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  1. PCH. Hey Dave, The Man of all our Dreams. Where is the card? Where is the code? We love to play but some will get Discouraged . At times I do . I can do a lot . But not everything. I play day and Nights trying to win . But my Dreams never come true. I still have some hope but for how long. I will weight to see if I win the until April 30th. Then maybe my dreams of winning will come true or end. Brenda Carlton


    Brenda Carlton


  2. I didn’t get a card .
    PCH.The game is, will it git back to you in time. PCH.Is in the game business and a Master to it. Look to PCH to do it all for you .I am so grateful that PCH is here to play there games . I hope I win.Believe me the games hard to figure out. At least this one is, The One I am Playing is.I wish I understood how all the games work .
    Winning is where it’s at. PCH . Am I dreaming or will it come true or just a dream of hope.I have played for years on and of but mostly play a lot in the mail.under other name. I still LOVE PCH and always will no matter what .I can’t do every thing .I will do my best . That is all I can do PCH. HOME of the Games where you can win a little or a LOT Go Play everyone.Brenda Carlton