Prize Patrol Winning Moment: “It’s Real!”

Winning moment for Maxine Richeson wasn’t a commercial…it was real!

On Tuesday, 9/11 the PCH Prize Patrol was in Burleson, TX to award Maxine Richeson a BIG check for $30,000.00!  Many people ask me how people react when they see the Prize Patrol standing at their door – well let me tell you, this winning moment was one for the record books.  I tend to shed a tear from time to time, but THIS time I cried extra tears of joy for this lucky winner.

When we arrived at Maxine’s home, she had JUST left to go to the doctor’s office to receive treatment, but would be returning home soon.  Luckily her daughter Diana was home and WOW was she shocked.  The minute she saw the Prize Patrol at the door she burst into tears and exclaimed “Oh you don’t know what this will do for her. The insurance has turned her down, the ceilings are falling.” Diana told us how much this money is going to mean to her mother, who had been entering the PCH sweepstakes for over 20 years! I believe it because as I was speaking with Diana inside her mother’s home, I happened to notice a PCH mailing package on the table!!!

20 minutes later, Maxine arrived home and the Prize Patrol drove up for the BIG surprise. Maxine opened the door and immediately flung her arms around me.  With tears streaming down her face she embraced me with such excitement and love, I just couldn’t help but cry along with her. Through the tears Maxine said: “Oh thank god thank god. My Home is falling apart, it really is. We’ve had so much bad luck lately, but God is so good!”   There wasn’t a dry eye around – everyone could see how thrilled she was to win this $30,000 from PCH.

Check out this GREAT news coverage from WFAA (ABC) in Dallas, TX! WFAA news anchor Gloria Campos said something in her story that I’ve absolutely loved: “We’ve seen it hundreds of times on TV…but this isn’t a commercial, it’s real – VERY real for the Richeson family.”

Now let me ask YOU PCH fans: would you like to see a REAL winning moment in your state…your town…OK even your home?! If I knocked on your door, would you give me a big ol’ hug just like Maxine?  How would YOU react? Comment below with your answers – I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!  And then be sure to enter at!

Good luck everyone!

Danielle Lam

Prize Patrol Elite

34 thoughts on “Prize Patrol Winning Moment: “It’s Real!””

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Very much so

  2. I’d probably do a combination of all those, lol. It’s nice to see the videos when people win too.

    1. lou, you are so right ,that sounds just like me.

  3. Linda Kyser says:

    I cry when I see older winners and winners with children…I’m sure they are having an answer to prayer. I guess I’m just an old softie!!

  4. may i say i need a miriacle

  5. i have bad news i like to keep out if something where to happen it could not have come soon enough

  6. Carrie says:

    I would be a crier and a huger cause I have struggled my hole life like I said before and I’m so tired of wondering when the next check is comeing or for that matter the next meal life has been so hard for me and I try to be nice to everyone it is hard to smile at people who put you down and stomp on you but I do cause I believe in karma

  7. chris Holley says:

    Danielle is beautiful& I would love to meet ,I think I

  8. Bring paramedics and an empty bucket to catch my tears.

  9. Patty Ellis ❤ says:

    First off my mother told me that nothing in life is ever free and that she’s been playing PCH since I was little and I’m 46 now , But I still believe I still enter and I still pray and hope that one day I’ll open my door and the Prize Patrol will be there, I know there is a lot of people that could use this including myself , Lord knows what my needs are and what desperation I feel at times. I put my trust in him and if PCH draws my name then I know that it’s my time to prosper and flourish and share and give and spread the wealth and love as I believe in paying it forward !! I not only would take care of myself and my 15 yr. old daughters future , I would make sure the money was used wisely by securing our current unknown situation to a more permanent debt free , paid in full home owning , unlimited financial freedom , peace and happiness one. That includes myself, My kids , even my two grown sons as well as my family, my friends, and yes maybe even some strangers , as I said before , I believe in paying it forward and making a difference in someone’s life whomever that is!! So yes I BELIEVE I have the same chance as the next person does, so I continue my entries , continue my playing numbers , entering every PCH giveaway and contest they have !! What does it hurt by doing so? NOTHING!! It gives hope to the hopeless, it gives a little fun to the person who needs a little fun in their life , it gives people hope still that YES SOMEDAY IT MIGHT JUST BE MY TURN. So with that said I will still play I will still watch I will still celebrate even if somebody else wins because that person obviously needed it more than I do . But just in case I should win , I can’t wait to say to my mama “see mama it really does happen they really do pay ” I’m so blessed to still have my mama on this earth!!! So my friends with all that said , PLEASE continue to play ,continue to hope , continue to dream , and continue to make a difference any way possible in your life and the life of others. After all that’s what life is all about !!! A Loving ,caring ,sharing , beautiful ,hopeful , and grateful ❤ and spirit makes life and any situation better. Good luck and God bless!!!! PS; Thank you PCH for allowing anyone the opportunity to better their lives their situation and themselves..

  10. More than interthingt in the world I WANT MY OWN HOME THERS NOT ENOUGHT ROOM AND I desparetelly need ahome of my own so I PRAY ALL THE TIME AND HOPE GOD SENDS ME A MERRICAL SO I can do many thangs and have a mutch better life and I WANT TO HELP THE POOR HELPLESS AND INNOSENT HAVE A BETTER FUTURE AND HAVE MANY IDEALS TO DO THAT .I need abetter place and want to hang all my art work up and dolls and notlive in aplace like this and etc help me to win at pch thank you and god bless you. yours sinserelly DORIS Binion at 650 TOWER

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