Marsha Fritzinger of Loganville, Georgia who won $10,000!

6 thoughts on “marsha”

  1. Nellie Santa Rita says:

    PCH Search&Win Contest have been giving Prizes to people since they started the contest. I believe it has been a big help to many people all around even outside the USA It is a big help especially now while economy is bad. Thank you PCH very,very much.ndsrita

  2. Evita Macklis says:

    I am so happy for her,

  3. Mavis Chase says:

    It would nice not have to worry about at my age.If I should win I would give my church some money as it would hele alot of people.

  4. mariaperry says:

    I pray I win publis cleaning house,GOD,will give you all your heart,s desire.I’ll claim it in Jesus name .

  5. mariaperry says:

    I believe GOD said
    I will give you all of your heart,s
    desire,an mine is winning P.C.H.

  6. Cindy says:

    Condgradulation Marsha have lots of fun. It’s nice to see someone having joy in their life.

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