Ever Wonder How Many Days Left Till YOUR Dream Vacation?

Have you entered to win $10,000.00 and Take Your Dream Vacation?

Hello all!

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably noticed that I was “off the grid” for about a week. It was time to unplug and get some R & R.

Recently, my husband and I took some well deserved time off to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. We hadn’t taken a true vacation in some time and decided to go on our very first cruise. Once we had everything set, we found that our cruise line, Royal Caribbean, had an app to count down our cruise.  How cool is that? Every once in a while, I would check the app to see how many days left until we set sail. On an especially busy day at work, I would shoot my husband a text. “Only 120 days until our cruise!”

Before we knew it, it was time to “set sail”! When we got to our ship, it was MASSIVE! Just how big was it? Try looking up Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas” on PCHSearch&Win!

And our ship was more than just big! It was FUN, too! The food was excellent, (time to get back to the gym! Haha!) The entertainment and service were top notch — and we even got a few surprises. Like the dozen roses, champagne and truffles once we entered our stateroom (made me think back to my Prize Patrol surprise back in 2008!), and the special cake with “Happy Anniversary” written on it that we were treated to at two of the restaurants.

It really was a DREAM vacation. Speaking of…did you know that you can enter to win $10,000.00 towards your very own Dream Vacation at Publishers Clearing House? It’s true…just click on this link and enter right away! YOU could be the one counting “how many days left” to set sail on the vacation of your dreams! Tell me…where would YOU go? On a cruise — or is a land vacation more your style? Comment below and let us know!


Natalie Bostelman
PCH Goodwill Ambassador
2008 SuperPrize Winner

93 thoughts on “Ever Wonder How Many Days Left Till YOUR Dream Vacation?”

  1. Yes I like to win on August 31st ! GWY. No. 6900 . Please PCH .

  2. Debbie Corley says:

    Yes i need a vacatin 6086

  3. I dont know if I will ever be able to take an extravagant trip like the onrs you show. Only if i win. So I pray I do , Be cause I would love it to the limits!

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      1. Have a lovely vacation

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    1. PCH I love to be a winner December 30th

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    1. anita says:

      i need that new home…..forget the make over…

  8. If ever I win love to take a family vacation o I’m longing to have that

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