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  2. Lee Rusch says:

    i just got an e-mail from PCH saying to e-mail DTDC in New Delhi for my $1,000,000.00 prize from Mr. Roy Thompson, i decided to do C.O.D. on my winnings!!! What a joke these people are…

    1. Shanny says:

      I sent the follow as a reply to the same email that you got.

      Please send United States license number assigned to you by the government to prove you are licensed to do business in the US. I will contact the Better Business Bureau to verify this number. Then contact you. Thank you

      I have yet to hear from them ha ha

  3. Donna Guravich says:

    Received an announcement for the 2nd time that I won a cash prize of $650,000.00 from PCH and sponsors Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. It said I was selected 3rd place, and it was post marked from Canada. I also received a phone call regarding this prize.
    It was signed Andrew Goldberg, President and CEO of PCH.
    Getting tired of people saying I won a huge amount of money and it turns out to be a scam. I’ve been a PCH customer from the 1970’s. Sure could use some of that prize money…..

    Donna Guravich,

  4. Diane Wyatt says:

    Scam how you found to day Mrs wyatt/

  5. Sharon says:

    Just got a FB msg. tonight from Danielle Lam (NOT) it was a scammer trying to get me to go buy the green dot card. Said I won 2 million + 10,000 a month plus BMW. Yes I wish it was true I could use something positive in my life.

  6. John David Morris II says:

    Received an email from Dave Sayer saying I was one of four one million dollar winners. They wanted way too much personal information and wanted me to email that too them. This definitely felt wrong.

  7. Laurel says:

    I just got an e-mail (not facebook) from Deborah Holland, Vice President, PCH. It said I was one of several that just won $1 million. Sent me a code # to reply back confirming I had received the e-mail. Once I sent it back w/code, I received a form to fill out — which I have not done, since this is most likely a scam, and I don’t want to give them any personal information.

    Has anyone received anything like this? Thanks!

  8. Timothy Valenzia says:

    I was on Facebook and a Todd sloane PCH had ask if I felt lucky today then told me that I have won $1,000,000,000 and that the prize patroll will come bye to give me the check. Then they said that they need a card for $299 so that they can give it to the bank for the check to be turned over to them so they can bring it out. “SCAM” they tried to give me pictures of them all and said as soon as I got this card they would send them out I played along with him for about an hour and he keep saying that it’s for real. I said bring me the money then I may get him the card then, then I ask him to tell me my address he said my old town and state I said goodbye! Persistent, and will go on forever
    PS. Please don’t fall for it they pay you and don’t ask for any money

  9. Gina McCulloh says:

    Who is Johnny Extramann? When I enter it always has this name before it switches to mine

  10. I would to win and help as my people as I could, but I keep getting emails on address I don’t use for PCH. A Mr. Cobb and Mr.Sayer keep telling me to send personal information, shipping fee and other things to DTDC in new Delhi.It’s pissing me off. Makes me and other people that interact with PCH not want to trust cite. Hope they get what they deserve.

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