Special Early Look For PCH $1,000,000 SuperPrize Weeks Away!

Have you got your entry in for the October 31st SuperPrize yet?

BOO – I mean HEY, blog readers! With all this talk about the November 30th Mega Prize Event, I hope you didn’t forget about the other big event coming up this October 31st. No, I don’t mean Halloween. I’m talking about the October 31st PCH $1,000,000 SuperPrize Event!

If you’ve received e-mail notices about this SuperPrize Event, I hope you’ve entered! The deadline is coming up on October 22nd! (By the way, if you don’t currently receive email notices from us, you can sign up to receive them at pch.com).

Now this SuperPrize Event is a “Special Early Look,” which means if the winning number is timely returned, we will definitely award $1,000,000 on Halloween! Make no bones about it!

What’s that, you ask? “What’s a ‘Special Early Look’?” Well, scarecrow, if the “Special Early Look” seems tricky to you, I hope I can clear up the mystery for you.

Reaching out to Maryann Carter, Manager of the Sweepstakes Administration Department at Publishers Clearing House, I asked for a run-down. Maryann has conducted many “Special Early Look” drawings for SuperPrize events, so she has a grasp on how it works!

Joyce: So Maryann, what is a “Special Early Look,” anyway?

Maryann: Good question! A “Special Early Look” is a drawing that takes place before the scheduled end date of a Giveaway.  We run a special drawing to select a winning number.  If that winning number is timely returned, we award the “Special Early Look” prize.  If we do not have a winner, we sometimes hold a “Second Chance” random drawing immediately afterward and award a smaller prize. That takes place one week before the potential award date.

Joyce: How do you get ready for a “Special Early Look” event?

Maryann: Well, the winner isn’t picked out of a magic hat! The selection process is a lot of work. First, we compile the total universe of numbers for the Giveaway and define the eligible number range for the “Special Early Look.” After being reviewed by internal controls, the data is uploaded into our Winning Number Generator.  The entire process is completely random and unbiased. There’s nothing “psychic” about it — we never know who the winner will be!

Joyce: Okay. Well, if there’s no matching winning number for the PCH $1,000,000 SuperPrize from Giveaway #1830, what happens then?

Maryann: If no one wins the SuperPrize, we’ll go to a “Second Chance” drawing, in which someone is bound to win $10,000 from Giveaway 1830! Pretty sweet for a second chance, wouldn’t you agree?

Joyce: Sweeter than pie! So someone will definitely win at least $10,000.00 on October 31st?

Maryann: Yes, at least $10,000 is GUARANTEED to be awarded! That’s carved in stone.

Now you know, fans! The “Spook-tacular” day is looming, and when it comes, Publishers Clearing House may become “The House Where ‘Screams’ Come True!”…because the screams of joy may be coming from YOU!

Good luck to you all!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. For the first time ever, we’ll be announcing the results of the Special Early Look right here on the blog as soon as we have them. So keep checking back to find out whether we’ll be awarding $1,000,000 or $10,000 this October 31st!

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