157 thoughts on “redcarpet”

  1. i want to walk the red carpet

  2. Cotilda Blacknell says:

    If I win I would not just be overjoyed and greatful but truely blessed that I will be able to support and take care of my children ,grandchildren, husband and everyone else that depends on me. It would be a great burden Lifted of my shoulders knowing they will all be taking care of when Im no longer there for them.

  3. Alicia Arreola says:

    My dreams will come true my children’s dreams will become reality my brothers and sisters there children’s dreams will come true my friends and her family s dream will come true lots of life’s will become stress free that’s for chure.all thanks to PCH & my dedication, and believed that anything can. Happens when you give it your all thank you PCH VIP Fan’s..

  4. Delight Curtis says:

    WOW if I win I have just the dress to wear and my family would never want again for anything.

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