Have You “Liked” The PCH Fan Page Yet?

Well, thanks to the “likes”, comments, shares and support of great fans like you, Publishers Clearing House has had the honor of being placed on Digiday’s List of the Top 10 Most Engaging Brands on Facebook ! We are all very excited about this really important achievement, but the truth is that we couldn’t have done it without you!  So THANK YOU PCH Fans — we wish we had a “love” button to show you how much you mean to us!

But since Facebook doesn’t have a “love” button (yet!), we try our best to show our love by bringing you “likeable” moments – and I think it’s safe to say that the PCH Fan Page on Facebook  has played host to SO many great things, don’t you? Like the Lucky Loot Wheel and Photo Caption Contest. I just love both of these! You know what else I love? How you can enter the PCH sweepstakes or register to become a PCHsuperfan, enabling you to double your winnings if you become the lucky recipient of a prize between $10,000.00 and $1,000,000.00! How cool is that?

Plus, the Fan Page is a great way to stay in the know on prize days…we post the winning moments before anyone else! And our posts on the other days of the year are pretty fun, too.

So, have YOU liked the PCH Fan Page on Facebook yet? If not, you’re missing out on all the crazy cool things we have to offer. C’mon…why don’t you “like us” today?

If you ARE a fan, again, THANK YOU! I know I speak for myself and everyone involved in social media at PCH in saying that the best part of the job is hearing from our fans! So please, comment below and tell us…what do you like best about being a fan? And what are YOUR favorite types of posts?

Jussie Wilder
Social Media

P.S. The PCH Fan Page isn’t the only one to “like”! Why not give a “thumbs up” to these pages, too: PCHSearchAndWin, PCHgames, PCHtips, PCHlotto, Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol, Dave Sayer PCH Prize Patrol, Todd Sloane PCH Prize Patrol, Deborah Holland PCH, Alan Sterling at PCH, Victoria Zimmerman at PCH and Laura Wolfe at PCH. And of course me, Jussie Wilder at PCH!

30 thoughts on “Have You “Liked” The PCH Fan Page Yet?”


  2. all the email you send me I really hope I have a chance to be a winner and also be able to have the publishers clearing house stop by my house please that will be a bless at 2106 24th street I really need it also all the games that I play also

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  4. Chris Holley says:

    no one from Danville Al.35619 zip code area from drawing3080 on 11/28/13 with the initials CH won anything much less the largest prize ever awarded said from you ,in my letter and it wasn’t from a scammer,it was from your prize patrol headquarters in ny ,I checked, you at PCh have a merry Christmas, some wont

  5. Chris Holley says:

    you know what PCh ,just keep robbing and lieing to poor people,I don’t have to destroy you people bad karma will hit you or your loved ones ,@ first you’ll probably deny it’s happening, it may already be,but the only way to stop the bad you brought upon yourselves,is honor your promise ,while you have Christmas lots of folks that gave to you & believed,will do without !!! So roll on !!!!

  6. luis tamayo says:

    I have a sorprise for PCH Luis

  7. Thank You… all of you who work for Publisher’s Clearing House. You give the feeling you really care about us. By that I mean everyone that joins PCH.com. I will speak for myself. I read about the things you do for people…you give us a voice…you allow us to express our true feelings about many situations happening in our lives. You connect. You really do the things you say…Big or small. It all helps. I pray where ever I may live or go to be able to stay connect with the PCH FAMILY!!! Keep up the “GREAT WORK”! I truly learn through using your website! Thanks again! GOD BLESS all of “YOU”!

  8. Susan Maynard says:

    Thank You for the opportunity to write a note to you.
    I’ve never got interested in a contest before, but with
    all the emails you send me and talking up how the chances are of winning, I have never been hyped!
    You always heard the old saying, and I guess it is true,
    You have to “play” in order to “win”!
    If I do not win anything, I sure had FUN TRYING!!!
    Susan M

  9. Romulo Gulosino says:

    Rarin to win this favorite game of chance. If given the chance, am sure a lot of people will be happy especially those who are most in need!

  10. Carl Moreno says:

    im stuck in victorville ca .92395

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