17 thoughts on “susangkomen”

  1. glria gordon says:

    help fight breast cancer!!!!!!!!!

  2. Selma Boudov says:

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  3. Selma Boudov says:

    Though on a fixed income I am overly charitable to help where help is needed in matters of health, living conditions or anything that helps improve the world we live in. To win a Publishers Clearing House money prize has been my dream for over 40 years so that I could give more as well as make sure my grandchildren might get a good education.

  4. Betty edgemon says:

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  5. Tiffany Wright says:

    I am voting for you…

  6. martha sallee says:

    too many have to suffort and i would think that we can find something to get the first signs and stop it then. i have had 5 members of my family with or die of cancer. people should know that men also can have the same

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