85 thoughts on “scam1”

  1. Donna Edwards says:

    My name is Donna Edwards, 1220 Sheppard Rd., Jamestown, Tn 38556.

  2. LOIS LESTER says:

    I too get encouraging emails, saying I am in the winning group, and that I am finalized and confirmed over and over on different PCH pages, which I may win – as i have a winning number, etc. I get numerous emails everyday from a and PCH pages, verifying that I am near the win. i have kept up with this for weeks, and it is still asking me to play games and enter this,& that, and need to verify that and also need to confirm and confirm to be a winner. I give up, and think this is alot of bull.
    Some emails sounds legit and I don’t know where to believe them or not. But I quit – and if I win – I win and will wait for the balloons, flowers and the Big Check to surprise me. I hope that will be the case as I can use it..and need it badly. I am not holding my breath.


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