Do You Want A PCH Extreme Makeover For Your Finances?

For two-to-three years now I’ve been blogging about the Great Recession eventually coming to an end.  And I guess most economists think that it has.  The Dow Jones is dancing around the 13,000 mark (a nice improvement over two years ago), and every now and then housing starts or employment numbers show a slight gain.  But the recovery is still painfully slow – especially for impatient people like me and YOU – assuming you are someone who’d like to enjoy a lifetime of financial security by winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Until the European financial troubles and turmoil are resolved or our presidential election in November is over, we may have to settle for some uncertainty.

But one thing is certain: the Prize Patrol will keep delivering Big Checks worth thousands, even millions of dollars, to real people like you; and for those lucky folks who are winners in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, life could change dramatically.

How about you?  Could your finances use an “extreme makeover”?  I expect that every one of you reading this would respond with a resounding “You betcha!”

If you win you will join a family of PCH winners that started growing in 1967 when we first started our sweepstakes.  So you can imagine that it’s a pretty big family by now – with over $240 million in prizes awarded.  I’ve become personally acquainted with hundreds of winners over the 31 years I’ve been with Publishers Clearing House, and I can assure you that there’s not a single one of them who isn’t glad they entered our sweepstakes.  You can see many of them and their “winning moments” at and on YouTube.

Want to join the family and give your finances an “extreme makover”?  It’s easy to get started by clicking on this link to where you can enter todayand every day — for a chance to win, and I mean WIN BIG like our $1,000,000.00 Plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life Mega Prize on November 30th!  So don’t delay.  Take steps to start your economic recovery and financial security at once!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

153 thoughts on “Do You Want A PCH Extreme Makeover For Your Finances?”

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  2. Michaela G. says:

    Hi Dave, Yes, you are right about the USA economists future and that is why I enter PCH everyday so when I win the (#4900) prize from PCH my family and I could be financially set for life!!! I just have to think very positive that this will happen for US!!!

  3. Ruth V PERRY says:

    Some day I hope I will be pch winner. This will be a blessing for me. Fix the house, pay all my bills. Go on that much needed vacation with the family.

  4. Yes Dave sayer I do need that it will be wonderful to get it

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