, Happy, Happy FALL!!!

Pauline Witbeck said...

I mostly listen to the radio, cause I don’t like biased news agencies, and I can do PCH at the same time.

lfhpueblo said...

Football games, because hubby watches them. I tend to watch older shows. I like when TCM has the classic black and white movies, example “No Man Of Her Own” which I believe Mrs. Winterborne was an updated version of. I like seeing the black and white shows and thinking to myself what newer Movie or TV show might have or is a newer updated version of it. I’m not much into reality TV, but I’ll watch ice road truckers with my husband. He seems to enjoy it so very much.

Melzora Towne said...

I would love to be watching the fall line up, but for the last 2 years we have not had cable, and out here they switched to HD TV and you either have to have cable or a converter box to get any channels, so we just don’t have TV anymore, which is kinda sad, I used to love Big Bang Theory and several other shows, but C’est la vie.

Debra Roddy said...

I am watching 90210 and Dancing with the Stars !!!! Good Shows I think .

Patty Austin said...

My favorite shows are NCIS &
The Big Bang Theory.
I REALLY want to win money here at pch.
Thank you for giving away money !

robert e. rogers said...

my tv is off.i am trying my best to figuer out just how to win a gift from u- pch. and also how to win this nov.30th $1m plus $5,000.00.

Terry Baker said...

Big Bang Theory-even the weekend
repeat this afternoon-and I stumbled into watching The Voice
3 weeks ago & I may be hooked on
that too. Of course most Football
that’s on-if only I had cable or

joannie gilvin said...

i like watching tv some times but i love playing pch games