The PCH Winner Selection List — The Hottest List In Town!

Who cares about the VIP list for the Academy Awards after-party, Manhattan’s hottest restaurant or LA’s coolest club? There’s another important list to consider. It’s the only list that could make you a PCH millionaire; the list that could change your life in ways you’ve only dreamed about; the list that has the potential to make you feel like you’re walking the red carpet every day of your life: The Winner Selection List at Publishers Clearing House.

So what exactly is this list? Well simply put, the Winner Selection List is the Official Publishers Clearing House record of all timely entries that are eligible to win a prize in a particular time frame. So for our November 30th Mega Prize Event, the Winner Selection List is the record of all timely entries eligible to win $1,000,000.00 Plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life! If you want to win the Mega Prize, you have to have an entry on this list! See I told you this was a good list to be on!

Do YOU have an entry onto the Winner Selection List for our Mega Prize yet? I sure hope so!

If you don’t, it’s not too late! Getting entries onto The Winner Selection List is easy! For starters, you may have received mailings or emails informing you that you can have a Prize Number on the Winner Selection List. All you have to do is respond right away, by the stated deadline, to make sure your number is permanently added to the list!

You can also accumulate many valid entries on The Winner Selection List through various Publishers Clearing House properties including, and PCHlotto — even the PCH Fan Page on Facebook!

And did you know that you can get additional entries onto the Winner Selection List for our November 30th Mega Prize every day up until November 19th? That’s right! So even if you already have an entry on the list, it’s in your best interest to get in as many entries as possible.

Plus, if you do win, you could get started on that other list…your WISH list! What would you do with all that newfound wealth? Just for fun, tell us in the comments section below.

Good Luck!

Maryann Carter
Manager, Sweepstakes Administration

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  1. Yes I’m claiming my forever prize numbers and any and all claims I need to do to win and have you knocking on my door Feb 2017 and I will be sharing with my kids thank you and safe travels

  2. PCH I’m try again Notice of Compliance for Imminent Winner Selection To Complete my Compliance Requiments to full Final Step and Claim my chance to win $ 10.000.00 Cash Giveaway no 9207 Thank you Plus Win Forever on February 24 a $ 5.000.00 A Week forever And I will choose my beneficiary Giveaway no 6900 Thank you PCH and Prize Patrol

  3. I’m requested pch officials and member’s to please claim and secure my winner prize numbers : 8632 9484 4811 , :: 8635 7218 8817 , :: 7427 6143 9414 , :: 7721 4621 6018 , :: 7421 7159 2410 , :: 7429 4083 7010 , :: 4720 3552 0216 , :: 4727 7385 7216 , :: 4727 7247 8113 , :: 4427 7722 7111 , :: 4723 9401 1713 , :: 5724 0568 8724 , :: 6728 5641 1738 , :: 4423 5335 8910 , :: 4721 2844 3013 . That entries eligibility to win $1,000,000.00 loyalty reward superprize no.8035! And also win pch gwy no. 6900! $5,000.00 a week forever on February 24th / 17 . I’m demanded all pch officials to please accepted this winner on my name : UMARU KAMARA upcoming February 24th /17 $5,000.00 a week forever. For the tournament game offers we are thanks pch officials and member’s for the lifetime offers credits.