42 thoughts on “checklist”

  1. shaquera says:

    I Need The Money

  2. hi i and to claim the bonus superprize entry to complete we here to win in hope to
    draw my name

  3. yes I wont to win get some new stuff buy a house and more help my family

  4. Vanessa Ingram says:

    Vanessa Ingram 401 s.e. 18ct. Ft.laud. fl 33316 did not here from yu sll if I have to rejoin this is my address please I would like to join by Vanessa Ingram Thank Yu

  5. Deb Therault says:

    It is such a fun way to play for prizes. The variety of games keep inspiring one to want to win.

  6. Bertha M. Douglas says:

    I think pch is great and I want too win

  7. barbarahelton says:

    yes i am in it to wi it yes yes yes

  8. Candance chambers says:

    add your comment here

  9. steven Rench says:

    I want to win so bad, but i don’t think i,m getting all the clues.Damn?

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