169 thoughts on “redcarpet”

  1. WSaunders says:

    Im going to be honest , just want to help my mother,my two children. i have three grandkids . my son his a good young man.never been in trouble thank to his fathers famliy. just want to do something good for those who done for me.

  2. Recently. Disabled daughter in college with new grandson son still in school could ice this money to help my family and assist others who might some help

  3. Brenda Hutchinson says:

    I hope I just won, so now I can help my family and do some good in this world.

  4. Hello Prize Patrol and everyone !!
    I Hope I am on the Winners list ! I
    Really am praying to win the life prize
    And be a blessing to so many people
    And places. I also need this second
    Chance to have peace of mind and
    Be able to live without constant worry.

  5. dedtric says:

    I know if I win I will help people I am NOT stingy and I’m not selfish

  6. dedtric says:

    I’m a Gemini I don’t want to the one in May May 31st I’ve been playing it since then over there and it was my birthday month in May 21st

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