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  1. Or we all could be winners…

  2. Irma R.Serrano says:

    IRMA R.Serrano again,the emails I have received are also from Deborah Holland but end up in my spam box!How could this be.?

  3. Irma R.Serrano says:

    HHi,My name is Irma R.Serrano and I have received phone calls telling me that I have been entered in $1 million Sweepstakes but if I have Z visa,OR mastercard.They are calls from Georgia and are stating from Publishers..These are scams,But letters and Phone calls is too much!

  4. Laura Martin says:

    I received amessage from telling me to respond to Chris Irving to claim y prize,is this to a scam?

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Laura, we’re sorry, you’ve been contacted by a scammer claiming to be from PCH. We will never contact winners of a major prize via phone, text, email, mail or on Instagram. PCH does not send out friend requests, private messages, or chats on Facebook or Instagram. Also, we will never ask you to pay money to claim a PCH prize. We provide numerous videos, blogs, and tips to recognize these scammers: Stay Safe!

  5. deb billotti says:

    i was notifiied i won and need to conact is this real

  6. Donna Edwards says:

    My name is Donna Edwards, 1220 Sheppard Rd., Jamestown, Tn 38556.

  7. LOIS LESTER says:

    I too get encouraging emails, saying I am in the winning group, and that I am finalized and confirmed over and over on different PCH pages, which I may win – as i have a winning number, etc. I get numerous emails everyday from a and PCH pages, verifying that I am near the win. i have kept up with this for weeks, and it is still asking me to play games and enter this,& that, and need to verify that and also need to confirm and confirm to be a winner. I give up, and think this is alot of bull.
    Some emails sounds legit and I don’t know where to believe them or not. But I quit – and if I win – I win and will wait for the balloons, flowers and the Big Check to surprise me. I hope that will be the case as I can use it..and need it badly. I am not holding my breath.


    1. Judy Hoffman says:

      I received an e-mail stating that I am a finalist. With a batch# and reference number. when I typed in the information I ended up here some way. Could you let me know if it’s the real deal? The email address was

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