The PCH Winner Selection List — The Hottest List In Town!

Who cares about the VIP list for the Academy Awards after-party, Manhattan’s hottest restaurant or LA’s coolest club? There’s another important list to consider. It’s the only list that could make you a PCH millionaire; the list that could change your life in ways you’ve only dreamed about; the list that has the potential to make you feel like you’re walking the red carpet every day of your life: The Winner Selection List at Publishers Clearing House.

So what exactly is this list? Well simply put, the Winner Selection List is the Official Publishers Clearing House record of all timely entries that are eligible to win a prize in a particular time frame. So for our November 30th Mega Prize Event, the Winner Selection List is the record of all timely entries eligible to win $1,000,000.00 Plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life! If you want to win the Mega Prize, you have to have an entry on this list! See I told you this was a good list to be on!

Do YOU have an entry onto the Winner Selection List for our Mega Prize yet? I sure hope so!

If you don’t, it’s not too late! Getting entries onto The Winner Selection List is easy! For starters, you may have received mailings or emails informing you that you can have a Prize Number on the Winner Selection List. All you have to do is respond right away, by the stated deadline, to make sure your number is permanently added to the list!

You can also accumulate many valid entries on The Winner Selection List through various Publishers Clearing House properties including, and PCHlotto — even the PCH Fan Page on Facebook!

And did you know that you can get additional entries onto the Winner Selection List for our November 30th Mega Prize every day up until November 19th? That’s right! So even if you already have an entry on the list, it’s in your best interest to get in as many entries as possible.

Plus, if you do win, you could get started on that other list…your WISH list! What would you do with all that newfound wealth? Just for fun, tell us in the comments section below.

Good Luck!

Maryann Carter
Manager, Sweepstakes Administration

9,778 thoughts on “The PCH Winner Selection List — The Hottest List In Town!”

  1. I am claiming entry and owner of a fully valiad lifetime prize number, eligible to win $10,000.00 a week For Life upon a timely search today,if the number is selected the winner, publishers clearing House will pay to the owner a lifetime award beginning on December 23rd 2016 . I claim ownership of a fully valid prize number my forthcoming prize number will also be entered to win PCH Gwy. No.6900 . claim and secure my number .

  2. velma pettaway says:

    hell my name is velma pettaway and i will buy my mom and mea brand new home cuzs she got flood out and i will bill my church from groud up i realy need this prize money for life THANKS

  3. velma pettaway says:

    i cliam and secure my #7679 and win it all 4 life prize for life

  4. Daniel Spinelli says:

    Hello Pch Team; I claim to enter in the selection list a chance to Win $ 10,000.00 Gwy #7679 in November 22nd.- Tks.-

  5. Elaine Anderson says:




  6. Brenda Marugg says:

    i am entering my numbers onto the winners choice selection list. The GWY 6900 SPECIAL EARLY LOOK PRIZE EVENT ( I AM IN IT TO WIN. )

  7. carolinejinks says:

    yes PCH I caroline jinks want to win the 10,000.00 aweek for life prize on Dec 23rd from gwy no 6900

  8. Yes pch imready to win it all I’m claiming all three chances to win the 10.000 dollars a week for life please pch make my wish come true thank you

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Jennifer, Commenting on the blog will not secure your entry into any of our giveaways. Make sure you claim your entries via the online opportunities they were offered through. With PCH, there are multiple ways you can enter each day into any number of giveaways. For your chance to become a lucky winner, keep entering and don’t give up. To see all of your options for submitting an entry, click here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!

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