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  1. I do not get a postcard from PCH . How can I get a post card from PCH for sweepstake Prizers or instant win prizers

  2. Christopher Thompson says:

    It’s about time for another BEACH TRIP AGAIN. WANT TO GO DANIELLE? ;-)

  3. Eleanor says:

    My husband just past away please I need help so badly Oh God help please. Pch please help me I have no money or adaquit funds please help me please I beg of you

  4. Luke Mandigi says:

    add your comment here

  5. james whitfield says:

    god bless

  6. Please Pch I am poor and need help desparetely counting on a win hope you hear my prayers and help me dear God please God Bless all

  7. OLLIE MCNEIL says:

    IUNE 18, 2013 AT 9:14 PM



  8. linda leamy says:

    pch#1830 code pc988 the winner of 1 million plus 5/k a wk for life june 30th linda120lee yippy!!!!

  9. i hope i win see you pch it would help me get a car that all i want i have big financially but that ok i just want a car please that all can some one help me to get to work and take my kids to school and home just one car that all loretta my god be with you all loretta contreras

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