Your First Million From PCH: Would You Spend or Save?

If you won The PCH Mega Prize on November 30th, would you spend or save the first million?

All right, PCH fans, let’s put it all on the table. I’d like you to really think about the question above: Imagine if you become the lucky winner of the Mega Prize on November 30th. You’ve just received $1,000,000.00 ON THE SPOT! After you leap into Todd Sloane’s arms or give Danielle Lam and Dave Sayer a big bear hug…after the Prize Patrol drives away and your head stops spinning…what would you do with that first million dollars, knowing you’d get weekly payments of $5,000.00 for the rest of your life? Would you save it, or go on a spending spree like the world has never known?

Wow, talk about a “million dollar question,” this really is food for thought! I’m getting chills just thinking about it! After all, becoming a millionaire overnight would change your life forever.  So how would you handle a windfall this HUGE?

I bet there are a “million” things going through your mind right now. Spend or save…spend or save?

Would you have a plan of action? Would you know what to do? Oh, dear friends, I hope so! There’s no right answer here, only what’s right for YOU. Whatever will keep you secure and worry-free, and yes, of course, happy!

Let’s weigh the options:

Say you decide to spend. Suddenly, you have your choice of big-ticket items like cars, homes, vacations, designer clothes and jewelry. Maybe you’d opt to throw a huge party and invite everyone you know! Or perhaps you have other priorities, like paying off your mortgage and credit card debt, hospital bills and college tuition.

On the other hand, say you decide to save your first million dollars. Tuck it away in a secure account with high interest…even invest it. Perhaps you’d like to make sure your parents are cared for in their elder years, or fund your retirement and open trusts for your little ones. Not as fun and “sexy” as a shiny new luxury automobile or a vacation home in Maui, but when you weigh instant gratification against long-term security, you could enjoy true peace of mind.

Just food for thought, PCH fans. I know that every one of you hopes the Prize Patrol — “America’s most welcome drop-in guests” — will drop in on YOU on November 30th with the Mega Prize. But in order for that to happen, you of course have to enter! So go on and enter today! And don’t forget to comment below and tell us what YOU would do: SPEND OR SAVE!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

176 thoughts on “Your First Million From PCH: Would You Spend or Save?”

  1. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    For me, paying off bills….

  2. Greg Tharaldson says:

    I spend some and save some so I never have a tough situation again I have wrote in the blog so many time you must know what I plan on doing with if I become the super prize Winner it jest takes me so long to put it all in

  3. Greg Tharaldson says:

    If this happen to me, the first thing I would do is to purchase medical health insurance for myself and family, cause we don’t have any, and I would like to put my family in to a nicer home my Wife and I have a few pick out the one we live in is full of holes and it takes lots fuel to heat especially when its been 33 degrees below zero. The one we like the most! has three bedroom and the exterior has log-siding and the in side has car side through-out with all new appliances however we wood have to buy new furniture, new beds and etc. it comes with a detach three car garage with a work shop, that can be fix up for a small living quarters, also theirs a 40′ x 60′ shed ( pull barn ) which half of it been fix up for living in, with two bedrooms., and the other half I like to make stuff out of wood, so I would be buying a lot of new tools. However this property set on 160 acres it wraps around a small lake which is loaded with fish, that’s good because I like to fish so then I probably be buying a new boat something I been wanting to have for a long time, and then I’m sure my Wife would say we new a newer car also I think I would have to buy a truck with a plow on it because the driveway is long,. it mite not go in that order cause I like to get all the bill’s paid-off first, I would like to invest in to Solar panels and win mills to generate electricity for the property, and outside security cameras around the property. I’m also in to gardening because I like fresh veggies. I would definitely put some money a way for saving and I would like to set a side some money for my daughters college funds for her when she gets to that point,. I know what its like to be cold so I probably donate some money for the homeless and for the food self as for I can recall they have help me out couple times, I guess I just would like to pay back the people that has help me out in the pass. after that I would like to set up some time for some vacation and visit family and friends, and just Live a good life.

  4. Richard Gartman says:

    First I would set down and try to get calm! Be sure to spend time with Prize patrol. After calming down a Day or two and I was would try to make a plan and Star a budget.
    First Estimate girts to Church Children’s Hospitals(2)
    Then Have someone estimate the
    Tax. The Wife and I will start
    plans on what we want to do. We will make plans so that we would have funs for ever. If our gift was an annuity paying weekly I would take the budget now and make changes necessary.
    I hope that I can Do unto others and I want them to do.

  5. Michaela G. says:

    Good morning Joyce W., well I came across this blog that I wrote a year ago and I just wanted to say thank you for just letting me vent at that time in my life, but sad to say my father did passed away, I miss him a lot but he is in a better place. And thank you for all your prayers!

    Here is my answer to your question: I would “SAVE” my first Million and than save each month so I could purchase that car and go on that trip with the weekly money that comes in. I know I would ask PCH for advice on what to do only because you all have seen it all, so I would think you would know what to do with all that money.

    I wrote this to Deborah Holland on 2.11.11, it is just my small and big list of things I would do if I won MEGA SUPER BIG from PCH!

    My small list: would be to update my house and my parents house and pay off our mortgages. Pay for health care for my family. I am sure I would purchase some more cars for other people in my family. We would plan many trips to the US continent and other places around the world. I could put a way some money for my son so he could go to college; since my son has been 6 years old he has wonted to be a Pediatric doctor. My husband could retire early, but he would be working for me now, he he he, I would pay him a wage and keep him busy. Help our community, our church and some scholarships to my son’s school.

    My big list: We all take care of our parents and I would try to purchase the two houses next to my parents so we could all move in next door, that way we would have our own space, but still be close to them. I would love to go back where my family is from “Ireland” and we also could purchase a condo in California or Philadelphia where our extended family is still there. That way we could be close to them too. I could dream on and on…but I am sure you have herd this all from other PCH fans, so I will just say this I will keep on dreaming about winning and entering PCH with a smile on my face!!!

    P.S. I do not know if I could do all of these things if I were to win SUPER MEGA BIG, but saving, saving, saving and then in time will tell.

  6. Teresa DeMarco says:



    I LB, Do have a plan of action: To stay true to my word to ME, TO DO ME” Not to be selfish, I DESERVE THIS…Opon recieving 1000,000,00,After embracing Todd,Daniell, Dave and everyone accopanying them and Exhaling, My plans are to both save and spend, Immediately saving half, seek professional help for such a windfall, getaway, return, pay off all debts, stabilize (ME) mylife in all means, after addressing my,& immediate family needs, i will than reach out to others, My promise is to not allow my windfall to change who i am, that been said… Dave,Daniell, Todd, “WORLD” I’M READY AND WAITING !

  8. Domonique Bowman says:

    First and foremost, I would give back to my wonderful parent that raised me. Then I would build a shelter or homeless people. So in other words I would spend a good portion, and save whatever is left over after treating myself.


  10. Invest for the future and spend on Charities and family!

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